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  1. He said that he hasn''t discussed it yet, we will have to wait til Sat. He will have to discuss it with players and let them know first.
  2. I''m somewhat relieved that It''s just a playful buggering. You had me worried for a while.
  3. Old Shuck, can we clarify if you meant ''bugger'' in the biblical sense?
  4. Ive got a picture of Poorman Rd as my screensaver, ( with the not insignificant matter of Mr G Holt laughing out loud at the scum getting a hiding again.)
  5. Finding them is simples, Cityangel, you''re just not allowed to talk about it.
  6. Chirpy, two problems with your argument for Wet Spam. 1) Andy Carroll ain''t going there. 2) Didn''t they win the World Cup in ''66, surely they are too good to go down?
  7. Surely he would want to prove himself in the Prem now he seems fit. Can''t see him going anywhere.
  8. Cambridge, many of lifes situations would find me agreeing.with you, however, in the football arena we have a responsibility to kick them when they are down. I cant recall too many favourable comments coming our way from Leeds, Colin W****r and 1p5wich when we were in League 1
  9. This must be BW with another one of his wacky posts
  10. So much to learn from you boys, you make me smile too.....
  11. Villa playing in Chicago wearing bright yellow away kit. It made me smile.
  12. I have posted already on this messageboard, the job was Mick McCarthy''s but he changed his mind and walked away. Glen Hoddle was offered it & said no. O''Driscoll is 3rd choice.
  13. Bearing in mind that certain players have left the club, we definitely do need to bring in couple more defenders (in addition to Whittaker) My concern is regarding the timing of transfers. A striker can ''bolt on'' almost, but we need defense to work ad a team, having practised and played together for some time. Hopefully we will sign up soon to enable the back four to gel.
  14. I''ll agree that every team will leak some goals, especially an attacking team, but it makes survival extremely difficult when we ate letting in 2 goals, say, on a regular basis. The balance between attack and defense needs to be massaged slightly.
  15. I''m not referring to Wiz''s bedtime issues! Correct me if I''m wrong, but have we only signed one defensive player. I''m worried still that we will leak careless goals again this season. Think about how many silly goals we conceded, yes we exceeded our expectation, but put a lot of pressure on the goal scorers. How much better could it have been, how can it be improved this season?
  16. I might be able to fill in the other bits, Bumble. There is a section on Rice Dishes, a section on chicken dishes and the end bit is the Sushi range
  17. We have a Greggs in Norwich already. I can think of several better bakers around the City.
  18. [quote user="dpit"]Avoid row 1 in the neutrals section. It''s below ground level. Last match I was in the middle of row 1 and had 45 minutes of Ruddy''s arse followed by 45 minutes of Friedel''s arse.[/quote] We''ve all been there. Well, when I say we''ve all been there, I don''t mean we''ve all been there... As long as thats clear
  19. [quote user="City1st"]If the paupers are to have a supermarket sponsoring them I would have thought Costcutter would have bettered suited their penniless state and their chavvy image Still, it''s not all bad they are going to have Love Coop spelt arcoss the stand on the seats - though given how empty the place is there is every likelihood that when there''s a game being played the few assorted rustics huddled in various parts of the stand will obscure the lettering and it will simply read ... LOO In that light might it not been more appropriate for the binners to be sponsored by the mens clothing company Shirt House ? [/quote] Was that Coop? I thought it said CRAP
  20. Frank said ''one of us'' Nice
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