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  1. The Globe PH at Shotesham is about 3/4 miles away and itsa quiet and great "pub grub" place. Also there is Zaks in Poringland or the Dove PH just outside of Poringland
  2. Its perfect timing by the club as most will have been paying since march on the credit, and in the T&C''s, one is not elligible for a refund after the start of the season.
  3. To me its supply and demand. If you want to buy somthing that becomes more desireable overnight you deserve to pay more
  4. Is anyone else thinking the song 74 75 could be used to to highlight our two victories over Ipswich? Its just the lyrics I''m stuck on
  5. [quote user="ncfcstar"]What sort of ''proof'' do you need to get into the Station Hotel, as I don''t have an away ticket.....[;)][/quote] A man after my own heart, although this year I''ve actually got a ticket:p
  6. We''re going to hell, We''re going to hell, Norwich City''s going to hell, How is it that we all know, The weirdo on the net said so, He must think The Premier League is hell! I second this chant, only bettered by the one with the "C" word as above
  7. Lakenham Firm - thats the first i''ve heard of them!!!
  8. im not going to the game tomorrow, and nor am I going to listen to it on Rodeo Norfolk, but im sure as hell going to call neil after the game after a poor [insert win/draw/loss here] and complain about [insert out of favour player here]
  9. .......we had f**k all at breakfast, and now we''ve nearly three
  10. [quote user="morty"]Its also used if theres a fight that our brave, orange jacketed friends need to sort out.[/quote] Gawd Bless ''em
  11. Why don''t you do something useful and go to the ground and canvass some supporters ?
  12. "it makes football shitter for the comman man, in exchange for global domination"
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