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  1. I get the feeling that had we knocked Villa out of the Cup a few weeks back then coupled with recent heavy defeats and league position then Lambert would''ve been sacked by now. Still not long til their two legged semi v''s Bradford.... And if they choke that then I can''t see how PL will keep his job. Shit happens as they say! :)
  2. I have a feeling that Holt will miss the festive period, more as a precaution than anything else, then he will be fully fit and raring to go for West Sham game !! The games he misses will be a last chance for Morison to keep a place in our squad I believe, maybe Jackson will score a goal or two,,, or even fit again Harry Kane ?? OTBC :)
  3. Maybe they are going to put a Santa hat, Ferret and Lollipop under every seat today as an Xmas gift from Ncfc!! Think I''m going to get there extra early now as I want to play with my Ferret before the game starts :)
  4. I most certainly hope so, it would be great to knock Vile out of the cup and leave them with only a relegation scrap to enjoy this season seeing as they are a ''bigger club'' *loud cough*'' ..... Plus I''m also looking forward to singing Hughtons praises whilst pointing and laughing at Mr Paul ''it could''ve been you'' Lambert !! Good times - Otbc
  5. I would be happy to see Danny Graham here, a good fox in the box and seems to know Holty pretty well, good partnership possibly ??? If possible I would also like us to sign a relative unknown like we did with Tettey, someone with pace and power that has potential to be a Prem star,,, here''s hoping!!! OTBC :)
  6. Yes you''re correct, I did read that slightly wrong !!! *apologies*
  7. Did anybody see James Nursey''s tweet about who Hughton''s apparent No1 target is in January, striker Cameron Jerome! If its turns out to be true I''m not sure how I would feel about that, abit CMS in that he''s better than nowt but I would expect us to push the boundaries a wee bit more if possible in our quest for a decent sticker to add to our mix, especially with the financial gains of staying up this season.
  8. Mark Lawrenson BBC Football Expert, that''s a joke right... Gary Neville on Sky can rightfully claim that title as he always seems to talk sense, no top team biase and can use one of those key-pads to make his points more valid. I doubt Lawrenson can even use an Etch-a-sketch properly.
  9. They are all tough games but we are more than capable of getting wins against Southampton, Sunderland and Wigan. 20+ points by Christmas Day would be really good and something to build on into the new year, hopefully with a two legged Cup Semi to look forward to also !!!
  10. I see one of the moron''s has since deleted his Twitter account, even more sad that after those disgraceful comments they aren''t man enough to stand by their words, cowards... hope the fuzz track them down, name them and shame them, fine them and stick them in prison for a few days or maybe wheel them out at our next home game a few minutes before the game starts, lets see how cocky and brass they are then with 27,000 people giving them hell.
  11. I like Morison, he seems like a decent fella who wants to do well at our club but for one reason or another it just isn''t happening... wether that is to do with off the field contributing factors only those on the inside will truly know. I think it would be best for him to have a fresh start at a new club and hopefully he will discover his Millwall form and confidence that made him a much sought after striker and we can bring someone fresh in who is early 20''s with pace, power, confidence and is ready to prove themselves in the best league in the world.... well that''s just my opinion on Morison anyway :) otbc
  12. [quote user="smooth"]Cantiaci exactly there are many other players who I would see leave prior to Morison as we need premiership players in our team. For me fox is not good enough and certainly would not be a starter for many champ clubs, yes he can spread the ball but his defensive play and when we haven''t got the ball is not good enough. I also agree with the need of that midfielder, I wonder if russ or Whittaker could fill in that role if needed.[/quote] You are intitled to you''re opinion on Fox but to say he isn''t even good enough for Championship is crazy talk, in fact it''s ''IPSWICH CRAZY'' talk ..... I firmly believe Fox will play a few games of importance this season for us and is worthy of a place in our squad but if as you say he was to leave i''m sure nearly all of the Championships top teams would be after him, a player would keeps things ticking over but can supply that deadly killer pass in a tight tense game (Portsmouth away- Jackson= Promotion) !!!! OTBC !!!!
  13. [quote user="Gingerpele"]No one else going for a 4-0 win to us then?[/quote] I''ve had a few random bets on us to win.. Holt first in a 4-1 ... Ryan Bennett in a 4-2 and Seb Bassong first in a 4-3... not likely to happen i know but the odds are great :)
  14. I''ve also heard that Turner is not playing today, shame if true as he at last seemed to be playing well with confidence and very few ''errors''.. but as said above it give''s young Ryan Bennett the chance to step up and learn off the ever impressive Bassong !! OTBC :)
  15. Apparently the trouble-makers were last seen running onto a Yarmouth bound train :)
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