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  1. I liked this kit. I did not like the green striped kit!
  2. 97-99 Norwich City Home Shirt http://bit.ly/1b06lUX
  3. I don''t think it''d generally matter whether they''d performed or not. Teams around us and newly promoted sides will hover like vultures. Suspect Dutch teams to monitor the Dutch boys positions.
  4. When we get relegated, who do you think will leave? Ruddy a certainty. Snodgrass? RVW? Fer? Hooper? Pilks? Redmond? Howson?
  5. Agree with all if that but it''s not really early days in terms of Hughton''s reign. This has been our form from last December.
  6. Odd with all the new signings. Revenue from shirt sales with names and numbers is, I guess, a good source of income? I did notice Hooper was 28 which, from what I remember, was Bunn''s squad number last season. I take it he''s not bringing 88 with him?!
  7. I think Valencia have replaced Soldado with Postiga. With the current climate as it is in Spain, Clubs other than Barca and Madrid are cautious when it comes to splashing the cash. I think Valencia may just keep a sizeable part of the Soldado fee just for everyday running and players wages. Just a theory.
  8. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]McNally and Hughton are both in the States so I very much doubt any business will be done until they get back. I''d have liked Hooper here but I''m so bored with the whole thing now that I''ll drive him to QPR myself just so I don''t have to see his name every 5 f**king minutes.[/quote] I wouldn''t have thought it makes any difference. Wenger and Gazidis in Japan but bidding for Suarez who is in Australia?
  9. Someone just asked journalist and NCFC fan if he excepted us make a move now and he said it''s all gone a little quite.
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