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  1. [quote]3-2 ! There you go Vic, you must learn to have faith ![/quote] Yea Haha!
  2. This is SO GREAT!!Mathias Svensson is fantastic, I''ve always said that.
  3. Yes why not use the 4-3-3 formation at home like we did so successfully at the end of the last season?And throw in Matt Svensson again, he hasn''t been badder than Doherty. So give him a chance again!
  4. I think we can beat both of them! And by the way are Newcastle missing Woodgate!! I hope NCFC can do it tonight, and yes it would be fantastic to stop Arsenal''s unbeaten run! :)
  5. Well, how do you think it all will end up on saturday? I think it will be 0-0 or 1-1 again.
  6. Jonathan Johansson would be perfect! And he wouldn''t have any problems getting in to the team and so because his a good old friend to Svensson.
  7. You got it there DD! And have you already forgotten his pre-season appereances?? He was our best player in those matches and did lay behind almost every attack. So stay calm and give him a break!
  8. Yeah I agree with you! It''s really annoying but I''m trying tu just ignore them! Well if we play our own game and concentrate 100% we will have 5 points after the Arsenal game. Then we can go out and fight down the other s****** in the Prem!
  9. Greeno was fantastic yesterday and he really deserve a place in the England squad. But maybe Sven was with his secretary so he missed the game ;)
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