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  1. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Drop Turner for Bassong?

    Incredibly harsh on Turner, but been really impressed with Bennett at Watford and Stoke.

    He isn''t afraid to go forward with the ball and look for a pass.

  2. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Starting 11 for Stoke


    Whittaker - Bennett - Turner - Olsson

    Snodgrass - Fer - Tettey - Redmond

    RVW - Hooper

  3. OxShireCanaryYellow

    A turning point in our season?

    I was there.

    We were all over them, possession wise. But we had no attacking threat with the ball for the whole first half and long periods of the second.

    Murphy did change the game. He ran at players (comfortably) and yes there back four were knackered but he wasn''t afraid. He also seemed to spark Redmond into action who looked as if he had a ''anything he can do I can do better'' mentality.

    Hooper look shattered after 75 mins, but fairplay to him - he kept going until 120 and proved he''ll score goals.

    Elmander did very little when coming on. Would have preferred Becchio - sure the boy would have tried his heart out!

    Johnson and Wes were woeful. Neither will play on Sunday.

    R Bennett looked assured at the back. Olsson has to start LB for me on Sunday as well.

    Overall, a rollarcoaster ride of emotions. But that''s why we love football, right?
  4. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Ipswich scoreboard slur ....

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

  5. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Remi Cabella

    So sure you can''t spell his name correctly.

  6. OxShireCanaryYellow

    possible starting line-up v Hull


    Whittaker - Turner - Bassong - Javi

    Snodgrass - Johnson - Howson - Redmond



    I''d rather play Fer in middle of the park, but think he''ll play just off Ricky
  7. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Jed Steer

    It goes to a tribunal - likely in November time. According to McNally we are expecting a substantial amount.

    Player was offered contract, he turned it down.

    We looked for a Lg1/Lg2 club to loan him out last season ... only Cambridge would take him.

    Shame to see him go, but these things happen
  8. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Nice Piece on norwich for the new season

    Who is Semi Ajayi?
  9. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Dave Watson to Man City?

    All managers have their own ''people'' that follow them from club to club. Be surprised if Pellagrini didnt bring someone with him
  10. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Wandering Stars

    Does anyone remember the Norwich City fantasy football game the club introduced years ago?

    It had a database of every ex NCFC player who was still playing, and you picked your squad. Think you could pick up to 3 current players.

    My teams name was ''De Waards Wandering Stars'' - As you can imagine, with the class act of Raymond De Waard in my team - I didnt win.

    If the club charged £20 to enter, nice little money earner ... know i''d play.

    Anyone else remember it?
  11. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Debt Free?

    [quote user="CJ"]The only worry is the gap between our league and the Championship is going to get way wider.[/quote]

    3 teams must always go down, and 3 teams must always go up.
  12. OxShireCanaryYellow


    Marc Libbra
  13. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Francomb Released

    Seemed to be a really popular lad amongst his team-mates. Sadly the clubs climb has left him behind.

    Did really well at AFC Wimbledon earlier in the season.

    Imagine he''ll be comfortable in Lg1.
  14. OxShireCanaryYellow

    TRANSFER NEWS at 5pm

  15. OxShireCanaryYellow

    Last away win

    You''re right. You can''t be sentimental in football.