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  1. A good read  and not a bad picture of Michael Bailey on the back cover. [;)]
  2. No way Jose, would probably disrupt the dressing room .
  3. He is already at a good Championship side and he loves it here, so he should stay.
  4. Carrying an injury after the Daggers match.
  5. [quote user="newyorkcanary"]Didn''t that idiot who came on the boards last year get involved with them?  The Yank who boasted about sitting in the owner''s box and all the investment he was bringing to them and that he could do the same to us? I forget his name on the boards but I remember it being an epic thread.  Joe Kosich.[/quote]
  6. He has turned up on our official squad list again, is this some techy thing to transfer the info to Brentfords site?BTW I do not think we have re-signed him! [:O]
  7. Makes you wonder how much research Archant and others do before running a story ?
  8. According to a Bournemouth fan posting on 606 he was at there friendly game yesterday versus Fulham sitting with the Bournemouth players not involved in the game.Looks like he will be joining  Bournemouth in some capacity.
  9. Or he could he be in the squad to play Norwich Utd tonight?
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