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  1. Well another interesting evening on the football field. Good times ahead perhaps I feel. I met up again with the lovely couple from near Cromer and we three agreed the materialisation of the Canaries in their locale means we can now tell THEM "The Bielefeld Conspiracy Theories " have been debunked once and for all.
  2. It was suggested by some Duisburg fans the a good pub for after the match is Plan B. I am not sure if it exists or if it is part of "The Bielefeld Conspiracy " .
  3. Well that was an interesting evening from the football point of view and I met a lovely couple from Cromer who will be at the Friday match too. They have been supporting Norwich since 1972 and had never heard of the message board. It''s a little subdued on the bus back to Duisburg right now but Webster might be open when we get back.
  4. Delighted to see that having been away from this forum for sometime due to a serious accident it has lost none of it''s charm, charity and incisive wit. Now being in a position to take in an away fixture close to my nursing home, and once again being able put thumb to keyboard, I was merely enquiring whether folks would be convening in Webster or some other hostelry. But thanks for your kind words.
  5. Are they all local pubs for local people Tubs ?
  6. Anybody else stuck in New Orleans looking for a bar showing the game ? Channel 709 I believe.
  7. I guess it''s all relative. According to Glen Roeder it was Darren Huckerby. I am tempted to go for Mark Halsey myself. Although we only signed him on as a pro defining "worst" in disciplinary terms one sending off and one booking in his 3 match career speaks for itself.
  8. I say, could these two chaps be the young rapscallions who were travelling back on the 11:30 from Liverpool Street. They alighted at Stratford, as I recall, and kept us royally entertained until they passed out at Chelmsford. One of them, the shorter, with wonderfully cherubic cheeks, stirred at both Ipswich and Diss to enlighten us with the impending death of one Roy Keane in most unlikely circumstances. My hip flask at the ready I wished to know more, but alas my close attentions failed to arouse him. Oh! The unbridled pleasure to see the outrageous joy of youth. I look forward to renewing my acquaintance with them at Reading where I hope again to reprise my ballad, but this time outside the gaol.
  9. Does anyone remember the ramblings of Justathought at the start of the season. What happened to him ? Something terminal I hope..
  10. Depends on what you believe as to why they were not playing in the first place. 
  11. when i read this I hoped "justathought" had resurfaced. whatever happened to him?
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