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  1. Oh well looks like you lot missed the boat ........ http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/7107705.stm The Celtic cup is to be played from February and features Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It''s likely to be played every other year ...... Don''t forget to tune in it''ll be great with or without England but it would be nice if we could see all the teams from these islands involved ......  
  2. I think you may be on thin ice legally. Even if you can find a way round the EU legislation giving the right to work in any memebr state I would suggest you may as well tear up the Act of Union, lets put it this way there is no such thing as an English passport ....... whilst your aim is honourable, the world has moved on I suggest the real villans are excess money in the game and the lack of pride in playing for your national team that english players you could argue have demonstrated ....... A lack of English players at top clubs is at the root of the problem but that is not the fault of foreign players , it''s the TV money, the FA and the top England internationals ...... merely my humble opinion from the outside ....  
  3. Ran for many many years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Home_Championship this is the wikipedia entry link for the history of the competition    
  4. The various FA''s would earn a decent amount of cash from any tournament, much need in all cases but even more so for the english FA who must be facing a massive loss after failing to qualify ...... I don''t see how a genuine competition of local derbies honestly competed, reinforcing the genuine idea of representing and taking pride in your country leaves anyone facing humiliation. If players are seen to throw themselves body and soul into a performance, put themselves on the line, then you can''t question them. If not, then yes that''s a fair point. I''m saying perhaps a home nations championship will be a chance to add that extra passion, pride, drive, spice. It makes sense for all the home nations ......  
  5. Unless the various home FAs get together and arrange a home nations tournament....... It makes sense the English FA need the cash and it''s a good competitive tournament experience for the Celtic nations. Perhaps invite the Republic along too and call it the British Isles cup or Britain and Ireland cup? As a Scotland fan living down here I know the intense rivalry and passion between the nations. This tournament could be great ...... Get posting on message boards, get writing to the various FA''s, get the tabloids involved ...... This makes sense ....... Plus for all the England fans do you really want your over paid ''stars'' sitting on the beach counting their cash or would you rather they rediscover the passion and pride which should be international football? The rugby 6 nations is full of pride, passion and committment, a football 5 nations could be too.
  6. We won''t be relegated through a defeat to a team clear at the top and likely to stay there, or thereabouts, for the rest of the year. We''ll stay up and get back to our recent position of mid table mediocrity by getting results against teams from 11th down.  
  7. The simple reality is this. This club needs a cash injection in order to get to the stage of genuinely competing for promotion. To change the business model you need anough cash to buy a majority of shares, you need to take on the debt servicing (bearing in mind the shortfall following the loss of parachute payments). You also need enough cash to splash on player investments to put us even into a top half of the championship position. This takes seriously deep pockets. Remember there are no guarantees you''ll get your money back on players at resale. There are no guarantees on cashflows, think gate receipts (full houses at the moment - which way are those sales going), TV revenues (minimal), merchandising. Now let''s think about our hypothetical investor. He or she is rational, or should be given the fact they have made sufficent cash in business to be in a position to think about buying a football club, how are they going to make money from buying the club? Yes you have future TV revenue if you get into the prem but the reality is that you have to blow that on players and salaries to stay there and keep the cash flowing. The real reason for clubs getting bought up is that they can sell future overseas tv rights seperately and they can shift serious units of merchandising. Big in the US, big in China that''s the trade they''re doing. Our club isn''t in that league. Our investor can cherry pick from anywhere in the lower part of the prem, anywhere in the championship looking for a club to get secure cashflows from and try and create value by suggesting they can break to the next level eg upper Prem, prem middle, staying up in the prem ...... Once this value is created maybe they can then sell out to someone with even bigger pockets. There are a limited number of seats at the big table. There is a limited period of time before the owners up there stop inviting paupers to sit at the table for a meal or two. The premiership will shut iteld off or a more limited euopean super league will be created. Clubs like ours are two far away to be worth a gamble on making it before the door slams shut. The few investors about would rather look at a Charlton, a west Brom that sort of thing, better odds This leaves us with local investors who want a play thing (throw money at with no guarantees) or a continuation with the struggle to break even. We are simply victims of fottball being the worst run industry on the planet. Investment in football is, in my humble opinion, a mugs game and you need very rich mugs at that ........ I think a number of factors count against the club in attracting the investment needed to turn things around and I just can''t see a white knight(s) with a deranged look in their eyes riding over the horizon .... depressing as it seems ......  
  8. Grant had the guts to face up to his personal responsibility for the clubs current predicament. I have enormous respect for the guy for that. Whilst the traditional view always seems to be that the buck stops with the manager I''d like to think the Board and the playing staff are taking a long hard look at themselves this morning. Grant is currently the only one I have respect for. The rest of you should face up to your own personal failures and admit to them ....... Only then can you all move forward with a clean slate from the fans ...... Good luck Peter Grant.  
  9. A total of three posts? This message board should hang it''s many heads in shame.  
  10. I''d like to say how sorry I am to see Chris Sutton forced to retire through an eye injury when he may have fancied another season or two. He was a great servant for my two clubs, Norwich and Celtic, and I''d like to wish him well with whatever he looks to do next. Well done Chris, you''re a legend.  
  11. It''s time for football as a whole, from the premiership to the conference, to be run on a sound financial basis. It is the worst run industry in UK PLC.  
  12. Dion and our fixture list have just got me worried  
  13. It is entirely up to him which international set-up he wishes to go for, he will have been aware of the teams he qualifies for ....... Perhaps he views it less cynically than which squad will be easier to get into ....... but then again england, no goals in umpteen matches and floundering and Scotland heading the group, mmmmm!!!!!! ...... It''s all about who you identify with, personally as the son of a Glaswegian I''ve always supported Scotland and would have wanted to play for them if I''d been a sportsman ...... Good luck to the young lad either way ......
  14. Just texted a mate who''s a season ticket holder at love street and asked his opinion, his response:       ''Well he''s not too quick, can''t really tackle, does nay score many, can''t take it past anyone BUT can cross a ball. I think we''ve done ok out of the deal''. I merely post this for information, it''s one persons view but he know''s his football. At least once we see Lappin play it will help answer the question of the relative level between the top flight in Scotland and the second tier in england. I went to two St. Mirren games last year (their first division championship season) and saw decent passing football and committment from the team.    
  15. Well I guess at least we get 50% of the gate receipts, which at circa £60 per person, plus the tv money. May be some compensation for any embaressment caused.   Magic of the cup in the modern game? Watching the chelsea forest game yesterday I kept seeing an advertising hoarding which read "chelseafc.money.com" ...... Summed up the modern game rather neatly to me ..... With increased prize money in the Premiership starting soon they may as well melt down the FA cup and sell it for scrap ....... or perhaps just stick the top 8 premiership teams only in the cup.  
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