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  1. Woy will take over and play this team every week which beats Neil''s constant tinkering I guess Wuddy Whittaker Wyan Wussell Bwady Dowwens Pwitchard Wesley Oliviewa Jewome Mowwis
  2. [quote user="morty"]Neil Adams had an excellent record.[/quote] Good shout I remember him being reliable. Shows you how back in time we have to go though!
  3. Yeh to echo the above posts it was a cracking save today by the Forest goalie so not the worst penalty in the world by Wes, but I do agree with LDC that he shouldn''t really be taking them. Wes''s record from the penalty spot for Norwich now stands at 12 scored and 6 missed so a conversion rate of 66.67% which isn''t fantastic at this level (sorry Wes!). He''s also taken 6 penalties since 2011/12 (post Preston dink gate) and missed 2 of them (vs. Forest today and Leicester). So no real improvement. For those that need remembering, his other 4 misses were against Preston, QPR, Colchester (crossbar smash) and Southampton. His best day was vs Sheffield United around Christmas 2010. Remember the 2 he scored to complete his hattrick? Great memories! I''d like to see Brady take over them myself as he has a cracking left foot on him (as does Wes, but perhaps Brady will be more confident?). And a further thought, who was the last reliable penalty taker for Notwich? We''ve often struggled in this area J feel. Holty wasn''t bad but I still remember him missing at least 2 or 3.
  4. Seriously why are some fans soiling themselves over this signing and are worried we aren''t signing "marquee" strikers like Rhodes and McCormack? 2 seasons a go we got promoted with Jerome (17 goals), Grabban (12 goals) and Hooper (12 goals) with an average first half of a season under Adams. Remember that second half of the season under Alex Neil? We were the best team in the division and we did it without a "star" striker, but a group of strikers who could chip in with a decent amount of goals. I''m sure Jerome will knock in a similar amount this season and Oliviera will chip in with at least a dozen in our attacking side, he''s surely going to be an upgrade on Grabban given the glowing reports from the Forest fans. Similarly in 2010/11 we had Holt on 21 goals and Jackson on 13 with decent supporting amount from Hoolahan, Crofts, Martin et al. I feel we just need to find a capable 3rd striker who offers something a bit different from the bench to replace the void left by Hooper and we''re pretty much there. I''m confident the likes of Pritchard, Canos, Jacob Murphy and (hopefully) Brady can replace some of the goals of Johnson (who was magnificent 2 seasons a go) and Redmond in our last promotion campaign and I''m confident our defence is in better shape with Klose in there. Would be even better if Naismith started showing his value but I''m not so confident there. Our squad looks good for a promotion push and I wouldn''t expect a huge £8m+ striker purchase before the end of the window as I don''t think it''s needed (although I would love us to get someone like Mbokani as well). I''m glad we haven''t spent £10m+ on a 30yr old McCormack, I agree with Alex that I actually think we''ve signed the better player in Oliviera for half the price and we''ve strengthened further by spending the extra cash on Pritchard. I''m not sure what some fans are expecting, we have a great championship squad that plays well as a team which can score goals from all over the pitch. We''re not a team reliant on goals like a McCormack at Fulham and that''s a good thing, we''ll score enough goals to get out of the division.
  5. Hi does anyone have a spare beam back ticket for the Palace match tomorrow? Thanks
  6. hey does anyone know if the beam back has sold out? When I try and buy online I just get a message which says "There are no tours currently on sale. Please try back later."
  7. of course I have, went to plenty last year. If anything he''d keep Bassong on his toes. With little competition for his place complacency can easily creep into his game.
  8. Let''s face it, he''d be a serious option for a starting spot at CB now wouldn''t he? Surely couldn''t do any worse than Bassong. Shame he''s out on loan :/
  9. Has anyone seen my mate Martin? I think he''s feelin'' dishearten He conceded 6 today When he played away And now he can''t stop himself farting
  10. I.S. You might be right, perhaps that''s what Hughton thinks - playing this way is the best way given our squad, but unfortunately it seems the unity is being lost throughout the club. The way I see it, we may as well try as play some decent football. We concede goals when we play cautious and concede when we play attacking. We were awful tonight, had no attacking ideas apart from the first 5 minutes yet still conceded 3 goals against a Fulham side who are hardly in form. We could easily go down playing the way we are now. If I remember, we actually played some decent football the second half vs. West Ham in November and scored 3. Sadly these occasions seem too few and far between. You''re right, we do need a balance. I think the best managers know when to attack, shut up shop or play ugly to get results. (not like a Holloway). But our default seems to be defensive. We have some good attacking players in Hooper, Hoolahan, Snodgrass, Fer, Pilkington, Redmond etc (presumably RVW too). I refuse to believe that there isn''t a manager who couldn''t get these players playing some decent attacking stuff that could scare Premiership defences when required and get enough wins to keep us up. I do want entertainment, but I believe entertainment could also bring results. But what do I know, Lambert is playing hoofball these days with players like Benteke and Agbonlahor in his side...
