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  1. For as long as he maintains his current drive and constant need to do better! As long as he has these characteristics and the club continue to improve and move forward and back him why can''t he be here for another 10 years? He''s 33/34, he could have another 35 years in management. Unless one of the top 6 clubs coming knock, which is very unlikely at this stage but can change, why does he need to go anywhere else? He can really build our club and we have to look now further than lambert as what can happen. He should learn from that and stay on the journey with us as long as he can! This club has huge potential as long as he is manager
  2. It is a funny phrase and as you say a largely get out excuse for a player not playing. There is clearly a difference in terms of executing certain things and gaining that extra yard which you get with match fitness but any manager gets their best players on the pitch. If hoolahan, howson, Brady, bassong (anyone deemed as a ''first name on the team sheet'') was not 100% match fit they would play!! Can you imagine Ronaldo or messi not playing because not match fit!! They might be eased back into action but they play. I think the truth is voo is not better than what we have and will not get in our team!! If he was that Good he would be playing
  3. Might be hard to get 3 deals over the line in the short timescale now?? Guess it depends how far down the line we are with any of them!!
  4. Could the Bournemouth bids just be a coincidence?? Could he have just spat his dummy out because he wanted to play? Started the season as 1st choice, missed chances, jerome has come in and played well and grabban wanted the opportunity yesterday and was frustrated? Other token is obviously he wants to go back to Bournemouth for whatever reason, but don''t see them as a better prospect than us!! Either way or for whatever reason, he has dug himself a massive hole and he is not coming back from it with the fan!! He has to be sold now! Can''t have the fans booing him!! Have a feeling people like Russell Martin will not put up with that lack of respect either
  5. Squad depth come the winter with injuries and suspensions and games coming quickly will be a huge factor! Clear to see our 11 at present will be competitive but worried by our cover in defence and forward options. As we all know a centre back and a forward player with a bit of a X factor will make us very competitive until January then we can re address and see where we are then and what we need!!
  6. Strongly agree that Olsson cost us far more goals last season than whitts by switching off at the back post! A fact neglected by many because he has pace! Olsson is poorer in a one on one situation, think Adam drury proved you don''t need to be quick to defend one on one against a winger!!
  7. Just the two most important aspects of the game then!!
  8. Bradley Johnson, is not a premier league player. No technical ability and his second touch is a tacklle!!
  9. My choice would be Assamabolonga (however you spell it) Young, so will be driven and wanting to improve. Re-sellable asset, can run the channels, is pacey and physical and good scoring record. Only question mark is his fitness and where he''s up to after his injury!! Only other one who I think is realistic and in our price range - Chris Martin - much improved since he left, and is used to and good at playing as a loan striker!! Whether he would come back or not is different story Too much risk I think with a foreign striker and we don''t have time for someone to get used to the premier league pace. Jerome and grabban will be useful with their pace and movement but don''t see either getting enough goals as front line striker. If they can chip in with 4 or 5 and we have a 10-15 goal striker it wil give us a chance
  10. Reading a lot about our lack of signings, ambition and money!! With only 2 weeks Saturday until the start of the season and a run of winnable games at home to start the same (which will be massively important to our survival) I am starting to get a little nervous!! I have full faith in Neil and McNally but with the importance of survival this year with the amount of TV money next year, surely calculated risks are required and paying a bit over the odds for a player is worth the risk!! If Neil thinks Brady will improve our team/squad why not pay the price hull want! If van dijk is as good as people like John Collins think and Neil admires him, why not offer something Celtic cannot refuse with the finances in scotish football!! Both are at a good age where they will have a re sale value and will improve, and we are debt free after all!! As a fan I don''t care if we are in the prem or the championship. I will be there home and away in either, and prob prefer the championship as it is nice to see your side win more often than not and not bankrupt you to go to the games!! But from the clubs perspective, we need to be a premier league side with the money involved from next season. There''s no guarantees as a very hard league but we need to give ourselves the best chance of staying up and we are lacking in both the final and defensive third at present!! The blue print of how to beat us was set by the likes of Wigan at Carrow road last season. We need investment and need to be a premier league side this time next year!!
  11. Yes exactly the same, starting to make a contingency plan!!
  12. A certain Lewis Grabban I think was also playing for Millwall in that final!!
  13. Hooper played in the scunny playoff league 1 final win over Millwall, know that for a fact as I was there in the scunny end!!
  14. Where is everyone planning on drinking / partying in London before the final? Sea of yellow and green in the capital, going to be a slow week!!
  15. Not a question of being a better fan as circumstances dictate sometimes, but as a season ticket holder you are guaranteed a ticket, and with a number of way of guaranteeing your ticket just surprised the number that haven''t!!
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