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  1. This is the line I''ve (we''ve) been hearing a lot this season. I believe AN mentioned it when he came in as well. As time has passed the squad has gradually been found out, it''s made me wonder where this myth of strength ever eminated from. Was this "strength" based purely on names? Maybe it was more of an assumption because we have just been in the PL, but as we all know, having a squad in the PL does not mean that they are/were PL quality. I got to thinking about this after watching some of the performances by Championship teams over the weekend: Boro, Blackburn, Bolton etc...(there''s a weird B theme!) even Birmingham did relatively well against a revived WBA. I couldn''t imagine seeing a performance like that from our team against anyone this season, but why? For me it comes down to chemistry and fluidity, not just strength in depth, because ultimately strength in depth counts for nothing if the team don''t have chemistry and passion. Some of our closest rivals use a number of relatively unknown and off the radar players but seem to be playing with confidence (see Brentford for reference). Their chemistry is good, so I wonder where ours is falling down? I''d be interested to see what people''s views are. Perhaps you feel it''s actually a management/coaching issue, or maybe some feel that we really do have the best squad in the division. Our position in the table would seem to disagree unfortunately.
  2. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]Good shout on Chadwick but he didn''t have snodgrass''s nose[/quote] No, but he does have Luke Chadwick''s face.
  3. I can see the pro'' s and con''s. I guess I just really felt like having a go at them yesterday, haha!
  4. "The Scottish international revealed that Chris Hughton didn’t read the riot act immediately after the final whistle following the Canaries’ 7-0 capitulation at Manchester City yesterday. But the right-back insisted there was no need as he and his team-mates struggled to come to terms with one of the Carrow Road outfit’s worst defeats of all time – and because they knew they would be sifting through the wreckage of their horror show at training today." After reading this, I couldn''t help but feeling a bit gobsmacked. Russ goes on to say that there would have been no point. I disagree wholeheartedly. There is every point! If you know you''re not going to get a dressing down after a 7-0 drubbing, what incentive I there to improve? In tandem with the result, this has left me with a hugely bitter taste in my mouth. Does anyone else feel the same way, or am I perhaps being a bit over sensitive due to the circumstances?
  5. Let''s face it, right now there is a horrible dark cloud over the whole of Norwich City Football Club. Russell Martin has said after the match today that the players are "embarrassed". Well, you''re not the only ones, Russ. I don''t like to play the blame game too much. I think it encourages the wrong kind of behaviour and only leads to dead end conversations. Evidenced by several comments on this board. I do however like to try and take a step back every now and again, in order to take stock of everything. The situation we find ourselves in is a very unfamiliar one. Unfamiliar for the players, the fans and the staff. Whilst we haven''t been pulling up trees in the Premiership over the past 3 seasons we also haven''t been rolling over game after game. You could argue that this is our worst patch of form in years. Unfortunately, this means we may not be well versed in how to deal with the position we find ourselves in. There are many questions to be asked right now, and not many answers: Is Hughton the right man for us? Why are our players struggling to get motivated? What needs to happen to stop the rot? All I know is that for these questions to be answered, everyone needs to actually work as a team; instead of just focusing on individuals. This really means everyone. Firstly, the board need to understand the fans frustrations. We pay good money and have supported our club for years, and deserve a say. A refund for all travelling fans today would be a nice, dare I say essential touch. Secondly, the players and the staff need to work closer together and learn from the mistakes made. There are plenty, take your pick. Don''t keep pointing fingers. I''ve seen a bit of disharmony on the pitch between players recently and that is not acceptable. Stand up and take responsibility. Stop trying to shift the blame. Finally, the fans and the players need to help each other as much as possible. I know how frustrating things are right now, but we are there to show that we back the team. Opinions on personnel aside, we''re here to support the team and I firmly believe they need us as much as we need them. As for the players, now it''s time to stand up and be counted. You can either let your heads drop and hope something goes your way, or force the issue and give it everything. Don''t misinterpret the comments above as an attack on our club. It isn''t. I just wanted to get a slightly different point of view across. We''re all hurting right now, pulling together is by far our best solution at the minute,
