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  1. I do feel sorry for Rudd. He hasn''t played a game for ages, then the one game he is finally in we lose 4-0. Hopefully it doesn''t affect him. Michaela.x
  2. I''m thinking of it as ''Now we can focus on the premier league''. :) Michaela.x
  3. Yea, I hope Ayala''s injury isn''t too bad. It did look quite bad when we got up and went back down straight away a few times. Hopefully it''s nothing bad. He is meant to be a good player, and highly rated. Michaela.x
  4. Is it just me, or do 95% of refs go against Norwich all the time? Not sure whether it''s because we have just got back to the premiership, or whether they just don''t like us, but I find refs hardly ever give anything our way unless they have to as it''s obvious. We do get the odd thing here any there our way when it maybe shoudn''t have been, but I honestly think the refs we have sometimes support the oppisite teams! Haha. Maybe when we show them how good we really are and that we are a well established premiership team, they wil change? I suppose only time will tell. :) Michaela.x
  5. Ruddy did do really well. Really good penalty save, also a load of great shot saves. I do think Ruddy is a good goalie, yes he makes a mistake here and there, but doesn''t everyone? I think he has improved too. :) Michaela.x
  6. The only other places i''ve seen them are online on Ebay, and I''ve also seen a couple older shirts in a charity shop window , however what the condition of them was like etc I don''t know.
  7. [quote user="barclaystand"]It could have been you, it could have been you. Oh Sammy Clingan, it could have been you![/quote] I was about to put this! Haha. Epic.
  8. I just wouldn''t know what to do with all that! Haha. You''d be sorted for like, that''s for sure! I would donate some to Norwich City, yes.
  9. Hope the weather gets better! Haha. Currently raining and very dull in Norwich, so i''m guessing it''s not too much different at Gorleston. I think it''s going to be a wet match! :P
  10. Looking forward to see what colour it will be. Whether it will be a colour we''ve had before, or if we''ll do an England and compleatly change the away kit colour. :P
  11. I was having a kick about with just me and my brother, I kicked the ball, the wind caught it and took it around the lampost, back towards me and I kicked it in. Haha, was epic.
  12. Looking forward to the fixtures releace, will on keeping an eye on Friday mornin''!
  13. I''d be happy to see Pacheco back. I think when he was let onto the pitch, he played well.
  14. I do like Ruddy, and he is a good goalie. However you''re right, he does make mistakes, and making mistakes can cost us alot. Michaela.x
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