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  1. OP needs an educating (or they''re still receiving one which is probably more likely) but someone needs to explain what is a fact and what is an opinion. As for hard facts well... HA HA
  2. ''win goals by more than one goal'' Now that really would be an achievement.
  3. I pointed out in another thread after 6 games Ashton was seen as the biggest waste of money for some people. They were the same people outraged over his departure too. These boards are a good source of amusement for anyone with a sense of perspective.
  4. ''...emerge as a waste of 8.5 Million pounds'' I would suggest that 6 games in, with 4 of our new signings adjusting to a league they have never experienced before, none of us a qualified as to which of them are a waste of money or not. They are not just adjusting to a new league but new countries, team mates and surroundings. This is not an excuse. This is a legitimate reason for allowing them a period of adjustment. I remember people saying the same thing about Ashton after 6 games. Those same people cried when he left. Too many short sighted and impatient fans are ruining this season for not just for others but for themselves too with their spoilt tantrums and ill judged opinions.
  5. Ah I see. Some posters are so important they need to start new threads to inform all of us (even if we don''t know who they are) that their opinion hasn''t even changed! God knows what happens when one these A-List posters has a change of opinion! I look forward to such an event.
  6. Increasingly desperate!??? Do me a favour.
  7. Grant Holt CAN believe its not butter
  8. Wow NCFC4LIFE That is brilliant! What an outstanding level of humour you have reached. You either have the IQ of a sheep or you are genius level. I''m still undecided. Of course you have to cut through all the jibber jabber to see it. In fact your last post is almost indecipherable, almost, which is what makes it so brilliant. Contratulations.
  9. If I am indeed a troll you would not insult me, not if you had any intelligence that is. This is due, in no small amount, to the fact that a troll cannot take offence as you are not insulting someone but a made up persona with no feelings. So what is it Mr Smarty Man? If I am a troll you are supporting a low IQ. Or you don''t really think I''m a troll - so you persist in your vitriol.
  10. That melancholy stage of the season huh? I have to agree.
  11. Thank you for your kind words. Clearly this conversation progressed beyond your capabilities to engage with me properly but I''ll ride your insults - they amuse me. Also judging by your post count compared to mine (whichever way you want to look at them). It is not me who has an overwhelming urge to have people to listen to what I say is it?
  12. Clearly you didn''t read my post you utter morons ha ha ha. ''The type of thread'' - ''The type of thread.''!!!!! Listen, I know it may be hard for your egos to take that people may not be interested in reading your posts but it clearly happens. This thread is proof.
  13. Have you considered that this might be the sort of thread where people read the opening post and then post their question without having to read through the rest of the dross people usually fill threads on this board with? I guess that is probably beyond the comprehension of the average board member.
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