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  1. Yeah because all Norwich players and staff are whiter than white. Some of you are talking like we''re about to appoint Hitler.
  2. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]I wouldn''t say a striker who holds the ball up is ''old fashioned''. Lewandoski is a prime example of a striker who puts his foot on the ball to bring others into the game - and Bayern certainly aren''t playing a retro style. Many teams who base their game on possession need a striker who can drop deep to link attack to midfield. AN has tried to play possession football consistently whilst at Norwich, so I would think that is exactly the type of striker he wants. A big guy to hit long balls to for flick ons is probably more old fashioned, but still key to many teams. Lukaku is a great example of a modern striker - big and strong so he can win aerially or hold onto the ball, but also with excellent pace over 5 - 10 yards. Jerome is very quick, certainly quicker than many give him credit for and he showed this against Man U for his first goal.[/quote] "I wouldn''t say a striker who holds the ball up is ''old fashioned''." - Neither would I. It needs to be part of most strikers game but a modern day lone striker needs a lot more to their game than just that.
  3. A striker with pace. I mean proper threat in behind pace. We''re seriously lacking in pace throughout the side but a striker who can play on the shoulder of the central defender would give us a threat on the counter attack. The way we play, or the way AN wants to play, means we don''t really need a striker to hold the ball up. It''s almost old fashioned in modern top level football for a striker to play with their back to goal in a Grant Holt style. If we need that option later in a game to take the pressure off the defence then Mbokani can do that job.
  4. Why is he not an AN type player? He''s young, very quick, can play as a lone striker well and scores goals. He would offer something completely different to Jerome and Mbokani because he is very direct and will run in behind centre backs. If he''d come here then personally I''d prefer him to Gayle or Afobe.
  5. I second what Herman said. Sounds almost libellous to me. You can''t hide behind an Internet persona there.
  6. Hmmm yeah to be honest a YouTube goals compilation could make me look like a world class striker.
  7. We seem to be after two forward players from the players we have been linked with and rumoured to have submitted offers for. One in the Walters/Murray mould and an out and out goal scorer ie Afobe/Gayle. I have not seen anything of Mbokani so where does he fit in? Will it end our interest in Walters/Afobe?
  8. Nkoulou would be a great signing if we can pull that off. Michy Batshuayi (pronounced Bat-Shoe-Eye) however would be on another level altogether. This kid is the real deal and we would probably end up selling him on for a fortune eg. Bony at Swansea (who Batshuayi is in the mould of)
  9. The bid was 4 million up front with 6 million if we win the champions league, then the rest dependant on us staying up, goals and England appearances.
  10. Erm have you lot not seen that other thread? We''re signing Charlie Austin today or tomorrow......
  11. Football manager? Completed it mate. I won the Champions League with Woking in six seasons. I then got offered a role in the England set up. Stuff like that doesn''t go unnoticed.
  12. A mate of mine, who is genuinely in the know with all things Boro, said before the playoff final that if Boro didn''t go up Tomlin was off to Bournmouth. I''m not sure that it''s a position we need to strengthen as a priority with Wes, Andreu, VOO and Howson able to play in that role.
  13. What about Joel Campbell? Available for about 7m with Palermo struggling to meet the fee.
  14. United are in the market for a CB so who knows?
  15. Interestingly out of the current top ten, six still have to come to Carrow Road. Four of these teams are currently in the top five. We only have to go away to Watford and Blackburn of teams currently in the top ten. We currently sit 7 points off of the automatic promotion places with a game in hand. Victory on Saturday puts us in the top six and only 4 points off of Middlesbrough in second place.
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