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  1. is this the proudest you''ve been to be a Norwich City fan? Of course you should always be proud to support a wonderful club like ours but we''ve had some trouble in the past few years... I have nothing to complain about- and it feels weird!
  2. I might well be leaving early tomorrow but only to try and get my son to bed at a reasonable hour. Leaving at the 86/87 mark means I can be home by 11 and beat the traffic.
  3. Me and my son are driving to the game tomorrow night when I get home from work and we will be coming via the A11. I drove down to Norwich on Friday and the traffic was mental up until the Elveden junction. Is there any hope of the traffic being better tomorrow night? OTBC!
  4. [quote user="CanaryJames"]No it isn''t. He''s been pretty awful this season, and despite most thinking he was brilliant at Preston, he was average. Yesterday, he was significantly better than Martin. Not brilliant, but far from ''terrible''. He looked more determined and worked harder than he has all season. I''ll take the village idiot''s word for it though...[/quote] Insults because you disagree? Typical. Being better than toothless Martin doesnt mean he did well. With those 2 up front we dont have a chance of promotion. I''m not going to apologise for toeing the party line either!
  5. I agree with Beau! Grant Holt is either not fit (tired excuse that has been used faar too many times) or he is not good enough. Yes he runs about lots but come on, I could get fit enough to run about for 90 mins but you wouldnt want me upfront. Being good in league 1 doesnt mean you''ll be good in the championship.
  6. Very bad news. We get fan views from here and having the players thoughts was intriguing. Just have to make do without now. :(
  7. F*ck off CT. You''re getting as bad as Selwyn. I wonder how long before the bast**d replies to this! I give it 20 seconds tops!
  8. Basically I''m aiming to go to 10 away games this season- or as close to that as is possible.... Anyhoo- if I get to 8/9 away games, will I be able to carry those over to next year and then after two more next year - add them all together to make 10 and go into the 2nd priority group? Thanks in advance :)
  9. I''m going to this game and I''ve not seen Norwich lose away in the last 2 seasons that I''ve been to away games. 3-1 City
  10. I dont think we have a chance of the playoffs either.... just not experienced enough :D Why isnt 7/8th good enough?
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