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  1. I know 600 go on sale tomorrow but if ANYONE knows of two spare please text or phone me on 07733268642 please. My Brother was let down badly Many Thanks
  2. Thank You LEEFY, much appreciated. Good luck to you guys in the future too
  3. Yeah have looked at that, £75 cheapest, I did say little more and buy drinks. Maybe £35 ish Here''s hoping. Have had one nice guy text me with a glimmer of hope. Fingers crossed Chris
  4. Not sure what the Binner end refers too but take it yr taking the "P". I only come on here for genuine reasons.
  5. Again, and not surprisingly all tickets sold out. If anyone can help and has a ticket that isn''t going to be used I would really be grateful. Willing to put a little more that ticket price too. Text or call would be brilliant 07733268642 Chris
  6. Thanks again for update all, Priority membership is available at £20 which makes the ticket more expensive especially with travel from Lowestoft or Ely depending where I am. Bit skint at mo as recently separated form wife. I hope and wait in anticipation
  7. No Worries King, Thanks for the post and help anyway Chris
  8. Fenway, I cannot see why I should get stick for simply wanting to go to a game. If you don''t ask you don''t get.
  9. Hi All Since moving to Ely in the last few months I have managed to get to 5 home games which has been fantastic. Although a member I am not a priority member and therefore can''t try to get one till this Friday. I was wondering if anyone knows of a spare ticket for the Fulham game I could purchase. At the moment the only chance I got is to ring up on Friday when I fear none will be left. I PLEAD, if anyone knows of a spare ticket could they either text me on 07733268642 or email cchapman@iforcegroup.com Here''s begging you Chris
  10. Wow many thanks. Went on trainline and that was £18 return. Is your quote based on a rail card. Appreciate your advice
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