  11. Since when has voicing an opinion been considered whining? Or are you stuck in your ivory tower? It was against ManU by the way, they only won because they scored from a lucky deflection, not from a counter attack due to our attacking play, but that''s a discussion for another thread. We were very unlucky to not get anything from the game.
  12. quote user "morty" Some of you make me laugh and cringe in equal amounts. Not happy when we''re not succesful, not happy when we are not little old norwich anymore, not happy we''re doing the best we can in the biggest league in the world. Some of you have extremely short, selective footballing memories. You have to admit the Premier League has changed though, it''s very difficult to finish higher than 10th, so it''s hard to get excited about on a footballing basis. I love seeing the best players in the world coming to Carrow Road and I love visiting the best stadiums, but football is also about entertainment and right now the state of our football is depressing. I''d be happy enough being a midtable team if the football was good to watch. Oddly, on a rare occasion under Hughton, we played some decent stuff vs. ManUtd on the 28th of Dec. We lost the match but the first half was fantastic and Wes ran the show. I was happy to pay the money despite us losing. See, this is why I find Hughton so frustrating. The few occasions he actually plays a bit attacking and let''s somebody like Wes express themselves the team and crowd respond. It''s not rocket science.
  13. I.S - yup those points have churned over in my head quite considerably and they''re damn depressing. Playing this way just to stay in the league. Boring football and a boring league finish. No wonder I feel disconnected to the club I''ve loved for so many years Honestly, I just want to see some good football being played. I couldn''t give a monkeys if it was the Premiership or the Championship, I just want the club I love back. Paying £45 to go to a home match and be "entertained" by predictable football is no fun. But of course money dominates everything now. The board will "play safe" and see Hughton as the man to keep is up. I refuse to believe Hughton''s approach is the only way to stay up though. Pochettino is doing a good job Southampton without boring their fans to death. Of course finding a manager like him is easier said then done though...
  14. [quote user="I.S."]It''s hardly a long term decline - in relative terms we have rocketed through the leagues and have now hit a ceiling. No offence, but I''m not sure how bringing in experienced International and Premier League players, and blooding exciting youngsters, is a sign we are on the way down?I think it is more a decline in competitiveness of the top leagues of English football. I am utterly bored in footballing terms. I used to get a sense of nervous excitement when I watched us play, but that has all but disappeared.For me, it''s a combination of the dullness and predictability of the Premier League, and the realisation that the best we can hope for long-term is mid-table mediocrity and a cup run every now and again. Hughton has certainly contributed to this with his style of play, but to be honest, when he is clearly briefed to do what he feels necessary to keep us in the division it''s hardly surprising. Would bringing another manager in really alter things very much in the long-term? I very much doubt it, and that is the grim reality.I''m not sure how it''s happened, but there''s very little affinity/connection between me and and the club I have loved supporting for as long as I can remember. Success has now been defined as not losing too much. Players are earning in one month what most people would earn in at least 2 years, yet still not doing their job effectively. Casual tickets are priced insanely. The chief executive and substitute players were laughing and having a jolly evening out even though we were getting smashed by a poor team. It does just make me think "what is the point in bothering?".For me, I think I will start paying more attention to grass-roots local football rather than the vacuum-wrapped, polished turd imitating entertainment as served up by the Premiership.[/quote] I think this is a top post and one I pretty much agree with. The Premier League is just so dull and predictable. I get absolutely no excitement out of the prospect of finishing midtable. Even the far fetched possibility of the Europa League fails to excite as it lacks prestige and teams like Swansea struggle domestically with the extra schedule. I no longer feel the buzz on match days which is such as shame as I have felt it for over 20 years until recently. This is why I want Hughton gone. If there is no hope of winning the league or finishing with a Champions League place then I at least want to watch some decent attacking football. What''s the point of hoping for a midtable finish whilst paying a ton of cash to be bored senseless in the process? Absolutely none! At least entertain us whilst we settle for such dull mediocrity,
  15. Please wake me up when we stop playing guff I just can''t take it anymore cos I''ll be lying on the floor trying not to snore and praying Wolfie will finally score
  16. quote Warren Hill "Someone told me that their friends brothers girlfriend saw him the other day and he wasn''t even limping or grimacing as he walked." Are you sure it wasn''t your friends brothers girlfriends aunties best friends dog? ;) Toe injuries can be problematic. He might not have been limping but that doesn''t answer whether he can kick a ball yet!
  17. The Young One = "I have heard that RVW has had a fall out with Hughton over RVW''s attitude and that Hughton won''t play RVW until he is happy with that situation and the toe injury is just a smokescreen now." I''ve also heard that pigs can fly. He''s injured. He''s been spotted wearing a cast on his foot. Toe injuries can be problematic. Why can''t people get their heads around these facts instead of gossiping?
