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  1. he is running soccer schools in Brighton this summer, why he is missing from pre season, http://www.russellmartinacademy.co.uk/ but whether that bodes for him moving back here is anyones guess
  2. Just want to say a?massive thank you for getting back to us. Paul has a ticket and is very excited.. Many thanks
  3. Please please can anybody help, My husband desperately needs a ticket. I was meant to have an operation yesterday but unfortunately it was cancelled at the last minute. My lovely husband did not get a ticket as I would have needed him but now he would be able to go if we could get hold of a ticket. We live in Brighton so could meet at the ground and pay full price if anyone has a spare ticket. Please email Paul, at Pauljcharles@live.co.uk Thank you and if not hope you have a lovely Easter and the Canaries have a memorable victory!! Abbie x
  4. [quote user="iron_stan"]might as well just give them the 3 points now[/quote] Or not as it turns out
  5. Oh no http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/dec/05/the-fiver-luis-suarez-liverpool-norwich
  6. If you look at it compared to other day entertainments, it''s 2 1/2 times as expensive as Banham Zoo, twice as a much as London Zoo, you can see Evita at the theatre royal for £8 less and about the same as Thorpe park. So it seems priced about right for demand and comparable entertainments. My first football match was £2 for the terrace Yikes I''m old
  7. Agree with number 9, I worked in the accounts department of corals in the eighties, it was awash with cash. It was as if they had a license to print money. If a shops profit was less than 20% there was an inquest!
  8. [quote user="ellis206"]Strange one, Cardiff have rarely filled the stadium they are in now, I know you get a lot of armchair fans turn up whilst in the Premiership but I still doubt they''d fill a 35k[/quote] As Costner said "built it and they will come" ..... .........or was it. " inside every man there is a frontier"
  9. [quote user="Sussexyellow"]Brighton away - I will take that, just about as local as it gets for me.[/quote] This
  10. I have got through the audition and will be filming pointless on 11th and 12th April so Norwich will definitely get a mention :-)
  11. QPR, reading villa Watford palace and Brighton (more hopeful on this as I live near)
  12. I can''t even be bothered by England games any more. I only watch Norwich on the telly, no one else.
  13. "Che''s right hand man "Depends what you define a legend is? A foot (I''ll get my coat) And hoolahan is defiantly a leg end
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