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  1. Which is great. But it tends to be the older players getting comfy rather than the young hungry players chasing the top. And, sometimes, this shows on the pitch. Not this season or last to be fair- but we can all remember seasons where teams were a little too comfortable and settled in terms of hunger...
  2. Dean Coneys boots

    Model / Plan

    I think the board recognise their limitations and the truth is that money talks in modern football. Forget top 26 the reality is a desire to get as high as possible without a change of ownership. As recent seasons have shown the current budget and wage structure makes us a top half Championship side. We buy cheap, invest in youth and then sell high. When over-achieving on the budget in place (best case scenario) we get promoted to the top flight. When under-achieving on the budget in place (worst case scenario) we fall into the third tier but with enough money to come back strong. When neither over or under achieving we will be mid to top half championship side. If the club wishes to progress. (And last summer's transfer business suggests the board do not) then funds have to be found to push onto premiership level. This does not only mean hefty transfer budget but a doubling if not tripling of wages. And here is where we come unstuck. This year we just didn't bother- wise if the plan is to remain static as we are well placed next season. Hopeless if the aim was to take advantage of promotion. Nevertheless a much better strategy than the stupid decision (in the Naismith era) to go for a middle ground and hope to pay almost enough for not quite good enough players. This nearly bankrupted the club. How then to press on. The answer becomes obvious. It needs a change of ownership or a massive new revenue stream. I dont see that happening under the present owners who took over a club in a national era but now find themselves poor in a global market. Some fans are perfectly happy with this. Fair play but the risk is that other clubs do progress and we slide into lower champ territory or league one. What exactly does nephew Tom bring to the party? Others feel the time is ripe to take a risk and find new owners. Also risky. But the one reality in life is that nothing stays the same. At the moment I am enjoying the team and manager. I really want to see us build on them. But I fear the budget means the team will soon be dismantled and proceeds used to try and go again...the dice will be rolled. And on we go...
  3. Dean Coneys boots

    One team makes tactical subs

    give over. That was a great performance against the best side in the country!!
  4. Dean Coneys boots

    💔 EU

    i find all the strong feelings- for or against- towards membership of a largely economic and political union frankly baffling. England isn't leaving Europe, most of our lives wont change at all. A lot of nonsense all round stoked by media and ignorance.
  5. Dean Coneys boots

    Amadou off?

    It is also possible he is not easy to get on with, fed up, etc am sure chemistry comes into it too
  6. Dean Coneys boots

    Amadou off?

    Fair enough. I guess it would have been more accurate to say; the current board/vision will satisfy those fans content with being a second tier side. However it must frustrate those who feel we ought to be pushing to be an established prem side. Because our transfer business on recent promotions has been woeful and means we have looked a gift horse repeatedly in the mouth Either too little too late, or overly expensive and past it or else no improvement to what we have.
  7. Dean Coneys boots

    Amadou off?

    It is a signing that only highlights that this club, under the present board, cannot afford to compete in the Premiership. Forget top 16- our budget is championship all the way. Whenever we go up we are consigned to shopping in the budget basket and therefore struggle. Last time we foolishly purchased expensive has-beens. We were wiser this time to keep the spend down and go for finger crossed loans. But either way it shows that the fans are let down every time we go up because the resources are not there, or else not used, to maintain top flight status.
  8. Dean Coneys boots

    Amadou off?

    I wonder if we had to purchase him if he played x many games? would explain his sudden move out of the limelight and quick end to the loan
  9. Dean Coneys boots

    We've divorced Husband...

    Srbeny was a decent signing given he was always meant to be backup. He got on with the job, built a slight cult following, scored, never looked lazy when played and can't be faulted for wanting to sign for a team where he is in contention. Wasn't his fault Pukki found such form. Husband on the other hand was always woefully short of talent for this level, I remember him being turned inside out at Fulham. He has found his level. Good luck to him.
  10. Dean Coneys boots

