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  1. This is probably what you are looking for, other sites may be available (but not free).Use drop-down to select Chmpionship and then the tab "Shots". Click column headings to re-sort Hi-Lo/Lo-Hi.According to those stats, Norwich top the table for most shots on target and are 2nd (behind M''boro) in terms of shots against.We are only 13th in terms of shots on target with 30% whilst opposition teams get about 32% of shots on target against us, or 12th in that table. Converting those shots on target Norwich are only 14th in the table with 29.5%. The opposition manage to convert  35.5% of their shots on target to goals. That''s the 3rd worst in the table - only Fulham and Reading below. Interesting contrast between Fulham at 41% at the bottom and Derby with 20% at the top.
  2. The "poor second in every department" as regards Derby is a bit strong isn''t it? Anyway three go up, so I''ll take one of those however it plays out.Obviously, we all hope the optimism isn''t as misplace as it was this time last year. My fear, if fear it be, is that we don''t get the results against Wolves on opening day or the scum and suddenly the knives are out. Tough series of fixtures Mr Adams has been dealt in his first 10 games.
  3. My reference to that scene wasn''t clear, but thanks Mr Brownstone for the link. Sadly I think you think I haven''t the legs to stand on...Let''s tally upWrong about it being a paper GsM 0 YM 1Wrong about "Worst journalist quote" GsM 0 YM 2Wrong about age of website GsM1 YM2GsM loses his own strawman arguments GsM1 YM5 [how did you manage to do that haha]Your mate didn''t quote rent-a-quote Redknapp. GsM1 YM6Managed to find a thread on another forum linking to same source [disallowed goal] GsM1 YM6Wasting time on transfer rumours MATCH ABANDONEDYou call me a dinosaur then refer to "hyperlink". You make stuff up about me and the source and then claim it''s my credibility in question.Grants Moustache is Chicken Little. It''s like playing chess with a pigeon - you''re only going to sh_it over the board so why bother.
  4. Suppose I''m an ex-exile, but I''ll stick my oar in.andyc24_uk said "I think there''s a big difference between going to watch other teams for the enjoyment of seeing a live match, and actually supporting them" Agreed. Matches watched without any Norwich interest include Chelsea (in laws support them), Fulham (free tickets), QPR (mates), Watford, Hayes (local - before the whole Yeading thing) and Hillingdon Borough. Never seems quite right, like I''m cheating - but I don''t get that if I watch non-NCFC matches on TV.And to my glory-hunting shame I signed up to that Ebbsfleet experiment. Classic "good idea at the time" material. Even with the whole structured involvement I didn''t actually feel involved.Went to Cuba about ten years ago, random street market in Havana, odd bits and pieces of interest. In process of buying something noticed the guy running it had a football shirt on. Faded, nearly scratched off logo. Uxbridge FC! I haven''t ever seen one before or since and I have lived in Uxbridge. He seem embarrassed that I pointed it out, but then tried to sell it to me!
  5. [quote user="GrantsMoustache"]Well I''m not Fer''s agent or Harry Redknapp, if that is what you are suggesting.  The Pink''un have published this rumour on their homepage now, using West London Sport as the source, so direct your argument at them if you think that sharing it is sinister. [/quote]So are you linked with WestLondonSport? Sinister is very dramatic - of all the rumours, I wanted to know why you were 5+posts keen to push this one.
  6. [quote user="GrantsMoustache"]"Was the pinkun created in 2013 by a bunch of ex BBC guys?"And I''ve just found out that WestLondonSport was created in 2011, so sounds like it is actually your credibility as a source which must be called into question. His linkedin shows that he has been a local sports journalist and he has been covering QPR for 15 years! And you think he is less credible than Lakey or Waghorn why? Should have consulted your two QPR mates before posting. [/quote]You can call this a draw if you want. WhoIs domain registration was indeed 2011. The website copyright states 2013. On the About Us page your mate Dave Mac says "last year" without being specific about it. If you had created a company and bought the corresponding domain you too might have spent some time developing it before launching. So 2011/12/13? Drop him a line and ask.For the record, I don''t think journalism as a profession has much credibility and football journalists, well, don''t make me laugh. And then there is you.
