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  1. Can see there being plenty of goals. Im going with A 2-2 draw. Holt and Crofts to score.
  2. When did football turn global? a) 1992 (SKY TV) b) 1995 (Bosman Ruling) c)1960''s (Abolishment of the maximum wage) d) Other
  3. Personally I believe that SKY has had a positive effect on my consumption of football, I can now watch a live football match pretty much every single day of the week. Although at 50 pound a month, it is maybe a little over-priced. What are your thoughts on SKY''s effect on your personal consumption of football? Positive or Negative?
  4. I am in the middle of a study for my degree on the ''globalisation of football''. Your answers may be used in the study, but all names will remain confidential. To what extent is football now globalised? Can you pin point what event turned English football ''global'' if you believe it is. Thnaks for your thoughts.
  5. Thankyou for the comments, I am doing a degree in sport, leisure and culture. I am looking at the globalisation of english football in particular, involving feedback from fans on why they think football is globalised and its effect. Yes the migration of players around the world has definatley impacted on taking the game global!!
  6. I am doing a study on the impacts of television on globalising football. Comments may be used in this study but ldentities will be kept confidential.Has Sky television had a positive or negative impact on English football since it''s introduction?. Can you give examples?
  7. I am doing some research into the ''globalisation of football'' for my university degree. What do you think are the major impacts of the bosman ruling of 1995? positive or negative? Your comments will be left confidential.
  8. My prediction for Saturday is a 3-1 win. Although we dont usually fare well at Deepdale, i feel there current situation of being 23rd in the table and leaking goals left, right and centre combined with city wanting to put tuesdays defeat to doncaster behind them will prove enough. Think city will have to much for them. Lappin or Jackson in for Macamanee. What does everone else reckon?
  9. I was at the game last night and was quite dissapointed with City''s performance. For there second goal I feel it was Barnett at fault as he seemed to kick it directly out of Ruddys hands (unless the keeper spilled it) as we were at the other end. Also feel Grant Holt under-performed. Seems that only crofts and martin had any fight in them what so ever. I agree that McNammee would be better as an impact player of the bench, but im sure he would disagree. Doncaster seemed to have far more options when on the ball than City did. Quite fancy a 3-1 win at Preston on saturday though.
  10. I feel steve howard would be a great signing. Him and Earnshaw up front together have the ability for 40+ goals between them in a season. If worthy signed a 20 year, fans would moan he was to yuong and in experienced. He will never be able to win whoever he signed.
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