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  1. I can''t believe that anyone would seriously want to see that scumbag at our club,
  2. I am so delighted, had resigned myself to the fact that he was going but now ... VERY, VERY HAPPY !!!
  3. Holloway is hilarious and very entertaining when he''s the manager of another club - I don''t think this would necessarily be the case if he was the manager of OUR club. Hughton EVERY time.
  4. Ah bless, fancy taking the time and trouble to look up some totally irrelevant stats in an attempt to find a negative slant. Sad loser, you think he''d be a bit more concerned about his own club - but perhaps that''s too painful to contemplate. After all, it''s a bit surprising that Jewell wasn''t on our shortlist.
  5. I am sure that if Lambert comes back for any of our players, McNally will do his level best to screw Villa for as high a price as possible.
  6. I thought the same - Talksport were all over the Villa vacancy until "King" Kenny was shown the door, now Liverpool coverage has completely taken over. As for WBA, barely a mention ...
  7. I assume the strange brown splodges are Suffolk Punch "poo". Nice to see they''re ready for next season, they certainly weren''t ready for the current one.
  8. Wasn''t Villa at Carrow Road our last game on the 94-95 Premier League season? They secured a point to guarantee safety but we were already down? I was only a proper young-un at the time, but I seem to recollect it. There was a massive Chase Out campaign and one Villa fan had bought his own little "Ellis Out" poster. You''re quite correct here. We had already been relegated the week before at Leeds but Villa still had a slight chance of relegation, which would have required them losing to us and at least two results elsewhere going against them (which didnt happen). At the end of the game the Villa fans were singing "we''ll meet again" at us, which is something I''ve remembered ever since and have always hoped that karma would one day allow us to return that favour?!? I also recollect being involved in the "Chase out" demos afterwards , with police horses charging at us outside the main stand and police being let loose in the River end car park.............they were the days !?! Yes, what a fun time it was ...??! I remember the Villa fans singing "We''re Cr*p and we''re staying up" and "Going down with the souffle", which did make me smile (through the tears).
  9. Surely Vaughan has pace and would give us another option ?
  10. Disappointed by Ashton''s inclusion - yes, he was a good player but I can''t forgive him for how he lost interest after relegation and very obviously wanted to move away. It''s like he''s got in because of his achievements after he left rather than what he did while he was with us. Maybe a bit unfair, he seems like a nice bloke but that is how I feel.
  11. I was talking to a fellow season ticket holder on Sunday, who was MOST aggrieved at having paid £25 to watch a very disappointing performance. Although I agreed with him to some extent, I was rather stung by his virulent criticism of Paul Lambert and the team selection, to the point where I said "Oh well, let''s sack him then ...", to which he replied "I don''t care if we do, he''s leaving at the end of the season to manage Spurs anyway". He then informed me that he had supported Norwich for more than 60 years and it was the worst performance he had ever seen. I can only think that he has a very, very short memory indeed.
  12. According to canaries.co.uk, he''s 6ft - certainly doesn''t look anywhere near as tall as either Ruddy or Rudd.
  13. I have defended Morison many times this season, but just can''t do it today. He was very poor and Wilbraham showed much more commitment and passion in his short time on the pitch. The only positive today was the return of James Vaughan, hopefully he will prove to be a real asset to the team for the rest of the season.
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