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  1. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Hi Nuff Said, Thank you for so eloquently putting the whole discussion into perspective. Both camps have a point of view, but I certainly don't agree in this denigrating into a name calling / ridiculing exercise - if a poster has a different point of view to another poster, then they should be free to exercise their opinion without fear of insult. Now, what was the subject matter of this topic about......
  2. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    FL's Chelski

    Bearing in mind the last time that FL was at Carrow Road, I trust that the staff in and around the Floodlight Mains Switch are not allowing any "dodgy" folk in who "just want to check the lights"...... Whilst on the subject, could management please get an electrician in on standby with a couple of spare fuses - just in case..... Finally, also please ensure that there are no "fog machines" within the vicinity of CR..... (Older folk will remember the League Cup semi final of '72 when we were 3-2 up and a little bit of fog descended and the poor Chelsea players couldn't handle it and they badgered the ref - nothing new there - and lo, the match was abandoned!)
  3. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Thank you Ramrod, especially for showing some common sense. The TEAM win together and lose together. The amount of negativity towards GH on here is shameful. He has been pilloried for making "a mistake" in allowing the Shelvey goal. However, maybe he distracted or pressurised Joelinton sufficiently to put him off his header? Every player makes mistakes, but when certain members of the "unofficial Pinkun player bashing brigade" decide upon player X then woe betide anyone who tries to put in a differing opinion! I'm really pleased that certain people think that CZ & TK are better than GH - it means that people can be confident that we have excellent back up should anything happen to our incumbents. In addition, I'm also really pleased that DF is the head coach instead of some of these keyboard know-it-alls. BTW - the story is that GH had "cramped up" prior to the Shelvey goal, but as there was no CB back up, he had to continue. Have you ever had to try and run and turn when you have ever had cramp? You should try it sometime and see how far you get. In essence - why can't people stop being so negative to one of our own - it's not a right of passage you know. Early morning rant over
  4. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Nigella Lawson on board of directors

    I think it's great that we're providing another cook as back up....... I don't believe one can have too many cooks (and I don't really care for broth)
  5. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Jordan Rhodes

    The only thing is Aggy, it appears that SW & DF see a role for him else why offer to take him off Sheff Weds books? After all, we knew about their "soft embargo" and did the decent thing by leaving the door wide open for them to take Marshall
  6. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Fer to Sheffield United

    When I read the article, I thought "one down, two to go"! However, I can't see him fitting into the Wilder mould - and as for going in for hard tackles..... Next. What I don't understand about Sheff U and AV's signings, is how the new players are being assessed as to their suitability to the environment both teams have created in getting to the PL. It seems to me that Sheff U are starting to panic buy. Maybe under pressure from their fans, maybe worried at what AV are doing, but they suddenly seemed to have picked up momentum in their recruitment. I don't see any cohesive pattern to it. Maybe they are concerned at the number of players we have picked up - perhaps being unaware that the majority are for the youth and development teams - and some even going out on loan. I know that AV had a plethora of loans last season and had to actually get some players onto their own books - but that means that a fair number of players wont get "rewarded" for their endeavours last year and is likely to cause some simmering resentment (if not from the players, then certainly from their WAGs!). Remember we did that with Malky & Iwan - and that went well didn't it! Finally, to echo what many have been saying on this and other sites (sorry Pete - there are other sites as well), I don't recall ever having felt so optimistic about the season ahead.
  7. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Dennis politic set to sign

    Surely you mean that's how Schteve McLaren pronounces it....
  8. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    This is just brilliant

    Have to agree - it's just brilliant
  9. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Squad numbers announced

    It's not about updating it after every transfer - the squad numbers have already been announced without necessarily having the full squad. It would then be a simple matter of adding any new names to the vacant squad numbers
  10. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Squad numbers announced

    It's a pity that the Canaries website is still showing last years squad and squad numbers - even though they have announced the signing of Fahrmann on their front page! ....Tut Tut https://www.canaries.co.uk/first-team-squad/first-team/
  11. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Jordan’s coming home!

    ....or even Barbarella's up St Stephens
  12. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Max Arrons will he or won’t he?

    I think that Max and the rest of the "named headhunted" players will be well advised by both Webber & Farke. They know they are guaranteed football here working to a system that everyone else in the team is adept at. Imagine any of them joining a team that doesn't play "Farkeball" and when the pressure is on given the ultimatum "you need to play hoofball or you won't be picked"! Although Webber & Farke have said they won't stand in the way of anyone wanting to leave, by the same token they will not allow the team to be decimated and thereby compromising our chances of a decent season in the PL (and I don't consider 17th to be a decent season!). Given that they have also spoken to the youngsters individually along with their agents, then I don't see much outward movement from them. Going to one of the top 6 clubs does not guarantee them playing regularly - even the best players at the Chelskis and Man Citehs of the world aren't guaranteed that. The experience of 3 out of the last 4 big money signings away from CR can hardly fill them with inspiration. Except for Maddison - and he was truly exceptional - none of the others have set the world alight. Jacob being loaned out from Newcastle to WBA - who even with Gayle as well- couldn't make the play off final. Josh joining Cardiff and relegated 1st season and as for Alex Pritchard - well he lasted 1 season more at Huddersfield than Josh did at Cardiff. I can't see any of those 3 being under the "most sought after" category. But to conclude, it is the sheer arrogance from CP to assume that as a newly promoted club, we would lie back and let the "established" PL clubs take who they wanted - as in "If AWB goes to Man Utd then we will go and get Max from Norwich"! (I also remember the Dwight Gayle incident from CP when we sold Bradders to Derby to get the funds for Gayle only for CP to pull the rug from under our feet). Rant over - for the time being!
  13. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Webber's views on the "mighty Leeds"

    In an interview with David Freezer in the Pink Un today, whilst talking about his responsibility as a custodian of the club he let slip this little gem: "We're not Leeds United or somebody who expects to get there and then get into Europe within six months. We're not, we're a club that know what we are, we're respectful of that, we're humble because of that and it's about steadily growing it." As for our Premier League ambitions: "Do I believe we can become an established Premier League club? Absolutely, 100 percent, I wouldn't have left Huddersfield if I didn't truly believe that." I'm sure that Yorkshire must absolutely love him... Full interview here: https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/webber-on-top-flight-status-1-6096248
  14. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Women's football show the men up!

