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  1. OZ....Albany, Western Australia. There''s 4 other Canaries I know of here, quite a surprise given the location.
  2. Glad to get this game out of the way early tbh but City to take the three points 1-3 with Turner, Johnson and Redmond.I wish all our supporters a great season ahead. OTBC
  3. I would like to be in this too, my name suggests I''m in Australia but I''m now in NZ but can paypal you if you send me details.If I''m gonna be labelled as plastic i may as well use it.
  4. I love hearing about how to run a football club properly and how to recognise talent.
  5. well looks like Turner not playing so 1-2 Johnson, Murphy
  6. Hughton is right, this not a must win ffs it''s game 9 of 38. Why on earth would he want to put pressure on his team? Everyone wants us to win but it''s just nowhere near a ''''must win'''' game.. ..but we will anyway.
  7. Gingerpele: you started off by intimating that Hughton was partially to blame for Hoolahan''s poor form then follow it up with... ''''Hoolahan started fading under Lambert and only had a few good performances last year.'''' Hughton is getting enough negativity already.
  8. Mister Chops...I''ll have some of that... Hear, hear
  9. I think we''d all love to see this come off because if it does, and it does have the potential, it would be both exciting and profitable. RVW is exceptional in the air and Hooper the predator it could be a match made in Canary heaven. Definitely worth trying for the money outlaid I would''ve thought.
  10. I''d like to see a return of the annual Home Internationals which were played with some passion unlike the pointless ''''friendlies'''' that are trotted out now which are as boring as bat shit.
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