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  1. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]I find it difficult to understand that I support a side that has supporters that appear to get more enjoyment out of their side losing, it is strange and concerning......... and these people will again go missing next week after we win our next home match.......and then they will come back again when we lose our next away match and so on...........whilst there are many on here who at least come on after every match for a decent chat about the match and also without getting abusive......... [/quote]Bang on the money yet again I''m embarrassed by fans of my club.This week people are trying to bolster their agenda/credentials I really despair what it is they are trying to inflate but they are somehow trying to do it by claiming that at least they still came on here last week moaning after what was a fantastic victory against the Spuds. [:@]Guess only real fans moan when we play badly and when we play well huh? That seems to be the latest claim to credibility round here anyway... [:S]
  2. Lambert got lucky today make no mistake the team he fielded was losing and getting well beaten, Lambert didn''t change a thing.
  3. [quote user="Moosheep"]So after that performance our Permiership survival is officially out of our hands. We are now relying on the results of others. [/quote]Completely overlooks the fact that we have still to play three of the bottom four. [:$]
  4. The clean sheets stat is remarkable, the moreso when you look at our dreadful goal difference. I felt JR was off the money in the earlier part of the season and was in favour of dropping him for Bunn. I was getting particularly concerned about his ability to deal with shots from outside the box he seemed to have become very vulnerable to these but thankfully since the West Brom game where he was outstanding he''s turned it right around and a few more performances like he gave us vs Spuds and he might achieve both his wishes of staying up with NCFC and going to Brasil  and he might just give Hodgson a selection headache whilst he''s at it.
  5. [quote user="lake district canary"]Lambert is an ex-hero and is in the past.  Today could see us finally lay the ghost of both Lambert and Holt. Great though they were for us, they are history and beating them today would be one of the most satisfying results we have had for a long time. [/quote]Huzzah to that !!
  6. Is it wrong to say I found the serious matter of Pardews behaviour hilarious but found myself deeply troubled by the size of Steve Bruces waistline and head? I''m not talking a few excess pounds here I think we''re looking at excess pounds per square inch and I fear it''s not long until he explodes...[:S]
  7. [quote user="lincoln canary"] like when he wanted a three year contract? McNally sure told Holt eh...[/quote]Look at the bigger picture Lincoln.How much did we receive from Wigan for Grant Holt?How much would we have received from Wigan for Grant Holt if McNally hadn''t renegotiated his contract?As had been said earlier on this thread McNally does what''s best for the Club not Holt not Hoolihan the Club!
  8. @Shefcanary:That''s interesting and I wish him well but I don''t think for a minute any continuation of his career will be with us. Maybe if he''d come to us a few years ago and stayed "for the ride" he might have developed into a Prem quality player but I can''t see he''s going to be good enough now to be the type of player that will benefit us and take us forward.
  9. [quote user="Warren Hill"]I bet his podcasts come - sorry, would come - with warnings and an 18 certificate. Bless.[/quote]They do.Huckerbys Boots Podcast Warning contains bad language over 18''s only.
  10. Probably nothing but I saw a G4S van on the A47 a few days ago could this mean we''re trying to sign Ched Evans?
  11. [quote user="Huckerbys Boots - Matt"]Shut the ***k up you pathetic little ***t[/quote]Ooo err seems the foreign looking chappy isn''t the only one who''s RC on this thread.
  12. @ Thorpe End CanaryAs you''re in the Doug Ellis stand it''s therefore unlikely that you''ll get your chance to shake Lamberts hand, touch him inappropriately or whatever else you had hoped in fact being on the opposite side of the ground from him he''ll be quite difficult to distinguish now he dresses like it''s grab a granny night down the local so here''s a tip to help you identify him.Paul Lambert is the one who will be down on his haunches with his head in his hands at several stages during and after the game.Hope this helps!
  13. Poor old OGS, what has he let himself in for??Following a candid Vincent Tan interview with the BBC which included such gems as : "In the January transfer window, I was very involved. We spent about £6m for seven players. In the summer, we signed seven players and committed almost £50m. I want to make sure we spend correctly. If I''m involved, I make better business decisions, getting better value for my money. "Next summer I''m sure we will do better transfers because I will be personally involved. We''re not going to let our manager run wild." and of 23 year old work experience candidate Alisher Apsalyamov (since declined a visa to stay and work in the UK):"Tan praised Apsalyamov''s "incredible football knowledge" and says his view that Cardiff overpaid on transfers "has been proved right".Of M. McKay:"He didn''t do very well at Watford, but somehow our CEO and our chairman hired him and replaced Dave Jones,"Now OGS has been forced to come out public with a statement saying that he is in charge of the football side at Cardiff.Looks like the honeymoon period is over and Mr Tan is once more doing everything he can to ensure that Cardiff get relegated. [Y]
  14. [quote user="MancCanary"]I wonder about him too. Not sure what bit you''re referring to, but you can''t really slate him for picking a Villa win - based on how we''ve done recently against them. If it''s for his final line though: "They have probably heard about that so they will be trying really hard" , then I I agree!... Do you think they might''ve probably maybe heard about the fixtures, do you really Mark? What a bell.[/quote]Erm that line was said by comedian Tim key (Simon in Alpha Papa)
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