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  1. hans moleman

    Stoke on Monday

    Ok cheers for letting me know. I thought that it might be on there similar to the Brentford away game on New Year's Day with it not being a Saturday
  2. hans moleman

    Stoke on Monday

    Anyone know if the match will be shown on Sky red button or on iFollow? Cheers OTBC
  3. hans moleman

    Player arrival times at Carrow Road

    Hi all,

    I was just after a little bit of a guide as to what time the players tend to arrive at Carrow Road on a matchday. My nephew is keen to try and get a few autographs and pictures with the players before a game one week. Any advice on this would be gratefully received. Cheers OTBC
  4. The problem is you will not get the type of forward we want and need for <£8 million. Villa and Newcastle have proved that by spending £10 mil or more on McCormack and Gayle. If we want a player who will guarantee us a good return of goals then we need to pay the going rate. As far as I can see NCFC either need to up the budget or start looking at players who are realistic options!!
  5. hans moleman

    Single Newcastle ticket needed

    There are a few available on the NCFC site at the moment if you still need one?
  6. hans moleman

    Android Boxes

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to join in the conversation late but I was wondering if someone could help me please.....

    I currently have a Amazon Fire TV Stick, is there any apps that I can download on this for streaming the live matches or would I need to buy an Android Box in order to watch? Getting a bit old now so not very good with all of this new technology these days!

    Thanks for the help!
  7. hans moleman

    BT/Sky TV Dates

    Anyone heard any news on this??
  8. hans moleman

    Cuellar and the "penalty"

    This was one of the clearest penalties you will ever see in football, how anyone can even question it is beyond be. Cuellar had no idea of Martin''s position and was made to pay for that. If that tackle would have gone in at Carrow Road and not been given there would have been uproar. Chris Martin showed on Saturday how much he has kicked on since leaving and Cuellar couldn''t cope with him for either goal!!
  9. hans moleman

    Next Game

    [quote user="Dubai Mark"]Also, whilst really rating Olsson, I feel that Garrido deserves to keep his place, he looks very comfortable at this level.[/quote]

    Can''t help but think we would have got all 3 points last time out had Garrido not been out of position. Olsson has to play IMO
  10. hans moleman

    Wolves v Norwich overseas

    NBC Sports showed all the live prem matches when we were in the USA last year. Not sure if they cover the championship but may be worth checking the tv listings. If not try this link, it may help....

  11. hans moleman

    Must win Game!!

    If Fulham don''t beat us at home I wouldn''t fancy them to get 6 points from them games left. I think a draw will still leave us looking over our shoulder but is not the end of the world. It is deffo a must not lose game rather than a must win.
  12. hans moleman

    palace at home ticket

    I know what you mean Howson is now!, check out this helpful response......

  13. hans moleman

    Hollywood Bowl BT Sport?

    I actually thought that someone else might know and then it would save me calling a 0844 number from a mobile and getting pushed from pillar to post to find out. Plus then if anyone else was wondering they could have also seen from this thread. I didn''t realise it was such a crime to ask first. Knobheads
  14. hans moleman

    Hollywood Bowl BT Sport?

    Does anybody happen to know if the Hollywood bowl has BT now? We used to head there quite often for a pre match beer and to watch the lunchtime kick off. Was planning to do the same tomorrow but didn''t want to do so if they were not showing the early match. Thanks for the help. OTBC

  15. hans moleman

    Hooper watch - Monday 15th

    1/8 to join QPR now with us being 13/2. Looks like this one is over at last!! On to the next target....