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  1. Never thought this would turn into a chant slam off but that''s clearly how you boys roll. I''m off to Fulham now to go and watch some of our lost souls play some first team football. "He''s gonna play the Fox Davey Davey Fox..............."
  2. to the tune of Achy Breaky Heart, as sung by Newcastle fans wanting to keep hold of Cabaye last season (keep the club''s Newcastle theme going why not).......................................... "Don''t sell my Han, My Wesley Hoolahan I don''t think Hughton understands And if you see my Han My Wesley Hoolahan You gonna have a riot on your hands"...................... or last line of "you gonna lose another Norwich fan"
  3. [quote user="suffolk canary"]I agree with the sentiments of what you are saying, but please, at least for the next 48hours or so can we all get REALLY CARRIED AWAY!  We''ve had precious little to cheer about this season and for once everything went right - the score and the performance - we can hold out heads high and enjoy it. I have waited 3 years for this and I will thoroughly enjoy my Monday morning back at work (for once...) [/quote] My sentiments exactly.Come on its a Derby day win, lets leave the realism for Monday and just enjoy the euphoria!!!!!!YEEELLLOOOOOWWWWS
  4. May I say that we have won a second televised game in a row, something unheard of in recent times!And to make things even better the t.v curse has been passed on to Ipswich as Magilton points out to the BBC:Ipswich manager Jim Magilton: "We''ve saved all our worst performances for the cameras this season"I  love it!!!!
  5. This has probably been said, but Roeder''s first home game in charge last season was against Ipswich and it gave birth to our 13 game unbeaten run that took us out of the relegation zone. Hopefully this will mark the begining of a similar run that launches us up the table. Only 9 points off the playoffs!!!  [:P]
  6. .......you want Glenn Roeder out. (and please don''t mention Huckerby)I just can''t work out the Roeder bashing, I must be missing something. I think the guy has done well since coming here. Lets face it, he has had sweet f.a cash to spend and so has brought in good loan players (Ched Evans - remember him!), he''s bought in decent coaching staff, has helped us play good football, saved us from relegation (or had you all forgotten that!), and beaten the league leaders. We''re not in any major trouble like we were last season, we''re only a third into this campaign and this team made up of sooo many new faces needs time - did you really expect promotion this season! Be realistic people, and if you want to scream and shout then do so on match days in support of the players on the pitch - Carrow Rd is the only full ground in the Championship, we should be deafening the opposition to death!If what I''m saying doesn''t make any sense then please go ahead and tell me the reason (the main reason) why Glenn Roeder should leave us.
  7. [quote user="shyster"][quote user="Houston Canary"]Once again, we are hoping for a late winner at home against a crap team.[/quote] It really isn''t good enough is it.Roeder couldn''t inspire a starving Ethiopian to eat a six course Cordon Bleu meal. [/quote] Eat those words Shyster!!COME ONE YELLOWS LOAN BOYS BRING HOME THE VICTORY!!GET IN!!! Thank you GR
  8. add to that this Telegraph article:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/leagues/championship/norwich/2677403/Delia-Smith-to-consider-selling-cash-strapped-Norwich-City---Football.html    
  9. [quote user="Kingy"]Will be announced that Helguson has signed before midnight.   Just watch..... [/quote] Permanent or loan? - Go one impress us with an accurate prediction [;)]
  10. Very happy with this signing. Perfect target man who can score with his head. We have someone for crofty and wes to cross at now!
  11. I have a Newcastle United mate who used to hate and slate Roeder for never playing Luque. Luque used to get the occasional sub appearance or start in UEFA games but that was about it. My mate reckoned there was a personality clash or something cos he could never understand why the player wasn''t used more, especially given the fact that Ameobi and Owen were injured. Can''t see it happening anyway, although can''t help admitting that I''d love it if he came.  [;)]
  12. I''m optomistic because we are only 2 league games into the season and we look a good footballing side. Once the strikers get the confidence in their feet, (JC and Lupoli), we''ll be banging the goals in. I don''t think the big man thing would solve our probs as much as people make out. It would give us an extra option thats all, but if the strikers arn''t hitting the target whats the big man gonna do? Create more chances for our strikers to miss!?  Its about the new faces settling in and getting an understanding with the rest of the squad. So support your club and the players who where the shirt FFS!
  13. Listening to 5-live. Think I heard them say that second half of the match is their featured game.....Come on CITY!
  14. [quote user="Houston Canary"]Good job sucking the life out of the original poster''s excitment, everyone who has responded to this so far.  I doubt your the type he''s hoping will show up at Coventry, unless you sit with the Coventry quiet fans and peacefully mumble comments to one another during the match. [/quote]Well said Houston! Why does showing real passion for the club get sniggered at and belittled? We''re all City fans, we all want the same thing. We''ve sold out our away stand allocation, so like the Crabman says lets kick start this season with a bang, get behind the team and sing Norwich all the way to promotion!!(Us little Norwich fans really are a timid bunch)  [:$]
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