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  1. Did you manage to get one of the old ones as a souvenir I keep all my pie wrappers as a souvenir of every game but a spot light that would be fabulous
  2. Here here damn that Waveney Canary
  3. What make of light bulbs do they have in them?
  4. I only have 2 concerns going into the new season 1) We haven''t strengthened our Centre Backs nor signed an experienced back up keeper. I am worried we will leak to many goals 2) we haven''t signed a proven top class striker that can tackle out Achilles heal last time we were in the prem. Apart from those 2 issues I think we are good to go
  5. He went straight to a Spanish club we should have got a few no matter how small. Another poor bit of business all round by the club A) by signing him in the first place B) not loaning him out when it was clear we had signed a Turkey or sell him much earlier C) not getting a fee to try and recoup some of our outlay.
  6. We have spent £11 million I wonder where the rest of it has gone it can''t be just on the new flood lights!
  7. Something went fundamentally wrong with the scouting and purchase of this player he never looked like making into the first team even in the championship I hope lessons have been learned but some how I doubt it
  8. [quote user="STAN"]£1.5 million well spent.[/quote] That''s the issue as well as the money spunked away on the wolf giving our Directors cash to spend is very often money wasted.
  9. Can''t believe we are letting him go without trying to get a fee. Ex Arsenal player must be worth something. Looks like yet another transfer mistake
  10. I am really looking forward to him providing the ammo for the Wolf to fire
  11. [quote user="yoda"]At long last ! Ncfc transfers take so long we should be sponsored by Viagra[/quote] This is spot on Yoda long drawn out and embarrassing. I hope the club learn the lessons
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