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  1. on this subject, its baffled me for a while, why we don''t see more use of "inverted full backs" to combat the "inverted winger",
  2. Yes, Gibbo, I do expect the ODD spanking, it goes with the territory, - the ODD SPANKING, not every single time we go to a big club. As for the accusation of peoples expectations? thats daft as far as I''m concerned, why expect low? Why? whats the point of competing if you don''t try to have belief and have a go and try to push on? Why accept scraping to survival? Whats the point?
  3. I don''t think you can accuse Becchio of "not wanting it". Far from it, his outburst, rightly or wrongly shows he wants it. I thought he did as well as he probably could in 10 minutes and I actually think he has a role to play. Also bear in mind, when youve had only a handful of minutes in almost a year you''re not going to be the sharpest when you do get the nod (another reason why he should get a little more game time) For me, Becchio is the perfect sub striker and should be used more, though not a starter necessarily. He''s a big unit that can hold the ball up which is a useful outlet if you''re either chasing the game or defending a one goal lead late on. Sometimes our lack of ability to win hold and retain the ball in the final third has been our downfall. That said, I thought Elmander had his best game for us yesterday. He doesn''t mind doing the dirty work which is great.
  4. They''ll be missed, no doubt, however, maybe this''ll be the catalyst to try something different? Maybe a fluid 4-3-3, of the beloved diamond? How about Ruddy Whittaker Bennett Turner Olsson Johnson howson Fer Hooper RVW Redmond
  5. careful. I once got labelled a "disgrace" for questioning the backroom staff
  6. I''m not being critical of peoples reasons but I am interested to know just why people think he''d be the correct choice. For me, he would most definitely be the wrong choice, due to his inexperience at the top level. I think we, as a club need to advance ourselves and stretch to get some real quality. Push to the next level of manager so to speak, rather than fish around in the same old pot. People will no doubt retort with "who do you suggest then?" Well, for me, there is only one name I want, and that''s Thomas Tuchel. The more I read about the guy, the more it excites me. Is it possible to get him? I don''t know but, this is the level we should be aspiring to. Ask yourselves this, if Michael Laudrup left Swansea tomorrow, would their fans be happy with a Malky style replacement? Of course they wouldn''t, and neither should we.
  7. Truly gutted reading about this. How about instead of a round of applause, a few of the older folk on here teach us the 6 foot 2 song and he gets a rousing rendition of that on Saturday to show support. Rounds of applause are for those that have passed away surely. Would be an amazing thing to hear and I''m sure he and his family would be appreciative and moved if HIS song was once again bellowed out around the place he loved. Just a thought
  8. Full back quality has long been a gripe of mine. I once read an interview in a magazine with Pele, who insisted that the key to a successful team is to have strong, effective full-backs. Looking at us, over the years, our most successful era included, Mark Bowen, and Ian Culverhouse - two of the best full backs I''ve ever seen at the club for sure, if not THE best.
  9. OP, when you said "announced tomorrow" were you aware of which side of midnight it was when you posted? As in, do we expect this to happen on Sunday or Monday? Also, how do you know? ha
  10. Snodgrass is a quality player, he is off form (along with many others) thats all. He''s made a big mistake with the penalty incident but he doesn''t deserve to be the new scapegoat, no way. The blame for the way we are playing isn''t Snodgrass'' fault, it lays squarely with a manger who decides to take off two offensive players - the only two that looked mildly capable of nicking a goal - whilst 1-0 down at home, because "he just felt that if we were going to score it was going to come from the right". Ridiculous!
  11. Be careful on this thread people. I once got labelled a "disgrace" for questioning our coaching staff. For the record, my stance hasn''t changed. I won''t hunt the current management team out, but I wouldn''t be at all unhappy if they left tomorrow. Quite simply I want to go to games to enjoy the entertainment, win, lose or draw, and for a little over a season, the enjoyment ffactor has been very, very thin on the ground. 
  12. My only issue yesterday was that I feel he called the sub tactically wrong. We were playing well in a system that works, when he took Elmander off I''d have preferred to see Becchio. Once Elmander went off we lost the ability to hold the ball in their half meaning we sank deeper and deeper. If he wanted the extra midfield man, in all hnesty I think I''d have preferred him to take both Elmander and RVW off for Becchio and Howson personally. The sub he made just invited pressure due to our lack of ability to hold the ball in their half.
  13. I reckon "Hoop there it is" every time, but only when he scores would be pretty cool
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