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  1. Sing loud and sing proud, we are back where we belong. OTBC. NC ''tilI I die
  2. Agreed, no sick jokes please. Somethings are more important than football.
  3. You never know. Remember Hucks! NC ''tilI I die
  4. A bit hash! I think perhaps the I.T. guys are a bit nervous ahead of the kick off. However, there have been two or three cock up''s with the squad numbers so far on the site. Give them time! NC ''tilI I die
  5. I wouldn''t mind if this one came true! http://www.myfootballnews.co.uk/news_jump.html?story=126023 NC ''tilI I die
  6. We won''t lose, 2-0. Just the start we need :) So, sing up and sing loud! OTBC. NC ''tilI I die
  7. Hopefully no truth in this. I have seen him play twice and both times he wasn''t anything amazing. A bit like George Santos, perhaps better suited to our blue neighbours then!
  8. I am a bit concerned. However, haven''t Arsenal signed a Spanish keeper in the summer? Also, Green hasn''t got any Prem. Experience. The way I see it is, we may or maynot of done a deal (Bentley on load could be a sweetener.) However, I doubt he would go this year. I would think he would go if we went back down. Also, isn''t he from Gravesend? So he would be closer to the family? People stay he has signed a new deal, but what does that really mean in todays footballing world? Just my thoughts, I am sure he will stay. NC ''tilI I die
  9. Firstly, I would be interested to know where the 250K price tag came from? As the official website states an undisclosed fee. Also, bananaman is totally right. Gallacher does have a knock at the moment. So, what if Green got a sidelined (Pray god no!) Joe Lewis comes on at Man Utd or against the Toon. Shearer or Smith would be licking there lips and shooting from anywhere. No really what’s required for your first prem. game. What would we do? Sub him and put Malky between the sticks. Come on, 250K is fine for a prem. club to spend on a GK. P.S. I have watched Forest allot the last ten years and can remember him signing from Notts Count. He had a blinder the first Two seasons and can feel a little hard done by to lose his number 1 jersey to Gerard.
  10. I hate to agree with you, but Scowcroft would work in both positions. We need players who can play in more than one role like Helveg and Jonsson. So I can understand NW''s thoughts. Although, It would be ''interesting'' if we had an x town player in our ranks. I think the Boh boys would be on his back from the start.
  11. A 20 goal a season man would be nice :) Seriously, another target man to give Sven a run for his money would be good.
  12. I have viewed the message board for about Two years. Until day I have never posted a message. But now it''s really starting to feel real! Next Saturday the fun starts, Crystal Palace isn''t really the game we had all hoped for but, the bigger games start coming thick and fast there after. So, when your sitting in your sit, or watching the many games on SKY. Remember what ever the score, we are premier league, we are back and we will stayup. By by Ipswich, Rotterham and Crewe. Hello, Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool. Norwich City ''til I die. OTBC.
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