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  1. Free speech. Isn''t that the starting point? Everyone is allowed to voice their own opinion or view, and if it reveals them to be an idiot or bigot then so be it. Argue if you wish, ignore them if you can, walk away if you must, but nobody has the right to restrict others views - no matter how much you may disagree. IMO under no circumstances should crowd banter cause a game to be called off. Violence, danger, safety concerns all merit action and it is up to the Police to interpret the problem and act accordingly. Un-PC words shouted by morons isn''t a sufficient or necessary condition to call off a match and it isn''t for the players themselves, or the manager, to judge. The gamemanship opportunities, not to mention potential for disruption overwhelm any positive benefit. And finally, at what point will we begin to see support, or a case for the defence, for racists. Aren''t the educated majority infringing their rights by denying them the opportunity to voice their opinions? "Down with this sort of thing.."
  2. Questions I would love Worthy to answer; When has anyone ever won 3points on a training pitch? Selecting a team solely on training performances is a farce, a disgraceful and short-sighted farce. Winners have the capacity to step up a gear, to rise to the occasion and offer something beyond their normal output. By selecting the consistent performers in training you get, er, consistent performances. Consistently not winning. Time for a change? Helveg - where to start, erm, perhaps by giving him just that, a "start". How else do you expect to him to gel with the rest of the team. How else do you expect him to demonstrate why he is held in high esteem. How else is he supposed to justify his wages and reputation? Henderson - why was he introduced to first team action when he is not ready. The boy is not physically up to the task of Premiership football and should be loaned out. Edworthy - the loyalty aspect makes sense to me [he was part of the Div1 title winning side afterall], consistently picking him over Helveg requires explanation. Man-management: Mulryne - One of our more talented players, everyone would agree. So why is he not in the squad (or is this training related)? If you don''t want to use him why is he still here? Man-management: The Bentley incident - did you remind Bentley that if he is sent back by NCFC that is effectively his top-flight career over? If he doesn''t play again for us, he sure as hell won''t for the gooners and then what? An unproven, stroppy, big-time charlie with a high wage demand. Byebye Man-management: McKenzie - a couple of weeks ago this was my biggest frustration, he''s getting his chance now, but why did it take you so long to realise that he needs games? The Doc - I can see that he is a useful squad member to have [when you have a small squad] but why was he played up front? In no respect is he superior up front to McKenzie, Svensson, McVeigh, hell even Jonson or Jarvis. Holt/Francis/Safri - Worthy, ask yourself this: Would Francis'' performances improve if Holt were omitted from the team. My guess is yes - he appears to be too scared to move up or try anything adventurous [like a forward pass] because he knows that he has to cover for 3 lungs. Who needs 3 lungs because all he does is run around. Looking at results, there must be something in the fact that Holt [stand-up guy, great for us in the past, don''t get me wrong] plays for Scotland and Norwich. I hope Safris ommission is due to the injury and then Ramadan factors. We shall see. Long ball/passing style - Norwich are "famed" for their "passing style" - rubbish. This wayward remark has become cliched and accepted as fact. It may have applied to NCFC teams in particular eras, but on the evidence of this and last season [primarily when we needed to win] not to Worthys reign. The current team don''t/can''t pass to each other because there is insufficient movement (nevermind self-belief). Formation - what the hell has been going on thus far? Maximise your chances of success by getting most of your best players in their best positions. 451: City could run with Hux up front supported by Mulryne (AMC) and the wingers (perm from Brennan, McVeigh, Bentley, Hux [if Mckenzie is striker] and Jonson]. Back 4 (can you tell what it is yet?!) Drury, Charlton, Fleming, Helveg. The remaining midfield positions are then Safri/Holt/Francis providing bodies in the middle, extra "resistance" when going backwards and allowing AMC and wingers to get up to support the lone striker when attacking. And I agree with Twosheds on the "I''ve had enough of him" post - the team are simply not performing in any respect. Why can the team not get the basics right? For that there is only one man to blame. And thats where First Wiz''s 3 camps come in. I''m in the 3rd camp - I don''t want Worthy out, I want him to sort it out. Cos there is n
  3. I think Boro made the mistake of scoring against them early on and then trying to win it. Keep it nil-nil [!] and then score a last minute winner - its the only way...
  4. Jonson was awful. Made to look worse by poor distribution from the back (there was not one single passing sequence of note from City in the first half). When he did get it, he fluffed it. Deservedly sub''d. Excuses? Loads of them probably. Helveg was competent. The experience we are paying for, paid off - that leg he left out was a touch of class in my opinion - Giggs was going by him so why let that happen. More of the same please (well, its your choice: concede a goal or a booking). Svensson - hmm. Give McKenzie his chance earlier in the match. The way he got that shot in at the left post was superb. His movement and sharpness were desperately needed. Perhaps NW is reluctant to start him as then you only have Svensson/Doc to bring on. Working it the other way gives you maximum impact from McKenzie''s pace. Francis/Charlton - had very good games. The rest: oooooooooo we''re at Old Trafford, LOOK THERE''S GIGGS, OOOO AND ROY KEANE. I am only surprised that we didn''t have our autograph books out because our play in the 1st half was weak all round (Bentley attempt aside). Only once we were 2-0 down did we start to relax - ah thats better all makes sense now we''re losing. Or was NW using the rope-a-dope tactics... To be fair I wasn''t expecting anything from this match, so to come away with our GD down by only one is a blessing that may well count at the end of the season. 1st half we looked like the new boys at school...and we are. Welcome to the Premiership. PS Thank heavens for all those inaccurate media reviews now, eh posters, we sound as though we really gave them a scare towards the end ??????????!!! [Thanks to Alan Smith too, on that front - a career at the UN awaits]
  5. If you want to be really harsh - what was the point of replying to it. In fact why am I writi
  6. If he does I''ll eat my hat. Its no disrespect to Hux, but look at what Sven has tried to do - Scholes on the left wing ????????????? Bridge in front of Cole seemed a reasonable idea, but he tried it once and never again - what? If he can''t pluck up the courage, or hasn''t the nouse to try Joe Cole there, or Thompson of Celtic then Hux hasn''t a hope. I would guess that Bentley has more of a chance than Hux this season (and yes I know he is still considered U21 material).
