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  1. ncfc fan

    Minutes silence today

    Did anyone get food at 2.50 from the concourse to take to their seat? A few near us were eating during the silence.
  2. ncfc fan

    Minutes silence today

    Today there is a minutes silence prior to kick off to mark Remembrance.
  3. ncfc fan

    ticket office tinpot

    I emailed Arsenal and the reply back was unless you are a member you can''t get tickets. They are not taking on any new memberships either. They are not expecting any tickets to reach general sale.
  4. ncfc fan

    ticket office tinpot

    I''m fed up of hearing "Regular away travellers". We are all NCFC fans together. No one should have priority over anyone else. It should be first come, first served!
  5. ncfc fan

    ticket office tinpot

    I think it will be a poor show on NCFC if we can''t get any more tickets as a lot of Arsenal fans won''t go. Maybe a an issue for the committees of the Premier League or EFL?

    I also think NCFC should start a waiting list. The times that the tickets go on sale are unfair on those who are working!
  6. As all the tickets have gone I am looking for one ticket including coach travel. If anyone can help please let me know.
  7. ncfc fan

    Standing at Carrow Road

    The only time we get to stand at Carrow Road is for a minutes silence or applause.
  8. ncfc fan

    Your funniest moment in football

    When I was 16 I went to a game with a couple of mates from school and two of us were smoking during a minutes silence (when smoking was allowed) and we heard mutterings behind how dreadful and disrespectful that was but there were a couple of younger kids (10-12 yr olds) behind eating hotdogs during the silence and nothing was said to them!
  9. ncfc fan

    Minute silence

    Anyone coming in to ground and getting food in concourse at about 2.50 tomorrow to take to your seat? if so which stand?
  10. Who will be going in the ground at 2.50pm ish and heading for a hot dog or something from the concourse to take to your seat ?
  11. ncfc fan


    He must go. He was an embarrassment tonight.

    As I''ve said before he may have done wonders in Scotland but done nothing for us.

    Clear off back to Scotland where you came from!!
  12. ncfc fan


    Where is she these days? Doesn''t appear to be in the limelight these days?

    No drunken chanting through the PA "Where are you, let''s be havin you"

    Time she sold her shares and moved on. She is stale now and showing weakness.
  13. ncfc fan

    Neil needs to go.

    He is woeful and way out of depth.

    He may of done wonders in Scotland but what has he done for us other than promotion - ZILTCH!

    Time he went back to where he came from - he must admit he has failed at NCFC and move on.

    It won''t be long before we hear "We want Neil out say we want Neil out" chants ringing round Carrow Road!

    He needs to be told that his performance is unacceptable and the Board should give him X number of games to get results or he is out.
  14. ncfc fan

    O/T Dalian Atkinson

    Possible minutes silence on Sunday?
  15. ncfc fan

    Remembrance Fixture - Leeds

    The Leeds fixture will be the clubs annual Remembrance Fixture - should be interesting!
  16. ncfc fan

    Bring back Lambert!

    I think that Alex Neil is way out of his depth and should return to Scotland where he came from!

    If however, NCFC give him a reprieve then he should be informed that he has a certain time to get results in i.e 6 games and 18 points and if he fails that he is out.

    He must not assume that he has automatic rights to run the team! he needs pulling down a peg or two.

  17. Ruddy - cost us a lot of games this season due to his terrible ideas. How on earth he made England i''ll never ever know.
  18. What utter nonsense!


    In my view, if we get relegated he should be SACKED immediately.

    The Board are very naïve and part of the failing is down to the fact that they want FRIENDS and CLIQUES in the club.

    AN should accept the fact that he has FAILED and should swiftly move back to Scotland where he came from!!!!!
  19. ncfc fan

    Errol Croassan - applause

    Minutes applause tomorrow! why not a minutes silence, much more respectful, meaningful and dignified. Disappointed to say the least!
  20. He may of got us promoted through the play off final but this year he hasn''t done anything for us. He may as well move on at the end of the season back to Scotland where he cane from!
  21. ncfc fan

    Arsenal Away.

    This whole points thing is utter rubbish! it should ALWAYS be first come first served after away season ticket holders.
  22. ncfc fan

    Can Neil turn this around?

    No I don''t think he can. I think its now come to the time for the directors to give him a warning, say 3 games and if he doesn''t get results he will be out!

    He done wonders in Scotland in his previous life but has done absolutely nothing for us!

    Having said that Delia has been very quiet the last few months. Maybe she should sell up and leave??
  23. ncfc fan

    Kevin Friend

    Referees are generally poor at the moment and last night was no exception.

    I think the FA should investigate this man and drop him and many others down to the championship. Clubs have to mark referees so I hope there would be a box to tick to say "recommend for dropping down a league" , "assess and investigate" or something similar.

  24. ...next game for scoring the own goal
  25. ncfc fan

    O Neil should be banned

    O Neil should be given a club ban in addition to his time out for the red card last night, not acceptable, and well below NCFC standards.