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  1. There has been improvement- but my goodness given the parachute money and promotion earnings there jolly well should be. I remember moaning about Husband and the usual suspects assuring me he just needed time. 12 months later he was in L1. So it was needed. So yes SOME progress. But let us compare it with Palace or Soton or Burnley or innumerable other clubs who having gone up seem to have made a much better fist of it. That is the ultimate comparison. And this season- having been assured by the board lessons had been learnt and we would see real ambition- we are looking poor. Very poor and toothless. And worryingly the players we have signed to replace the MASSIVE hole left by Skipp and Buendia are both only loans- so temporary fixes who wont stick around when we inevitably drop barring some miracle. Then we are almost back at stage one....cos I bet Aarons will go too and Todd etc... Could be in a right spot. But hey... clap, clap, clap, its been a tough preseason, covid, more excuses, give it time, this is a long term project yada yada
  2. If they really wanted Norwich - yes. But if they were looking to buy any team with a reasonable fan base etc…we would miss out to, say, a Newcastle etc…
  3. I think the attitude has changed because the club have been very savvy with PR and sold entering a Ferrari race in a mini metro as being noble and clever. Self sustaining sounds virtuous in a world of shady owners. But go ask any Newcastle fan who would swap places tomorrow and I guarantee you won’t get takers. That is the problem with idealism in a fallen world..the good guys rarely win.
  4. Excellent post. In essence then it might be that the real pant wetters are the clappers - because they are resigned to being second tier and not competitive at this level and don’t much care about relegation. Whereas the wetters are actually the positive clappers- because they can seen the potential to push on another level and feel we are being held back unnecessarily. Interesting…
  5. The problem comes when you are only good enough to attack or defend and not both together…as that is looking like the case we have a serious issue. Why? Because we spent on upgrading an attack that we now have no space for and cannot utilise and are sticking to a defence which is arguably no better than before
  6. I was asking when the positive percys begin to question. Perhaps it is never - you can just stick your head in the sand instead. Attack the poster instead of answer the questions
  7. I agree. We can’t do wrong from right. Hence criticisms of a board that look increasingly out of date and unable to move the club forward. National 90s millionaire leadership in an era of global billionaire football
  8. Fair point lakey- I guess I’m struggling to see the balance though. We are dead certs for the drop at present- which means we will probably lose the only two players who have made us better - Kabak and Normann- because they are only loans. We then look like we are back at stage one to me. The project which we all got behind will manifestly have failed us.
  9. Think you will find I made ONE solitary post where, buoyed by the signings of Kabak and Normann, I felt more optimistic. They remain our best signings. But overall my message was that we needed a major physical upgrade and that we had focused on deepening the squad when we should have improved the XI. I was also extremely critical of the sale of Emi which, coupled with loss of Skipp, made it two steps back before we took one forward
  10. I’m not wanting to ask who is big enough on paper- I am questioning at what point of failure fans are allowed to criticise? Given that many on here are very aggressive if anyone dares do that despite the very bleak backdrop
  11. I think Normann was exactly what we needed- but can’t do it alone. I think our midfield with those 2 best players are still short when it comes to competing in this division. Look at the stats but that wasn’t my question
  12. Before we kicked a ball this season I stated my firm belief that we hadn’t learnt any lessons. Our midfield still lacked physicality, we were signing small young players with an eye on future sales rather than making a proper fist of it, and we lacked proven goal scorers beyond an ageing Pukki at this level. I was loudly attacked for being a moaner. fast forward and everything I predicted has come to pass. But instead of saying / fair enough you had a point / I STILL get attacked for being a moaner/negative!! So my question is - am I meant to cheer our worst ever start to a season and rejoice in it? Am I meant to delight in having spent a fortune on new players who don’t even get picked come October because they don’t fit the system we are playing. Or is there a point where criticism of the board is reasonable and, if so, when is that?
  13. With no goals away from home - and only one in open play at home, and with no wins in 8 games (many many more if you go back to previous prem campaign)…I just don’t get where those who think we will survive think the points are coming from??!
  14. Ok- so we all know we have had worst start to a season in our history. The million dollar question is will this define the season or will we suddenly discover form when it all clicks? Call it- how many points will we end the season on? i say 26
  15. If any of their chances had been scored we would have lost! If ifs and buts were candy and nuts…
  16. Sargent is cam jam reincarnated- lots of work, huge effort. But no end product
  17. This- we struck lucky with Pukki and Buendia- and in fairness have done well developing talent. But in terms of first team signings - Webber had an absolute stinker last Prem campaign and it’s looking like it’s all wrong this time too- overall a very poor return for the money spent. We are worse than we were last season having splashed cash
  18. I agree there were positives and real effort from the lads. I just don’t see anything yet that suggests we will be competitive this season. Forget the next win- the next goal feels almost as big now!
  19. The BBC write up suggests that if we can’t score against an under par Brighton we are heading only one way. It’s hard to disagree. We spurn chances when they come and don’t create enough when they don’t. It’s not pretty. 1 goal in open play is beyond poor - it’s embarrassing
  20. Why are so many picking Gilmour. He has looked too lightweight by far and every game he played we lost.
  21. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/80560007.pdf https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/usa.inquirer.net/15692/catholic-church-worlds-biggest-charitable-organization/am https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/do-the-right-thing/201808/separating-facts-about-clergy-abuse-fiction%3famp
  22. Totally this nutty. Whilst the Catholic Church has clearly dealt badly with abuse in the past, etc. - and the media delight in making that point loudly- it’s also the case that it is an organisation with 1.4 billion members and context is never given. We don’t hear, for example the good news, that the Catholic Church feeds, clothes, medicates, shelters and helps more people each day than any other organisation on earth. Nor do we hear that less than 2% of clergy have been credibly accused of abuse which- however awful- is actually slightly less than for teaching or care home workers. Not defending any of the sick abuses- but the reality is that few people cared well for kids in the 70s and 80’s etc and the perverts knew how to play naive leadership. Things are much better now - but that isn’t the narrative the haters want to hear
  23. But I thought there wasn’t any investment to be had????
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