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  1. Not Heskey i dont think he will be competeing in the top goalscores at the club if he came i feel a new CB is a priority Wes Morgan (Forest) Ian Evatt (B''pool)Jack Hobbs (Leicster)James thomkins (west ham united)We need a cover right back who will provide competition as wellSam Ricketts (Bolton)A new left back (adam is gettin old unfortunatley)Steven Hammel (Motherwell)MacNamee replacementBennet (Brighton)StrikerDanny Graham (watford)Carlton cole (west ham)Gary Hooper (Celtic)Shane long (reading)Welliton (spartak moscow) (Very unrealistic)
  2. I knew this would be brought up but is it relevant dose it matter what people think of us and its his job to judge the situation we were in and anyone outside Norwich would consider us to go down
  3. The Doc got way to much stick from some Norwich supporters what was very unfair and i wish him luck at charlton but unforutunatley powell has turned out to be a very inafective manager there
  4. [quote user="Viva_Marc_Libbra"]You can clearly see what the thread is about- don''t read it if you aren''t interested in the topic. Instead of moaning and a repeat of threads you''re just repeating the moaning in multiple threads. It''d be good to look further afield, but it''s a gamble. As said before, it didn''t work last time, but Worthy only looked for big names really, not Premiership quality, or ones for the future. Some of the best signings are the cheap ones who peform above expectations (Can''t think of many off top of my head). However I''d expect Lambert (IF PROMOTED) to sign players from England or with proven class in English leagues previously. We aren''t like United, where we can gamble on players- eg:- The twins, Macheda, etc etc. They don''t always come off, but to them £3/4 million is nothing, but for Norwich, any player brought in for anything over £500k will be expected to play first team football and challenge for positions. We just don''t have the luxury of being able to gamble on unproven talent at the highest level.[/quote]I have to agree with you there look at the players who PL has brought into our club this season are mainly brought for around £400k at the most. Besides looking at his signings since he has been here he hasent decided to gamble on a premier league player (maybe surman) he has looked down the divisions and you will have to look at the costs to send our scouts over euorpe and the other continents in the world and as you pointed out we havent got these reasources yet
  5. Lambert wont go to everton1. I dont see Moyes leaving where will he go they say probably aston villa but yet they still need to decide on Houlier and his future2. there is a rason why Beckford and Distan have been their big buy players as they are dirt poor Lamberts got both a board and supporters who back him 100% and everton may be a bigger club but Moyes wants out as there''s no money at everton I don''t see any employed manager possibly replaceing him
  6. Billy Davies wins it for me a few forest suppoters i know blame their unsucsessful attempt in the playoffs last season down the the board not supporting him and he has done so through the entier campaing this season. it is funny considering they have spent between £ 7-10 million over the last two seasons
  7. The bookies have got alot of bets on cardiff so the odds will be a closer ratio incase if they finish second
  8. they have a 30,000 seater stadium and they average around 19,000 people what is pathetic support for a club with premiership ambitions their attendances were odd in the Carling cup competition as well they managed to get 10,000 to see west brom but sold out against Arsenal. if we or a club of simular size or stature played premier league clubs then it would be a sellout.It shows that there support is weak and they cant use the excuses like there is a bigger club near our area (yet) or why should i be watching an underachiving team. it just emthisizes Norwich are a bigger club and have alot more potential then them simpliy becuase we still sold out when were in the bottom 3 and in a lower standard of football. it shows alot about your club when Wigan Athletic can average a better attendance than you
  9. Ipswich 0-5 Norwich we will take revenge on that nightmare day at portman road unforutunatley there will be no scum there to watch it and IpswichCrazy will make another dumb video about Norwich
  10. John Carew could be shipped out from villa some everton players will have to be sold but we will probably have to "break the bank" so to say to get some and im thinking of Hugo rodallega or N''Zogbia if wigan get relegated but will cost a fair slice of the bugetAs a potentialy good player (up front) Dale Jennings of tranmere under 20 years and dose look a decent talaent (but he wont leave cheaply)
  11. He is a very odd pundit to say the least but i think it is funny how he changes his mind over 2 weeks saying Norwich are favorites and changes his mind to cardiff reading the league table and using it as the way the season is going to shape at the end is stupid
  12. Jose Baxter from Everton he is fairly decent for a striker
  13. There is a long way to go we shouldent worry yet Forests games in hand are yet to be played
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