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  1. Lionel Wessi

    Away fans

    Excuse the rogue apostrophe, auto correct got the better of me
  2. Lionel Wessi

    Away fans

    Personally I thought most of the singing was ironic and ment in the right spirit. I found the song about having a shot on target particularly amusing and the boing when we lost the ball was simply because we were greeting each pass with a cheer as if we we''re comfortably ahead.

    I didn''t join in with some of the stick aimed at Elmander buy I can assure you the second half atmosphere beat being stood in the cold in stunned silence like we were after the quick fire 4 goals
  3. Lionel Wessi

    Alternative Micheal Turner songs?

    There''s only one Michael Turner

    One Michael Turner

    We wrote him a song

    But we got it all wrong

    This new song''s much more boring than we''d planned

  4. Lionel Wessi

    Who is the more promising Murphy twin?

    There has been a lot of press about these two but I have not seen much of either of them to be honest. Who is the more promising of the two?

    It would be interesting to see them involved in the Luton game

  5. I think Tevez would suit our system but he is a massive *insert word deemed inappropriate for the Pink ''Un* therefore I will say Bentake (with the added bonus of upsetting Villa and a certain Mr Lambert

  6. Lionel Wessi

    Morison Forest bound??

    I would be amazed if this has been agreed unless we have already got another striker lined up for January. Selling Morrison would leave us very short of cover/competition for the big fella up top (even taking into account that it looks like Harry Kane will be back with us)   

  7. Lionel Wessi

    Alex Tettey Song

    Was at the game yesterday and there seemed to be a catchy sounding Tettey song coming from the upper tier but I couldn''t make out the words.

    Anyone care to enlighten me?
  8. Lionel Wessi

    Who has gotter a better midfield than us?

    [quote user="Webbo118"]Gotter ?  With respect, I think you need to do a bit more work before you sit your English GCSE.[/quote]


    You spotted a typo, well done you! With respect, I don''t think I will re-sit my English GCSE and instead continue to rely on my degree and professional qualifications but thanks for your input .


    I might have overstated the case regarding the midfield (and definitely overlooked Spurs) but I am really excited by the group of players we have and there is so much potential to improve


  9. Lionel Wessi

    Who has gotter a better midfield than us?

    Assuming that we sign Robert Snodgrass which Premier League Teams do you think actually have a better group of midfielders than us?

    I cant think of many and would probably put our group of midfielders 7th behind:

    Man City


    Man Utd




  10. Lionel Wessi

    Your top three games...

    1. The much mentioned 3-2 against Derby - For me it was when I believed we would go up. I Also remember Derby were timewasting horribly (especially a certain Mr Savage) and it just made Jackson''s last minute winner even sweeter.

    2.4-1 against Cardiff - Huckerbys last game on loan and he just tore Cardiff apart

    3. The Play off final - At least untill the penalties

  11. Lionel Wessi

    Song for Hughton

    Not really about Hughton but:

    To the tune of let it be:

    When we found ourselves without a gaffer

    We had a problem, for all to see

    Our CEO he fixed it, McNally

    McNally, McNally, McNally, McNally

    He brought us Chrissy Hughton

  12. Lionel Wessi

    Hughton or Lambert

    So it looks like Mr Hughton is destined to be the next NCFC manager and overall it seems like a fairly positive apointment.


    Do you wish we still had Lambert in charge or do you prefer Chris Hughton?

  13. Lionel Wessi

    Pilkingtons tweet from earlier was

    Took him from Leauge 1 to the Premership. He diddn''t play everygame but still a lot to be gratefull to PL for
  14. Lionel Wessi

    Pilkingtons tweet from earlier was

    I would imagine any good news would be about Lambert staying or something totally unrelated. Can see no reason why Pilks would want Lambert to leave
  15. Lionel Wessi

    Who will Lambert poach

    Apologies for the negative post and sorry if this has already been discussed but who do we think Lambert will take with him if the inevitable does happen.

    I would be most worried about Howson, Pilkington and R. Bennet.

    Hopefully we can get this all sorted and stabilise the club in time for next season