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  1. Win today and we are no worse than either 11th and 2-3 behind manure, or alternatively in the giddy heights of 10th. Hughton, erm, IN!
  2. For me ''twas as the game at old Trafford unfolded last Tuesday. Everything just felt wrong - body language, effort, tactics. I had a long journey back north to ponder what I''ve seen under hughton and I have to say its not very enjoyable or effective. I have no doubt to give him the benefit of anymore
  3. Broadly the same as PC - felt the lack of appetite at old Trafford on tue was the point where I became an "out". However just not sure who we could bring in.....
  4. Celtic had a striker we were linked with - Derek riordan - who couldn''t get a game http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QYfT4bD3PSQ&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DQYfT4bD3PSQ
  5. I enjoyed myself last night in good banter we''re the left side, fat boy in the exec box, bring on the murph, 6 items for a tender, you''re even quieter than the emirates sort of way. But the quality of football and effort levels from the boys in yellow (ok white) were worrying. That was a decent away support under any circumstances let alone a Tuesday night away reserve game, and I think we were short changed. High ton stood there kinda like Maclaren without the brolly unable to influence anything. I don''t think he''s totally inept, just don''t think he''s the right guy to properly establish us in the prem, so lets make the change now
  6. Sorry to say that after watching last night''s no show, it seemed clear to me the players were playing well within themselves. From that I conclude all is not as it should be, From that I conclude Hughton is not the man to take us forward. I wouldn''t have minded last night so much if Man U had been blindingly good but they weren''t. It might "only" be a league cup game, but Man U pressed us all over the pitch and won by having more belief and putting in more effort. The ref, lino, snoddy injury don''t disguise that we were toothless. Hughton out.
  7. I am largely with sgncfc in terms of the latter stages, except that the first 35 minutes of the game we were so lethargic and lacking in pace it was scary. Bassong is nowhere near last year''s standards, while Hooper had zero influence at any point. So still a work in progress, with tettey fer and Olsen looking real positives.
  8. I watched the entire Scotland game last night. What was interesting is that he most definitely played the no 10 "in the hole" role, quite central and just behind Naismith the main striker. I''ve been concerned this season that he''s reduced to being a hard working but one trick pony out wide and other teams have worked out that he''ll always cut inside onto his left foot. He obviously doesn''t have the killer passes that Wes can sometimes produce, but he gave their defence and midfield an uncomfortable time with his aggression and workrate, and also produced some lovely short quick passes around the box with that left foot. He scored a header that he probably shouldn''t have won, and was only denied a second by the keeper making a great save onto the post. I doubt Hughton will play him there, but it was an eyeopener. Cafu was not really tested by a poor Croatia side, but organised and led the back four all night - captain of the defence for sure. Whittaker was suspended. Scotland are slightly less pants than they have been, and I''m looking forward to being at the Emirates on Saturday, even though it means setting out at 5am
  9. I applied with 300 points (6 away 0 home in last 12 months) and really happy to have got a ticket. Not everyone can amass big numbers of points due to all sorts of circumstances - in my case distance. Given this will be my 40th away game since moving to the Scottish highlands from norwich a few years ago, I don''t think I deserve a ticket any less than others
  10. I used to really look forward to going to away games (Carrow Rd is just too much of a journey from where I live), and always justified the expense and time on the basis of it being a good day out. Trips last season to the likes of Stoke, Wigan and Newcastle were just depressing however, and I currently can''t muster up the same enthusiasm to take on the long trip from the north of Scotland to watch us not have even a shot at goal. This makes me feel more sad than angry, and I do hope things improve. I''d like Hughton to succeed, but at the moment he''s killing it as an attractive day out. I like to think I''m realistic about the level of entertainment on view, and the likelihood of winning much of the time, but the "constipated" description used by another poster just sums it up. Even Grant and Roeder attempted to go forward away from home.
  11. Jeez and here''s me as a scot intending to wear my city top to the game and a show of support for the 3 norwich boys in the team
  12. I think with the existing defence we are hard to beat. With a little more firepower well wow. Feeling pretty hopeful!
  13. I think this one is going to happen. Exciting times!
  14. Hughton is at Celtic park today......wonder who he could be watching? You''d think Hooper but I suppose it could be Wanyama or even Forster
  15. I work in Glasgow - the Hun supporter view was that him and mcgregor (keeper) were the biggest losses. Certainly more so than Naismith to Everton or Davis to Southampton. He is prone to have the odd nightmare game but generally pretty solid. I was at Everton and I can confirm he was furious with himself after the goal, and I thought well fair enough at least he knew he had dropped a flanger. A good signing, reflecting the strongest squad I can remember
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