  18. Sorry but nothing here has changed. I never classed Hull as relegation candidates before yesterday and still don''t. They have proved they are a good side in this division with good team spirit so have more than enough about them to stay up. They are streets ahead of the likes of Fulham, Sunderland and Palace. All this thread has proved is that the OP... A) doesn''t really pay much attention to the other teams, so just picks relegation candidates based on size and reputation. B) doesn''t give credit where credit is due. Hull outplayed Liverpool (no fluke) which should be enough to tell you they will probably stay in this division. C) is a massive drama queen.
  19. quote user= City 2nd "C''mon chaps, let''s not over react - it was only a 2-1 defeat in his 50th prem match with ncfc, of which he has only lost THIRTY SEVEN!" That Thai heat must be getting to you as you seem to have forgotten football teams also draw games. Yes, I know we have only won 13, but the remaining 37 games have been drawn 16 and lost 21.
  20. Cost £46.50 through the club inc booking fee. Will sell for £35. PM if you''re interested or text 07745649088. Thanks.
  21. I was merely pointing out that Chris Hughton is in a no win situation with section of the crowd. I never said that his criticisms were without merit.
  22. I think Morty is right, in reply to Jim Smith it doesn''t matter how we set up our tactics last night the Hughton outers would have still twisted his approach negatively. I''m not apologising on his behalf for last nights performance though, it was bad but I''m keeping an open mind till after the Man City game. If we can''t beat the likes of a West Ham at home then I may want a change of manager too. This is how I read things from the "Houghton Outers" though... Hughton plays kids - he should have played the first team to build confidence! The senior squad desperately needed a win tonight to take into our dire league form. What was the point in playing kids who were just going to lose anyway? Clueless.... Hughton plays the 1st team - why risk injuries to our major players in a pointless cup competition? Absolutely bonkers! It''s not like we need to keep our players fresh for the league or anything! Clueless calamitous Chris! Hughton plays a mixture of kids and senior players - guy clearly doesn''t know what he''s doing. Can''t make up his mind whether to play kids or the seniors, and he''s a football manager? Does he want to win this competition or not? Oh look Snodgrass has just got injured. Well done Chris! That''s crazy clueless calamitous Chris to you! Hughton plays 2 strikers - why play 2 upfront in a pointless cup competition and risk injury to our forwards? We had gaping gaps in our midfield! Playing offensive is only going to risk injuries to our players and we need them fresh for the league. Oh look, we''ve just got thrashed which clearly shows the players aren''t playing for old Chrissy "Houghton". Hughton plays 1 upfront - boring Clueless Chris tactics again. Playing that formation that most of the league plays. Tut tut. We needed a win tonight! Not another yawn inducing away performance. Oh dear, we''ve just let another in... Hughton makes a pro-active sub - oh wow I think he''s learning! /slow clap. Bit late for that now Chris, it doesn''t matter if we go on to win the game or even the league for that matter because I hate your guts! Hating you gives my sorry life some purpose. Hughton makes a late sub and brings on a striker - game was lost ages ago mate. Why a striker? Bit late for that. Idiot. Hughton makes a late sub and brings on a defender - game was lost ages ago mate. Why a defender? Trying to bore us to death and keep the score down are we? At least bring on a striker so we stand half a chance of getting something. Idiot. Hughton makes a late sub and brings on a midfielder - game was lost ages ago mate. Why a midfielder? Strikers score more goals. Idiot.
  23. Quote First Wizard - "A total disgrace to City imo, get rid, we don''t need his type here" Hmm "We don''t need ''his type'' here." Heh, I really hope that isn''t an insular Norfolk prejudice emerging to ''furriners'' given your apparent appraisal of Tierney and Johnson committing similar acts of cheating. It really does remind me of this... http://youtu.be/GTzKxNkHxrk
  24. Given this quote about Vaughan (below) which Budapest Canary posted, it sounds like Vaughan needs to play regular football, which he simply wasn''t going to get here (especially since we''ve moved on to the likes of RvW). So irrespective of whether he or his family failed to settle in Norfolk (or not), moving clubs for regular first team football was the best thing for the player. Not, some fans (a small minority) need to move on from this player who played 5 games for us "...Happily, two years on, he is fully fit and scoring goals, so what is the difference for a player once described by David Moyes as "too brave for his own good"? He replies: "It''s about knowing my body a bit better, so if I am feeling tired or tight I will let the physios know. I''ve learned to manage my body better, I''ve kept myself in better condition but ultimately it was about a run of games. I''ve got used to playing regularly – at Everton I wasn''t playing regularly and was coming off the bench." And when he did, as he concedes, he would try too hard to impress."
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