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  1. Kojak

    πŸ’” EU

    Oh shut up you moron
  2. Kojak

    πŸ’” EU

    Exactly. You know who you are !
  3. Kojak

    πŸ’” EU

    Well put. Moron brexiteers
  4. Sergio Canos. Could get him for a few million quid. Definitely worth it. Alex Neil was stupid to Let him go.
  5. We won’t win without Emi this season imo so nothing decided Friday.
  6. Yep a few mill. Plus he obviously has a phat pad in London :) he is sponsored by BMW.
  7. Jake is one of my best mates. He has earnt enough and is having a baby so wants to be in the uk more! Could go to sky if he wanted ! Is actually going to buy a place in Norfolk soon too... For a few million ! Lucky git... And he was never really into sport at Hewett! Still same old jake though ! :)
  8. Jake is One of my best mates from School. Went to Hewett with him and he is a big Norwich supporter. Seeing him next week at the Olympics. He has got the best job ever though. Lucky bugger. Will see if he posts on here.
  9. How good was that!!! Proud to be British !!
  10.   Must go to Euros!! http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/holt-named-best-value-striker-premier-league-145241911.html .................but Norwich''s Grant Holt has been named the undisputed best value striker in the Premier League. Holt found the net 15 times in the Premier League this season, with each of those strikes costing the Canaries just Β£26,667, according to research by football stats specialists Opta. By contrast, Rooney''s 27 goals cost a whopping Β£981,481 apiece - that''s 35 times ''worse'' value than Holt, according to the study, which related goals this season to transfer fees.
  11. Mine went down just before pen! Typical!
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