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  1. West Brom local reporter.Steve Madeley ‏@smadeley_star 10m There might have been an enquiry, but it doesn''t sound like it''s happening. #wba   Steve Madeley ‏@smadeley_star 10m Just had a conversation which makes me very dubious about the Hoolahan rumours. #wba Maybe we are trying to get another bid out of Villa?
  2. I don''t see where Norwich win in this? Send a player on loan, or get £1m-£2m for him? Also loaning to a club closer to us in the league. Think this is quite childish to be honest.
  3. [quote user="birchfest"]4th bid from an unnamed club... Hahah suck it villa![/quote]Bit amateurish if we sell for sell to another club though as some reports on Twitter are suggesting.
  4. Transfer News/Rumour ‏@ITK_TRANSFER 29s Norwich have accepted a bid for Wes Hoolahan from a premier league club but not Aston Villa. Fee is believed to be lower than Villa bid Likely bullshite!
  5. Would be ridiculous if we sold Hoolahan to another premier league club for less than or same as the third and final offer that Villa made last night. Would be leaving it late to replace. All because McNally doesn''t like Lambert.
  6. Surely directed more at the people running the club. Don''t think he''d deliberately disrespect the fans as has a good relationship with.
  7. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]Personally could not care less if it is Villa, if they meet our valuation I have no issue with us selling Wes to them. My point remains that no amount of dummy spitting should alter the fact Wes goes on our terms and not his or his agents.......[/quote]Thats fair enough yeah, wonder what our valuation is. Guardian tonight saying Villa have made a second bid in last 24 hours which was rejected, after a first bid of £1 million.
  8. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]Not sure why posters think the club should cave in to Wes just because he has spat his dummy out. Wes is contracted to Norwich City who have a valuation for him......[/quote]Been a great servant to the club for years, hardly kicking a ball and had gone through the right methods to try and leave the club for one last move. Clearly has no future here. It''s only because it is Villa that there is such a fuss in my opinion.
  9. Cannot see him staying tomorrow, especially after what has been done and said. Reports in Birmingham seem to suggest Villa will try and push it through tomorrow. May as well cash in now, can''t see a better fee from anyone coming in the summer if he''s not playing and at his age. Villa would likely move onto long term player targets in summer window.
  10. Most the nationals and local Birmingham Mail (which is usually spot on) are reporting transfer requests and £1.5m, not £750k.
  11. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="Branston Pickle"]The league position after 5 games is meaningless[/quote]Harry Redknapp, October 2012[/quote]He took over QPR at the end of November...
  12. [quote user="ellis206"]Find it strange how some think Lambert would have done a better job.   He inherited a squad at Villa which cost just short of 200m, spent a further 30m and still finished below us. Yet he would have done a better job than Hughton? Despite NOT doing a better job than Hughton in a team with higher value?   Makes sense..... [/quote]And how many of those expensive original players did he play at Villa? They were all in the reserves or the bench as it''s clear they wanted to reshape the squad from top to bottom. On the side note, I wonder if we would have Benteke if Lambo stayed?
  13. It''s a blow, but think Lambert could do a lot with £25/£30million that would make Villa an overall better team.
  14. [quote user="Houston Canary"]Who says he''s gonna be their #2? If he is, then he''ll be in for a new contract. Next thing you know ol'' Jed''s a millionaire. HAH! Did we ever come up with a song for him? In retrospect, maybe something based on a Tears for Steers, like Shout.[/quote]Says this on Villa''s official site [quote]He will also add Norwich City goalkeeper Jed Steer, 20, who becomes a free agent on July 1, to a firmament of four including Brad Guzan, Shay Given and Benji Siegrist."Bringing in Jed will also add to the goalkeeping department and helps with everyone pushing one another, learning from one another and making everyone better and wanting to improve.  "You want competition for places throughout the team, which is something we didn''t have last season." [/quote]Presuming Shay is off, then Jef will be second choice at Villa along with their other young keeper Siegrist.
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