  7. Away to Man Utd, hmmmm; Man Utd are 1) Looking for their opening win of the season 2) Chasing a league title against defending champions that went unbeaten last year 3) Smarting from home defeats to Wolves & Fulham last year 4) A great team (titles galore, blah, blah) 5) Norwich haters (see Ferguson & Keane autobiographies) IMHO they will never be more up for a game against the likes of Norwich. But in our favour; 1) Majority of 1st team are out for one reason or another and their forward line-up is as weak as it will ever be. 2) The desperation of ManU to win, at home, puts the onus 100% on them to get the result. They have to avoid the Wolves/Fulham scenario of last season AND the prospect of two straight defeats ;-) [or 1pt from opening 2 games]. IMHO 2) is in our favour, because visiting teams seem to appreciate that ManU will just attack. The crowd demand entertaining, attacking football and a result. If we can frustrate them a la Fulham/Wolves [which should be easier without Sherpa Van Nistelrooy around] I think we stand a chance. With our pace on the counter-attack and a ManU defence without understanding yet.... well, football is a funny old game. Put it this way, I have money on us to win (just result, not the score) because the odds are so "good", but have a sneaking suspicion our day may come when we play Arsenal. By then they will have broken Forests'' unbeaten league run and it seems to me to be just the sort of banana skin fixture they might slip up on. Now where were my pills....
  8. One would hope that NW/Arsene have looked at the prospect of 3 games in a week and decided that a little strain was required in order to maintain Bentleys'' freshness. Miss Palace 1st game of the season, U21 friendly or ManU at old Trafford, hmm tricky choice. Works for Alex Ferguson.
  9. Davenport & Ashton (Dean of) are both mentioned on the "football-rumours.com" website. Stop heckling at the back, I know it isn''t an authoritative site, but it does quote "various sources". Posters elsewhere note Ashtons commitment to Crewe. I note footballers unfailing ability to put themselves first, regardless of legal contracts. [Not staking any claim to a moral high ground, just an observation.]
  10. Not Kent Canary''s point, but DumbleDelias'' - apologies
  11. That line-up does look good MG7, but can you really see Worthy ditching the 442? On Kent Canarys'' point, the space behind Hucks & Jonson wouldn''t matter so much at home as Drury & Helveg push up in to it. Away it would be a riskier proposition, depending on the opposition. Thinking of the likes of Everton, Palace & WBA - it could work. Well, we''ve got to try something different at Hell-hurst, bogey ground that it is. The discussion about Holt vs Safri does make me smile - we have options. Can see NW sticking with Holt until such a time that he misses a game and then its up to Safri to show what he can do.
  12. Agree with the above except I think Helveg will be the man on the right (not Edworthy) - assuming of course, that we can get a midfielder/winger on the right to put in front of him. If not, then Edworthy with Helveg in front? Or is that what Bentley is here for? Options, options, options. Quite a surprising amount of versatility in the small squad that we have - NW is to be highly commended on that score. Shame it means having to get people like Scowcroft in though.
  13. Perhaps the Bentley deal is tied in some way to a deal for Green, bearing in mind we have just signed Gallagher. Arsenal to loan us Bentley for this year plus some (much needed) cash for first option on Green at the end of this season. Gallagher deal then makes much more sense (a year to bed in, so to speak, as well as cover). But Green to go before the season starts - can''t see it myself, from either the players point of view or the clubs.
  14. Way too early to judge Huth. The verdict seems to be based on Shearer incident (big name, takes a certain kind of player to try and assert authority/take him down a peg or two in virtually your first game) and the Champions League performance (did anyone from Chelsea look good at the back aside from Terry?). Wouldn''t object if he came, but would rather a defender with more experience (of top-flight football, not the Malkay/Fleming variety). But then thats wages and round we go again. NW will come up trumps, I''m sure [...hoping].
  15. It is a big IF. I can''t see it myself and agree with those on this board that a move to Celtic is unlikely (can''t see Celtic fans appreciating the move given their, shall we say, predisposition towards those from the north of the island of Ireland.... ahem.... nor in footballing terms, tho O''Neill is King up there and his judgement is not in question). Having said that - he''s relatively versatile and would be a useful addition to Celtics squad given that they want to compete in Europe and need strength in depth, McVeigh would fit the bill. Do we want to sell him? If the price is right I''m sure NW would accept. Is £1m right - don''t think so, as others have said who/how can we replace him? Kennedy from Wolves maybe/perhaps but the prospect doesn''t fill me with any degree of confidence. I side with those that say we add to our squad for this season, press on see what shakes out and get rid of any chaff at the end of the season. OTBC
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