  7. [quote user="GrantsMoustache"]Thanks for your reply Your Mother, I will address each of your points individually.1: "There is a print version of the West London Sport is there?" - There hasn''t been a ''print version'' of the Pink''un for donkey''s years, unless you include a four page weekly pull out in the Evening News. So it''s not a newspaper then, you made it up. 2: I was somewhat surprised to see a title covering sport that I wasn''t aware of - enjoyed reading the papers on my commute. - Should get yourself a tablet mate, opens up a whole plethora of new media for you to peruse, and more environmentally friendly too. I work in IT, emphasis on work, so a tablet is of little use to me. Desktops, laptops and smartphones cover all my needs. Since I spend ridiculous amounts of time looking at a screen I chose not to in transit. But you carry on ignoring my question and attack me instead.3: Was the pinkun created in 2013 by a bunch of ex BBC guys?If you are attempting to question the credibility and integrity of the publication, then does telling us that it was created by a group of former BBC journalists support such an argument? That would seem to be something which would support its credibility? No, actually it''s your credibility that I''m addressing.4: Evening Standard, Metro have greater claims to serve "most" QPR fansAnd neither of them are anything like the Pink''Un, those would be their equivalent of the Eastern Daily Press?  Readership of both papers is still greater than WestLondonSport, the comparison with pink un is your obsession not mine. 5: and "A Kick Up The R''s" is used by two [ok, the only two] QPR fans I know.Well this QPR fan was familiar enough when sharing this article to refer to the author David McIntyre as ''Dave Mac'': http://www.qprdot.org/viewtopic.php?t=73440&sid=d0572fdb1f5a6c57bc778966a93808e5 - So I don''t think QPR fans are as unfamiliar with the source, or the author, as you are making out. I''m not making out anybody is unfamiliar with Dave Mac.Seems he is quite an authority on QPR judging by his twitter https://twitter.com/davidmcintyre76 Good for him. Perhaps he can get a quote from the club - he didn''t. Un-named source - nope. Maybe he should appeal to a higher authority.Where he claims that Harry Redknapp called him the "worst journalist ever". No, that''s you mis-reading it: he says on his twitter feed an ex QPR manager said that. Harry Redknapp is still there, for the time being.[/quote]Ignoring the tripe in your last paragraph, because you couldn''t be more wrong and clearly don''t know me.So, to my original question. You are going to great lengths (for a messageboard) to try to give this credibility - why, what are you up to?
  8. GrantsMoustache: what are you up to? Leroy Fer may or may not be at the club this coming season but don''t make sh it up."according to a local West London paper"There is a print version of the West London Sport is there? I moved back from West London in Sep 2013 after 18 years, I was somewhat surprised to see a title covering sport that I wasn''t aware of - enjoyed reading the papers on my commute."equivalent to the pinkun" + "This paper though Branston is the actual local rag for most QPR fans" + "Basically their version of the pink un."No, it isn''t. Was the pinkun created in 2013 by a bunch of ex BBC guys? Because WestLondonSport was. Evening Standard, Metro have greater claims to serve "most" QPR fans, and "A Kick Up The R''s" is used by two [ok, the only two] QPR fans I know.Transfer rumour and gossip is what it is and players come and go, but don''t waste our time with made up lies.
  9. Wanted tickets for the Celta Vigo friendly - upper tiers closed, lower tiers flooded WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SIT???????????????????????????????????????????!
  10. I guess it''s just a number, but on twitter RVW is @RvWolfswinkel9. And Rickyvw9 on instagram....
  11. Fired a few people. Brought in Lambert and enjoyed the ride. Or liked the cut of his jib and went out to get him and did so. Fixated on losing Lambert You may have made this up with all that ''gloves off'' bull and employed a manager who had nothing in common with the type of player we had at the club. Or employed a manager to take us on a stage/level. You may not agree now, but that was how it was viewed at the time... at least before Fulham...Got lucky that existing squad had enough momentum for a season saving run and a relegation saving finish against disinterested opposition but failed to heed the warning signs. Made a judgement call, proved right. Stuck by Hughton until it was far too late and then fired him in a manner which made the club a laughing stock and allowed a failed manager to save face by stating he would have kept us up which can''t be disproved. Made a judgement call, proved wrong. Loyalty to a manager, eh, whatever next. Scoured (allegedly) Europe only to come back to the caretaker manager which makes us look like a chicken $hit outfit. Set up a new team but failed to forsee Joe Royle taking a likely offer to do a job at his ''true'' club which is just down the road from where he lives. Was Joe Royle part of that Executive Football Board? Genuine question, I dunno, I thought it was more advisor to Adams. Undersold Snodgrass. Steve Bruce doesn''t think so. And now an omnishambles pre-season. Yes, I suppose you could blame him for dealing with semi-professional Italians, hah. Oh, and it''s July 22nd, let''s see how pre-season pans out shall we. On top of this there is massive uncertainty around our best players Unless we were Real Madrid I don''t think any club escapes this and the way this club is being run we could well see our inexperienced manager (yet to win a league game) left high and dry by these players being sold late and replacements hard to come by. How can Adams begin to formulate his best team. Rest assured the Wolves game will have an intensity which will make the average EPL game pale in comparison and the first month is seriously tough. Yes. Is this anybody''s fault though. Or has McNally fixed the fixtures so were f*cked by fixtures? I hope I''m fretting over nothing. You are. I hoped that with Hughton but I cannot help but wonder how this club is being run. Did Lambert, Culverhouse, Holt and the supporters mask a bunch of incompetents? Ask Aston Villa fans. And on here, still the same voices telling anyone with any concerns they are stupid or disloyal and not in so many words. So you want to people to wallow in your self-pity with you, is that it?
  12. I am not a Toronto based Canary, but I have a hunch you might have better luck asking the question here or probably here. Neither is well-populated though. Enjoy your trip!
  13. The pre-season for Derby "looks the part" doesn''t it. But Wolves are our first opponents and interestingly they play Celta Vigo one day after we do as their last of the pre-season campaign.
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