  6. Seems as if RVW is the worst striker in the world right now and we have wasted a large portion of our budget on a flop. That''s what I''m seeing from a lot of views flying round right now. Let''s face it, The Barclays Premier a League is one of the easiest leagues to play in right now. Oh, hang on... There are no players or managers who find this league easy. Granted, some adapt quicker than others, but each to their own. With RVW being the main focus here, I fully believe that he needs to be supported more, and not picked apart after each game. People that know their stuff will know that with RVW we were never buying a striker that drops into midfield to win a ball, link up play and so forth. Instead we went for a striker that we have not been used to before. A very intelligent striker with top class movement, and a very good temperament. Quality service is still needed for the guy. Correct me if I''m wrong, but so far the season we have not been at our free flowing, creative best. It''s a huge ask to expect so much from him right now, and the price tag certainly doesn''t help. I fully believe that when we have a team that gels and has some confidence/form behind them, he will flourish. I guess in a way we are also spoiled by players like Fer and Redmond. In their positions they naturally see a lot of the ball and as a result we haven''t accused them of going missing. Yesterday could easily have been the catalyst for our season and a few players could really up their game from now. Let''s get behind the lad and see how he develops. To finish off, these two facts were given to me recently and I found them to be interesting: Thierry Henry - moved to Arsenal for 11 million - didn''t score in first 8 games. Dennis Bergkamp - "He struggled to adapt to the English game and failed to score in the club''s next six league matches, prompting ridicule by the national press"
  7. I enjoyed his interview with Sky Sports afterwards where he was asked if he pulled jones back, to which he replied "yeah, I did a little bit." Couldn''t help but enjoy his honesty!
  8. According to Twitter, Redmonds Twitter account, he picked up a knock in training. As a result he''s not involved today.
  9. Tying to sell my 2008 Renault Clio. Gumtree may not be a bad idea actually. I''ll give that a try today!
  10. Has anybody attempted to sell their car using Autotrader? I''ve had nothing but fraudulent email over the past 3 weeks and it''s beginning to irritate me! Are there any other websites that people could recommend? I''d advertise it here, but I''m not sure of the rules...
  11. My serious concern is now this: we get relegated with CH in charge - which is possible. We then stick with him in the Championship, a league which holds opposition such as Watford; a team beating us with consummate ease right now. I think you can see where I''m going with this.
  12. Instead of thinking of tactical moves to make over the next 30 minutes, I imagine CH will be thinking of the appropriate superlatives to use for Watford''s team, and ways to say "it just wasn''t our day."
  13. It''s irritating when a Championship team seem to be so much more clinical than us. Possession counts for nothing if it''s not used productively. The next goal absolutely has to come from us.
  14. [quote user="walks on water"][quote user="Farro"]His movement is class. I don''t buy into this whole "RVW is a waste of money" nonsense. Spoken from people who can''t read a game a football. My main concern is that he will soon become very disenchanted with life in Norwich and doubt the decision he made to come here. On the plus side, I can''t remember him saying that he came here due to the Hughton effect. So if CH does leave, it may not unsettle RVW too much.[/quote] [Y][/quote] Appreciate the thumbs up, from yourself as well, Sussex. Nice not to be slated for a comment, which is a bit of a risk every time you post in here! Back to the RVW topic, do people think he would be a striker that could benefit from playing with a target man by his side, benefitting from knock downs and flick ons? Or better off with an intelligent "number 10" behind him?
  15. His movement is class. I don''t buy into this whole "RVW is a waste of money" nonsense. Spoken from people who can''t read a game a football. My main concern is that he will soon become very disenchanted with life in Norwich and doubt the decision he made to come here. On the plus side, I can''t remember him saying that he came here due to the Hughton effect. So if CH does leave, it may not unsettle RVW too much.
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