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  1. The thing is, people nowadays class the best fans as the loudest fans and most intimidating etc. BUT, surely the best fans are those who follow their team home and away, no matter how the side is performing, which league they are in or whatever. This is why I class our fans along with sides such as Pompey and Southampton(to a lesser extent) the best in the land, because even through adversity and times of trouble, we have still stuck by the club and helped push them up through the rubble. I have HUGE respect for Portsmouth fans to be honest, just like ours, they have stuck by their side, even now they are in league 2, still have 14/15000 season ticket holders, that''s some going!
  2. Did it in March for my 21st. Is a really good tour, go in most areas you''d want too, is well worth it
  3. [quote user="The Frisbee Hyena"]I support Aldi because they were named Grocer of the Year 2013 and took home 16 Gold and 10 Silver at the Grocer Own Label awards, more than any other supermarket! [/quote]Glory shopper
  4. If you get a ticket from someone on here and they havent got a coach ticket, then I''m sure you could just ask that person their customer number and few other details etc so when you book coach travel you could give them details but say you will pick the tickets up from CR (I think you can get them to be taken on the coach if you dont want them delivered) as you ''''are away for the week so wont be home before the game''''. I''ve done this before and that way you will get the travel ticket without giving your own address away so they can''t know they have been lied too! ;)
  5. Obviously I''m one of the ''''younger'''' generation of fans (21 Y/O!) but am always interested in the history of our great club. Some real smashing pictures on here, Always nice to see how and where the club has evolved :)
  6. [quote user="Nicko"]Merson predicts a 0-3 loss Hardly surprising, the man has a personal vendetta against us.[/quote] Chelsea to beat NCFC 3-0 is a very possible outcome, it''s almost as if you expect the pundits to say ''''Norwich are far superior to Chelsea, anything less than a 3-0 home win would be embarassing for the Canaries''''?!
  7. What a ridiculous post!! if we had of lost Yesterday, there is no chance in hell that you would have made this post! Where were you before Yesterday''s game, telling everyone how great we are and how there is no need to moan etc? As I don''t remember too many posts from you. Stupid to compare this with clubs such as Pompey aswell, what do they have to do with how NCFC fans should feel about their own club?
  8. this pre season! Quite a pointless thread, so apologies for that, but just thought that is quite an amazing stat for a club like ours!!
  9. Did you not notice how much space Howson, Fer and the wingers had at times Yesterday? The only reason they had all this space was because of RVW''s movement causing their defenders and DM to have to check on him and stick to him, meaning there would be 2/3 players around RVW at times, meaning space for the others. A strikers job is more than just putting the ball in the net.
  10. Wait untill the 10 game mark then? So you mean After playing Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City in the next 4 games you will then become angry and panicky and want him out if we lose these 3 games, because we will then be a lot lower than we are now?!
  11. If Fellaini is worth £27m, I really do wonder how on earth we got this lad for £4m. I think add a 1 infront of the 4 and that''d be somewhere near his value. At his age, he has the potential to be one of the very best all round midfielders in the country. I think we will have him for a couple of years at most, he will joining a top, top side and become an established Dutch international. We could have one of the most promising midfielders in Europe not currently at a ''''top'''' side on our hands. Unbelievable he''s only 22/23!
  12. Stoke aren''t as physical and ''''hoof'''' ball as they were under TP, Sparky has tried to get the ball down on the deck more and play it around, while trying to exploit the flanks with a bit of pace and flair (Etherington being out could be a big positive for us). So I think an extra man in midfield could be what we need Tomorrow. For me it''d be:RuddyWhittaker   Bennett   Turner    Olsson (although I think bot full backs will be Martin and Garrido)Johnson   FerRedmond     Hoolahan   PilkingtonHooper Subs: Bunn, Martin,  Snodgrass, Murphy, RVW, and 2 from Howson, Elmander and Tettey
  13. Surprised the fans don''t get whiplash watching their team play. Constantly moving your head up and down following the ball after every pass they make goes 50 feet in the air!
  14. Ok, well, it is still just clips from TWO games, I''ll repeat what I said earlier, you could find two games from ANY player and create a montage of clips from those games and say ''''look how great this player is''''. But a good player need consistancy, and unfortunately KK was and is not the type of player to play a blinder 90% of games. Hemce why he has dropped down to a mid table Championship side (no disrespect to ''Boro) and not still in the PL. He''s full of determination and eagerness, but isn''t up to PL standard. To be honest, I don''t think he''s any better than Becchio, and even he is hardly going to ever feature it seems. So it''s a ''no'' from me to your original question!
  15. The New Boy (Le Juge) wrote: It''s great to hear that Elmander is so much better, can somebody tell me when we are going to see that?Will Elmander have this sort of impact then?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiB7kcvlbs4http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdiPkotlXKAHave to wonder whether Kei weren''t so bad afterall. Plus he can play on the wing.  2 youtube clips doesnt make a player any good, you could find 2 clips of Mark Fotheringham look like Maradonna if you look hard enough! Elmander is a much better player. He may have a few miles in the tank and getting on a bit, but his experience just this year alone could be vital when it comes to the crunch, he wasn''t relegated at Bolton so must know what is needed when it really matters aswell! (and if we going by youtube goals, check out his goal vs wolves, one of the best in PL history possibly!!!)
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