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  1. Now? After 6 games? Have you got any revised thoughts?
  2. I know. Thats the gamble. But if the majority stays, and the first results are good, the rates will drop. Bookies are ruthless,
  3. Scouters are watching this thread, i dont want them to scout the real players and suggest them to their bosses. i want a Norwich with its current strength
  4. yes i have done my work. Ben Godfrey, Max aarons, Todd Caldwell and Buendia. No one knows if they still will be here and if not, who replaces them. Even Pukki is a great asset.
  5. Hallo everyone. I like Norwich but the main reason i opened this thread is a betting one. Where do you think Norwich will finish at the end of the season? I am among a top 6 finish(safer) or a promotion. I like the roster. Full with many young talented players. Same coach, the spine is the same, some good additions that give depth especially in a trimmed season where a lot of games will be played in close margins and big rosters will play their part. My only fear is if Norwich wants to go up. If they want to fight for a return to PL because they think its impossible to stay up and bored of losing like last years end of the season.
  6. My final post in this subject. NORWICH NOT TO RELEGATE I see it, i believe it and i will support it next season. Have a nice summer!
  7. Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legend...UP TO THE PREMIERSHIP....ary!!!
  8. Well done guys! Half job done. Norwich has grown on me and i support you all the way to Premiership. Very classy against your neighbours. One stand left to go. Norwich has a better squad, Boro better team, like last year. Derby had the squad and was in form, and QPR had the budget. We all know how this ended and where Derby is now. So quality and experience does count in a final, in such a huge game. I can''t wait for that
  9. Absolutely amazing! The best squad in the league! The Best Scotish manager in England! The Best new manager too! Three on form strikers. Bassong is back and rock solid. Great arsenal, a lot of options! 5 straight league wins and counting! Well done!I am starting to believe!But just 1 point above play off zone! Last night all seven teams in the top 8, that were playing, won! Huge gap between top 8 and the others. How on earth is this happening? Championship is the most difficult league in UK! How on earth everybody is winning? You hate Ipswish. I hate Ipswich and Brentford! I really hate them. One of the pourest rosters and the don''t give up. They hang on. They give more that they''ve got, and they are still there.Un believable. They don''t let go. they don''t go out of steam, their powers are not dwindling. The same players play again and again. They paly like this is their only chance in their life to be in the play offs. Out of nowhere they emmerged and now they bust our b...lls. Norwich has to win every game in order to clinch a play off spot, and that may be find them in the top two! In Norwich-Brentford just a draw would be enough. Nevermind that''s past. If that game ignited canaries engine, so be it. If everybody continues in this rate, play off limit will be 82 points, when the average of the past 5 seasons is 72. Very very difficult. I hope quality and the depth in teams rosters do play significant role in the end.Demolish Ip....ich and don''t let the foot out of the f...ing gas!!!!!!!!!
  10. "I (how you say) tink dis iss very much fony like not real. Not fony like ha ha. "  I am struggling to make any sense out of this. However if there was a "LIKE" button underneath it, i would click it.Thanks for your promt reply. I reckon NCFC would make it to top 6. Brentford has reached too far and is starting to staying out of gus! Those who believe NCFC won''t make it to the PLAY OFFs, who do they belive would make it? Brentford, Wolves or Bluckburn? Because none of these three is better than Norwich. Also Norwich hosts two of them and has a huge advantage in goal Difference.Play Offs are a very different story. West Ham and QPR weren''t automatically promoted.
  11. Current predictions? I want to remind you that next is the away Bournemouth game. We are more than half way through
  12. If Norwich win the next 3 games (including WIGAN away), i will come to Norwich to buy all you dinner
  13. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]I think Hitman is funny. Though painting a wall is probably something you should do once in twenty-one years. Whereabouts in Greece are you?[/quote]Yes i am a funny Binner(seriously what does binner mean? It''s a local expression?) who gumbles a lot! Athens my friend. Last year i visited UK. I travelled from London to Inverness(Highlander''s capital city). I passed thruough Norwich. Nice bigcity. So i am not a total stranger.We all want the same thing.I have only one question? Do the players or the manager  or members of coaching stuff read these forums? Ever? It''s unbelievable how clear are some things for most of the people and not for those ho are paid to!!!
  14. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]The fink tank on the times still rates us as the leagues strongest side;   so who knows where we will end up.   What is clear to me is that promotion is still in our own hands and we have the resources to achieve that.    Manager and players have to perform to their potential or there will be casualties. [/quote] I will drink to that!
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