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  1. Dave

    Coral new sponsor?

    Very Strong chance the new sponsor will be Coral or possibly ladbrokes or both depending on their merger.

    I hope not however, my wife is allowed to wear a Norwich shirt to work on match days but wont be allowed if either of these logos are on the shirt.
  2. Should be

    The Sir Arthur South Stand
  3. Dave

    Mega Rich Owners

    A major international airport is unlikely to be a seller.

    Norwch has its own airport and people with mega money are likely to fly private jet anyway.

    Bournemouth airport is hardly huge and Southampton is an hour or more away. From Norwich you can get to Stansted in under a couple of hours.
  4. Ive heard several times its likely to be Coral group - however there are ongoing talks between themselves and the owners of Ladbrokes which has hit a stumbling block as to what logo or brand will appear on the shirts
  5. Dave

    Andy Cullen Anyone ?

    [quote user="FenwayFrank"]Milton Keynes have achieved quite a bit in the few years they''ve been around, how wealthy is Winkelman ?[/quote]

    Not overly wealthy
  6. Dave

    Mega Rich Owners

    If we were up for sale we would have a decent prospect

    you only have to look at

    Debt Free Club

    Reasonable size stadium

    Own stadium and training ground

    Sell out crowds

    Season ticket waiting list

    Large membership base

    We just have to be careful who we choose
  7. Dave

    Mega Rich Owners

    [quote user="morty"]People have been saying since the minute that he came in "Yeah but will Chelsea be when Abramovich gets bored and moves on?"Still no sign of it.


    Its not happened yet but it will.

  8. Dave

    Mega Rich Owners

    Mega Rich owners of a football team may be great in the short term, yes it doesnt matter about breaching FFP as they will just pay he fine an carry on.

    However i predict within the next 5 years at least one of these owners will pull the plug (an it could be a top team) and that team will be lucky to stay in business.
  9. Dave

    McNally resigned.

    McNally has done great things with the club and who knows where we may have been without him.

    Lets hope the new person who comes in is good and we dont end up getting another Neil Doncaster and going backwards
  10. Dave

    McNally resigns

    McNally has done wonders with this club - when he took over the premier league was a pipe dream and we were heavily in debt.

    Now we are a bit of a yoyo club which a few in the prem have been in the past so give things time.

    I just hope this doesnt come back to bite and we dont end up with another Neil Doncaster
  11. [quote user="Indy"]Have to ask, but hypothetically, how would people react and feel if the board sacked AN and bought back Lambert?

    I know not many managers are as good second time round but I''d be pretty happy.......does that make me a bad fan?[/quote]

    Probably not a manager returning to a club after a good 1st spell often ends very badly.
  12. Dave

    Grabban was £6m OTT!


    Same report says we paid £7.5 mil for klose - and 1 paper says we signed him for £7.6 mill for him so in that claim hes worth 100k
  13. When you see the ground empty, you dont half notice how badly faded a lot of our seats are especially in City Stand and N&P. Its even more noticiable when broken ones have been replaced and arr next to the old ones.

    As much as the playing budget is priority, it would be good to see the club spending a few quid on replacing or spraying the seats to make the stands not look so aged.
  14. It looked good from where i was sitting last night but after watching it back on Facebook it was fantastic.

    Reminded me of the Goals from Jeremy Goss back in the day
  15. Dave

    Sky Sports

    "Norwich manager Alex Neil says he believes there won''t be any more signings for his club in this transfer window but failed to rule it out."


  16. Dave

    Transfer window Janauary 2016

    [quote user="Fuzzar"]Nicely summed up Purple. Lafferty and/or Whittaker out, maybe one more in who would unlikely be a direct replacement for either.[/quote]

    Cant see whittaker go if anything another defender in for place competition
  17. Dave

    1 More?

    Who thinks we will get 1 more in before the window shuts tomorrow?

    Another defender would be nice

  18. I always thought that in the right team and right management RVW would do well, after being picked in the cup and scoring i thought we may see him in the 1st team but clearly AN didnt like something.

    It wouldnt surprise me if he was recalled, has hardly making the bench for RB let alone the starting lineup.

    With 18 months left on his contract the club need to sell soon to get something back in a transfer fee.

    I know ppl joke about playing him at CB but other CF''s have done it in the past and done well
  19. 3-1 up at 4-4 late on and to go and lose 5-4 i would call that extremely similar
  20. Dave

    Did pinto have a nightmare ?

    Was good for 60 mins but then started to flag should have been substituted at that point result may have been different
  21. Dave

    Becchio Returns!

    Good luck to the guy. He never got a chance show what he would do for us.
  22. I suspect that this is not the end of incomings for this window and there could be at least 1 more

    With Jarvis freeing up a loan place it could well be a loan signing.

    Who could we get on loan? Realistic suggestions please!!!
  23. Dave

    7 years ago today

    Glenn Roeder was sacked - in my opinion the worst manager in the clubs history. Ok he may have won more games than some others but it was everything else he did