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  1. Couldn't give a toss about Man City v Liverpool it's as boring as Celtic v Rangers
  2. Yes, off and can see it being worse than the 19-20 season
  3. Josh must be feeling terrible and embarrassed with nowhere to hide, i feel for him, his confidence must be really shattered. Does DS continue to play him now? He couldn't surely? Could be a long road back for Josh.
  4. Drmic in the post lockdown games was absolutely woeful, the worst performances I've seen wearing the shirt. not even half arsed.
  5. Yep we get every Prem game live in Australia and replays for $15 a month....top bargain!
  6. I went to school at Paston in late 60's and played against a West Ham schoolboys 11 who were on tour, we lost 8-0 but i was chuffed that i had our only shot on goal from the centre circle, it was as close to their goal as we got in the whole game! Often wonder who was in that West Ham team. Emigrated to Perth, Western Australia, in 1970 and played for Stirling City through the youth teams. My ambition was always to return to England and play for Norwich. Played in U-16s Cup Final in 1972 in front of a 15,000 crowd prior to the W.Australia V Wolves game and got to meet Hugh Curran who shook my hand and said I was the best player on the ground....highlight of my playing days! Was named as a sub for a Div 1 game in Perth as a 16yo and was given an envelope after the game with a $10 note in it, this was as close as i got to a pro career! Bad knee injury shortly afterwards that ended my ambitions to turn pro but I continued to play until i was 50 and some 6 surgical ops on my knee. Close but no cigar.
  7. Very impressed with the last 3 games at the fighting spirit shown. Saints and Wolves were both in decent runs of form and I was worried that we would lose both. We are improving and markedly, sooo...... Newcastle 2 Norwich 4
  8. I realise the gist now from the topic... but I'm still waiting to see Normann's long throws but i guess the lack of them has been due to his pelvic injury and not tactics. A great weapon to have i reckon.
  9. Love it and love my team, which is why i wont be quiet when one of our best players is vilified constantly.
  10. i despair at the utter crap that has been spewed on this totally bang out of order post by some so called ''fans''! Is there not an admin to delete this effing garbage which, lets face it, call it what it is.... BULLYING!!! Ffs some of you premature speculators need to have a good look in the mirror and give your head a good wobble!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE If you are reading Todd, it's not you that has the problem mate, its just a few recalcitrant P Ricks who are upset with their own miserable existence. Unbelievable!!!
  11. Cheers Mark, I for one am absolutely buzzing at Dean having a crack at putting this jigsaw together, something that Daniel seemed incapable of doing. I'm not expecting getting off to a flyer because he only has a week and wont have everyone at training for even that time, but I'm more positive now than I have been that he will ultimately prevail and get us to survival.
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