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  1. Yes and in 2027 it will still be all of those versus Delia Smiths little old Norwich! Run by nephew Tom in L2
  2. agreed. I also felt it was an interview for a team placed 18th who haven’t quite got in gear and not really an adequate one for a team whose record is as turgid as ours.
  3. In a nutshell - boo the fans, stop moaning, get behind us. Yes we have been poor but so what? It is not enough enough for Daniel to be under any pressure. We had a go in the summer - we still think our players are good enough- and that it isn’t working is just bad luck.
  4. Despite his work rate I just don’t see the point of Sargent. A forward who doesn’t actually score goals - what is he for then? …might as well drop that and play a 10 who might at least put Pukki in…
  5. There are lots of players not playing who ought to be playing- Cantwell the obvious and most widely discussed. Then we have Tzolis who looked exciting and creative but was dropped for no reason. But what of Dowell? At the end of last season he was getting better and better- a run of games was just what he needed. He was making goals - then nothing. Probably due to reversion to negative tactics- but so bewildering. Surely we should at least try playing the system that got us up and for which most of the players were purchased?
  6. Sargent the worst signing in terms of bang for buck in my book- works hard, nice chap but doesn’t look like scoring in a hundred years
  7. Ha- risky as football can change quickly, tell you what I will take you up on the points but not the goals.
  8. A bad result? 2 points and 3 goals out of a possible 57 points in this division…no wins, etc more than one result chump.
  9. They clearly want to keep him. It’s why they won’t come out and say anything - the minute they do he has the infamous vote of confidence. Heads down to buy him time
  10. Why is there a question mark over McClean? We learnt last time that he is far too lightweight for this division and can’t cut it. No surprise for me there
  11. And twice the goals. Make no mistake the second half of the season is always tougher in this league. Without wanting to make a bad situation even bleaker…
  12. People claiming we can’t do better than Farke need to explain how we could do any worse? honestly look at his record in this division, it absolutely stinks. Worse than almost any other manager you care to mention. At present we are even worse than that infamous Derby team at this stage of the season. Keep that going and literally ANY manager will be an improvement in terms of record!
  13. Lakey - you argue better then devil we know. But I really wonder..what if, in truth, our owners are not actually that good? the club sometimes reminds me of a communist country/ brilliant PR but not much actual growth! The reality is we are one of the best supported sides in the country with massive potential to be an established premiership side but held back by impoverished ownership style that belongs to the 1990s not the current day. I think it needs a change - and I don’t think Farke is- as you suggest- the only option, his record at this level absolutely stinks.
  14. Only we haven’t been as ambitious as you pretend. We were unwilling to offer enough to keep our best player here- unwilling to push the boat out for Ajer. What we spent needs setting against the sale of our best player and the miserly way we went about last promotion - eg we had money due to lack of ambition over last few seasons and finally what we have signed is cheap for this division- £10 million tops with championship wages etc… Sargent an example of expensive for us but dross for the level we are at Crooks makes a valid point and the proof is in black and white in the league table
  15. It’s a combination of them all but 4 is the root cause of all the others. For example the buying wasn’t good in terms of making us competitive - but it was probably amazing given the wage constraints caused by 4. The coaching is off this year - but that panic and negativity stems from trying to keep a team up that is massively deficient in midfield due to lack of budget again. And so on and so forth, Bottom line- when working to a reasonable budget - eg in championship- we have seen that Farke and Webber are talented. When pushed to war without a gun as happens when promoted- they are made to look like fools
  16. Our current record is even worse than Derbys was at the same stage in the worst ever premiership record in history. Let that sink in.
  17. What about Roy Hodgson just till the end of the season?
  18. He needs to go- I say that with heavy heart as I really like him- for the following reasons 1. The players are not busting a gut for him. 2. he lost his nerve and abandoned his formation and is getting ever more negative 3. Bizarre selections. he is leaving talent out - Tzolis, Rashica, Dowell, Cantwell should not be on the bench of a team crying out for attacking options. He keeps playing Rupp 4. Everyone knows he has taken us as far as he is able. That nobody thinks he can take us further is reason enough 5. his premiership record stinks. Absolutely stinks. No other club would put up with it
  19. Losing a dressing room isn’t always about bad blood. Sometimes belief and respect go even though the players like the guy in charge. This, sadly, is what I think we have at Norwich.
  20. It’s the wages I feel not the fees that hold us back
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