    Watching the opening game of the Womens World cup match between France & S Korea, I was struck by one of the commentators comments (Sue Smith?) following some dissent from a Korean player. She said that was very unusual in the women's game as they normally DON'T argue with the officials and that they also DON'T dive!. The lack of histrionics in the women's game made it an enjoyable and flowing match to watch. Oh that the men's game could learn from the women's game on how to behave and by not trying to cheat at every opportunity. Wishful thinking I know! Quite amazing that the women have shown the men up in what most men consider to be "their" game.
  15. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    England vs Norwich (predictions)

    Having had the misfortune to watch a totally inept performance from England, I was just wondering how they would fare against Norwich! Their defending was diabolical, their passing was painfully slow and seemed to prefer to pass backwards whenever they could. By contrast, the Netherlands looked a slick disciplined unit (which they weren't, but England helped make that appearance) - they looked like they were really trying hard to play the Norwich way. With a bit more practice they could even give us a game! If what was on display from England was the best the premier league has to offer, then I see no reason to worry. Unfortunately, a lot of what the best the premier league has to offer, doesn't wear an England shirt!
  16. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)


    Just a few observations: Webber has said that we are ALL in this together - selling one of the best forwards we have had in years would hardly keep the fans onside - no matter how much we got for him. Keep Pukki and have fun & exciting games, sell Pukki and we potentially find ourselves back playing the Hughton way. By selling one of the stars is likely to cause more disharmony amongst the rest of the squad in the changing room than Nelson did. We are not a selling club - I don't think Leicester are either, but rumour has it they are looking to offload Maddison for silly money (£60m being bandied about). Well then, what price for the Champs top goal scorer. The fact that he hasn't done it in the prem is only because he hasn't played there yet! Bear in mind he has had top league experience wherever he has played and has not been shy in front of goal on the international stage! What does that all mean - dunno - I seem to have confused myself! Oh yes, I remember now, the cost of selling Pukki (complete with loss of goals and team disruption) can not be simply put into pounds shillings and pence. However, very silly money - and I'm talking seriously silly money - like for instance upwards of £60m then that might just help ease the pain a little. = we will not be selling Pukki.
  17. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Pukki wins again

    Congratulations to Teemu Pukki who has just captured the PFA player of the season award - getting over 44% of the votes.
  18. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Pukki wins again

    Obviously liked the service and delivery that he saw
  19. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Maddison to Spurs....

    Sorry Bill, But Coventry is NOT one of the clubs I feel sorry for. The shenanigans with them and Everton still rankles!
  20. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I wouldn't be surprised if W&F are not going out of their way to hide where their scouts are going and who they are interested in. Given our well documented successes over the last year or so, other clubs scouting resources may well get tied up in keeping an eye on what we do. (Like some sort of a derivative of the Bielsa approach to sleuthing ) And then, as Alex Moss says, we produce some nugget from Argentine 2nd division. (Although in the spirit of fairness, one should point out there are other countries with equally as capable 2nd divisions).
  21. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    The inner game of football

    Bl00dy good article LDC. And the 3 sentences I have borrowed from your article sums it up nicely. The "Dortmund" way works as has been proven by 2 managers at CR - but it fails when you have big egotists. The difference between DF and PL at AV is that DF publicly stamped down on the ego that was likely to disrupt his approach - and even despite the vocalists saying that we couldn't afford to play without NO (and Nelson probably believed all the hype about his supposed indispensability). That put down a definitive marker to any other player who may have tried to call his bluff - basically, it was no bluff! (with the net result being that he was virtually ostracised.)
  22. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Jordan Roades

    I think HHS has hit the nail firmly on the head. W&F have proven themselves in the recruitment market, and if their opinion is that JR is worth taking a punt on then I would firmly endorse their decision. The fact that he was a good man to have around for team morale etc etc is a credit to him. However, W&F have shown (as in the case of Ivo Pinto) that sentimentality is not one of their determining attributes! So, whilst I hope he is here next season, I have no doubt that W&F will make the right choice for NCFC
  23. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)


    CHEESEBOARD!!! Now that we are in the Premier League, we need to ensure that we resurrect the CHEESEBOARD at as many games as possible - if nothing else, it will confuse the bejasus out of the opposition supporters and players! It also gives some of the new forum posters the opportunity to question why they have actually joined this forum
  24. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)


    .....and don't for get to bring your yellow CHEESEBOARDS along with your yellow foam hands for the QPR & Reading games
  25. ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

    Does Huddersfield's

    Totally agree with this. The men in white coats would be on red alert if anyone suggested at the start of the season that we would be anywhere near where we are now. Remember what Webber and Farke have said - that this was a long term project and for it to happen so quickly is a pleasant surprise - and it may be a bit too early. But who at the beginning of the season wouldn't have bitten your hand off if you offered just one season in the prem? If we get there a bit early with the full plan still to emerge, then hopping between the 2 leagues for the next couple of seasons seems a small price to pay. Anyway, who says we're not good enough to stay in the prem? And who's ambition is it to only finish 17th in the prem? I believe that we can achieve much better than that and should be aiming to do so - like maybe aiming to be a top 8 team! Now there's a scary challenge