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  1. Still out of our league by quite some distance.
  2. Gary Doherty was well liked by many, despite the fact that he was awful. Finished in a lower position in the football league each year he was at the club.
  3. Absolutely nowhere near football league standard. Sorry, but its true.
  4. If every football club had a policy of "we wont sell any players until we''ve signed replacements" no footballers would ever be transferred. Stop messing your pants. Do you honestly think Holt would be sold if we weren''t absolutely certain that we could replace him, with any one of our targets.
  5. Doubt it, he moved to a new house in Fleggburgh a few months ago.
  6. Can somebody who will be 25 next month really be described as a prospect?
  7. "Yes, we should use his wealth of managerial experience to take us to the next level...oh wait, that''s right - he has ZERO experience as a manager, and could very well end up being the next Peter Grant rather than the new Alex Ferguson..." "What a ridiculous suggestion." Steve Clarke
  8. High maintenance manager. Hasn''t been the same without John Robertson.
  9. If there was an award for talking absolute dross..... What possible reason can any Norwich fan have for wanting Wigan to go above us?
  10. "Pricey, yes, we could bring Kamara back for the last two games and next season. " No, we couldnt. Also Re. Vaughan, you cannot recall players from season long loans and even if we could he cannot be registered outside of a registration window.
  11. Was speechless earlier in the week when so many people were answering "Hughton". Since sept/oct its been blindingly obvious to a section of the support that Hughton is simply not good enough. Only now does it seem that many people are agreeing.
  12. "I rate young Bennett more than most seem to but needs must and his time will come." Its not like he''s 18/19 and inexperienced. He''s 23, at what age do you become capable of playing at Stoke? Age has nothing to do with his ability to play against a physical team. He is more than capable.
  13. Anybody who has a problem with players running the clock down has clearly never played the game to any real level. Its just what you do. If you go for a third goal you will more than likely end up facing another attack from the opposing team. Keeping the ball in the corner deprives the opposition of the ball and keeps the ball at the opposite end of the pitch to where the want it to be. Cannot see how anyone would struggle to grasp this concept.
  14. Many people seem to forget that Bennett did a perfectly adequate job when Turner was injured in the autumn. Played at Everton, Southampton, and at home to Sunderland beside Bassong before his injury. It appears that both Turner and Bennett look like quality player when playing with Bassong, but equally suspect when Bassong is absent. Bassong is our best centre half by a large margin.
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