    Turning on Farke

    It is sad to see people starting to turn on Farke. It really is not his fault that the board have not backed him. And, in truth, he has worked miracles given the utter shambles he started with. Short memories from some- not so long ago we were staring another possible league one return in the face. The bottom line is that Alex Ferguson would struggle to have done much better with the squad we have, the lack of experience and a spend of peanuts in the summer. The truth is that our squad, even when promoted, comprised some league 1 standard players (Heise, Srbeny, etc) - many mid champ level (Hanley, Trybull, Leitner, Zimmo) some top champ (Onel, Lewis, Vrancic, etc) and almost no prem quality (Pukki on form- er that is it) Yes in that group are also some young lads with value due to future potential- but as of now- the table speaks volumes. Lots of effort but too few points. Again not Farke's fault. Lay your anger at the feet of the board- or else buy into the idea that this is all part of a genius plan and be happy. But Farke, for my money, is not to blame. Would be gutted to see him made the scapegoat.
  11. Daniel Farke has stated we are not interested in bringing a CB or a Striker. Paddy D reports on twitter that this is because he doesn't think we need them!! I find this worrying. I like DF, he is an excellent young manager/coach, but is he sliding into Alex Neil territory by showing far too much loyalty to the current players? Have we overhyped the young talent- Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis et al.... who despite undoubted skill and potential, especially going forward, have yet to show they can actually defend at this level. Are we really going to sell them all for £40 million as many suggest or, in hindsight, will one go on to a great career and others not so much? Are our spectacles a little green and yellow? Or do they just need more time? If so it is unlikely to be here... Have we also shown too much loyalty to Champ standard players like Hanley, Stieperman, Zimmo, instead of replacing them? I ask because when DF defends not getting a CB by saying 'Amadou's best games have been at CB' I want to pull hair out. Maybe they have- but they still haven't been good enough for this level!! Surely the goals against column speaks loudest about our need for reinforcements at the back.
  12. Dean Coneys boots

    Ben Marshall

    It isn't a joke https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2020/01/20/former-wolves-man-ben-marshall-signs-for-12th-tier-side/ but all sorts of possibilities as to why. Perhaps he just wants to enjoy social football? Perhaps he hasn't been well mentally or physically? He might want to get a job outside of football? He might loath training. Good for him if it is what he wants. But a strange one certainly - given his age and undoubted quality which is far above the 12 tier. Unless of course, which seems likely, it is a publicity stunt...or a joke with his mates.
  13. Dean Coneys boots

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Fabulous three points - come on you yellows
  14. Dean Coneys boots

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    We will dominate for sixty minutes but fail to advance on a 1-0 lead and then they will get an equaliser followed by a jammy VAR winner.
  15. Dean Coneys boots

    Lucas Biglia

    Would be Naismith #2 - a player at very end of career seeking final pay check with nothing to prove. No thanks
  16. Dean Coneys boots

    Why we will be relegated

    In the premiership defence is more important than attack. Unless you are top six you have to shut up shop and only then work on scoring goals - boring but true. And hence why so many bottom sides play negative football. We, on the other hand, opted to play open attacking football and - even more naively- failed to upgrade an already leaky defence. Because of that we are where we are. bottom line is that our individual players are better than our overall team, especially in terms of shutting up shop. In this division a team that cannot keep clean sheets will always be relegated
  17. Dean Coneys boots

    Lukas Rupp

    Hasn’t played since early November so fitness might be an issue
  18. Dean Coneys boots

    Lukas Rupp

    Football manager suggests a player worth around 5 million who is championship standard. How accurate that is - anyone’s guess!! He seems to be a central midfielder who can play wide right as well
  19. Dean Coneys boots

    Lukas Rupp

    Might be physicality is what the coaching team are signing - but proof will be in pudding. We certainly need it having looked lightweight in the middle
  20. Dean Coneys boots

    Why we will be relegated

    Actually Hootun kept us up. Boring certainly but it worked. I also think we might have stayed up if we hadn't sacked him. Again boringly. But maybe we needed three or four tedious seasons to establish and then begin to work out how to attack via better investment.
  21. Dean Coneys boots

    Duda signed

    Strikes me as a waste of resources. We have fluffed our lines and barring a miracle are down. We need defenders and permanent contracts not a six month loan for an attacking midfielder
  22. Dean Coneys boots

    The Great Escape mini-league

    It’s over. Anyone can see that. The worst points haul at this stage of all our premier seasons. Some good incidual players and raw talent but not enough physicality or quality to compete. Every impartial fan says the same - we don’t deserve to be doing better given the refusal to spend on promotion. And don’t give me VAR - the table is nit lying. We are bottom for a reason and will be doing down. Which makes spending money on a midfield six month loan rather inexplicable. We should be signing players for the future ahead of the likely exodus
  23. Dean Coneys boots

    Farke getting off lightly

    I think most reasonable people can see that poor Farke has been hung out to dry. Would you criticise Lewis Hamilton for failing to do well if he was given a cheap hatchback to race in?
  24. Dean Coneys boots

    Bounce straight back up?

    Yes I can see us going down, losing out to other teams for top players and then overspending in others and then just missing out. We have been there before and don’t tend to do well when we fancy ourselves
  25. Dean Coneys boots

    Paradox in defence

    Here is something that has me scratching my head. Taken individually 3/4 of our defence are very highly respected and said to be worth millions - Godfrey, Aarons and Lewis. And yet collectively our defence has been poor last season as well as this. 1. Are they over rated? 2. Are they too young to play together at same time? 3. Are they struggling to defend due to tactics played? 4 Are they better attacking than defending? 5. Are they let down by midfield? 6. Do they just lack experience?