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  1. [quote user="I am a Banana"]Depending on what Holt and Santos both said they did/didnt deserve yellow cards! [/quote] Were you a banana in the 70''s ?
  2. [quote user="Maidstone Canary"]We would love to be at the game on Wednesday especially as it is nigh impossible to get tickets for league games. But being disabled and 150 miles away, we cannot do the trip in a day so add in hotel bills, meals and fuel etc we are talking crazy money to watch 90 minutes of football. So we are resigned to watching updates on Twitter etc.[/quote] With you there Maidstone. We live on the south coast and we can''t tickets for love nor money. It''s a shame that the hat trick scheme of the 2004/05 season couldn''t have been operated again for fans like us. Funny how we were able to get tickets for League one matches home and away but now we can''t get any !
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention that OP''s title of this thread is unpleasant, unconstructive and unnecessary. Idiot. (I think this is the accepted sign-off to posts on here !)
  4. [quote user="Ncfc"]Not getting in a striker was criminal but we decided to put all our eggs in the Holt basket , At the very best Holt was never ever going to have another season like last year at worst well you are seeing that now . Holt, Morison,Jackson and Martin as a Premiership strikeforce and all we add in the summer is Kane , if we go down we cannot grumble at all . [/quote] Yes, interesting to recall that when we were last promoted we failed to make Crouch a permanent signing, a striker who after all these years still fails to get the recognition he deserves. We brought In Ashton in the January but of course it transpired that was too later. So, will history repeat itself I wonder ? Will our failure to bring in a good striker prove to be our downfall again ? That having been said, I do feel that it is too early to dismiss HK although and, of course, our defence now is proving already to be a very different proposition from 2004/5 and indeed last year.
  5. ------Jackson wasn''t actually that wonderful either... He had a couple of shots, one pretty good one. Was offside about 5 times, what else did he do?>Stretched the defence allowing Snodgrass and Surman to cut inside and played off the shoulders of the CBs making sure they couldn''t relax. Yeah I guess he didn''t do a lot. Idiot.----- You gave your opinion so there was no need to end with "idiot", idiot. (these bloody non-matching quotes get on my flipping nerves)
  6. [quote user="Gingerpele"]No, you bumped it because you got something right, for once. And if you really care that there is a second thread your a very very strange person, but then we already knew that...[/quote] why is Paul Moy very, very strange and not just very strange or just strange or even very, very, very strange ? A strange post.
  7. [quote user="ncfcstar"][quote user="Jonzey"]Well he''s talking s*it as Kakuta is at West Brom on loan, already played twice[/quote]Er...that''s Lakaku not Kakuta.Time to apologise I think Jonzey.[/quote] He already did.
  8. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]Don''t care![/quote] Good for you. 1HP for you.
  9. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]Sorry , but that is something I cannot understand...what the f%£k is hughton doing...? Can anybody explain why we are offloading Vaughan please?[/quote] Blimey, I would have thought that was obvious.
  10. [quote user="baldyboy"]why not happy Wiz? hes a crock!!! for someone who has been playing football for just over 10 years to only have clocked up just over a 100 appearances says it all!!! He played 6 times last season after joining us!!! He should never have been signed, possibly Lamberts worst signing IMO!!![/quote] Fully agree with this. I thought this was a ridiculous signing at the time. God knows what Lambert was thinking.
  11. My understanding is that it is a one year loan and my opinion is that the priority for clubs in the Premiership this year is to avoid relegation because the financial rewards will be so much greater next year. On that basis and the abysmal defensive display by QPR last Saturday the one year loan signing of such a high calibre and experienced, if ageing, defender seems pretty good business to me.
  12. Could be a panic signing by QPR following their own 5-0 defeat but at 34 he will bring both quality (at the highest level) and maturity to a back four that must be reeling after Saturday. Which is why I would hope that the loan deal is not completed before Saturday.
  13. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]Dawson, good signing, but silly money. Carvalho at 34 not so sure tbh[/quote] IMO a one year loan of a solid, quality, highly experienced mature defender is good business by QPR - their objective this year, like everybody else''s, is to stay in the premiership for obvious reasons.
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