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  1. Paul Lambert''s decision making today was a true example of ''making something happen'' as opposed to ''hoping something might happen'' - a vast difference! It shows leadership and inner belief; Lambert calmly EXPECTS to win and successfully transfers this to a capable group of players. Thank goodness we have him!
  2. We''ve barely seen McNamee, so how can anyone assess him yet? He was quiet playing against us for Swindon - Lambert however thinks he''s quality and a different option. Playing 4-1-2-1-2 we could accomodate both McNamee and Hoolahan (McNamee in for Lappin wide left) - I''d welcome 60 mins of that as a trial!
  3. Darren Eadie gets my vote - but that could be because I''ll be seeing him in 2 hours time!... PS: He can still do more keepy-ups in his green wellies than most of us could ever muster!
  4. Given their contribution thus far, which would you rather have: Ian Henderson or Grant Holt returning from their respective 3 match ban? I rest my case... PS: Are you still on parole Jonathan?
  5. The Doc is one of our very best performers! Nelson is doing well in League One, but might find the Championship a stretch too far? Doc is well worth Championship wages surely?
  6. Holt is going to love a few of those lengthy throws coming into the box from the left isn''t he? This new lad is nearly as good as Rory Dilapidated!
  7. With the goal he scored today and his MOTM award, there is nothing to question is there? Looks tenacious and willing to let fly! Good.
  8. Thanks everyone - I value your comments! Actually the game (-13 League fixture for tomorrow) has been called off because of the snow....hardly surprising I suppose. Great win points-wise today at Carrow Rd though?
  9. Looking at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnPx6TblUJA McSheffrey''s play looks very similar to Darren Eadie? A lot of McSheffrey''s goals appear to be penalties though...
  10. Anyone else in this situation? My 12 year old has played for NCFC Academy (against Arsenal, Spurs and Fulham last season) but not given a place in the Academy set-up. He''s had 2 more trial games in the dome in January this year - scoring a hat-trick in one session and an excellent header in the second game. He gets glowing reports from the PDC where he plays every week - yet nothing from NCFC... He even played in an u-16 trial game during the summer and scored the opening goal at Carrow Rd with a run into the area and a rising shot into the roof of the net at the Barclay End. Not bad considering most players that day were at least 3 years older... A scout from Ipswich has just called to ask where my son is playing this Sunday because they want to watch him. He dreams of getting some Academy training to make progress - but only ever wanted to wear yellow & green. After the dithering at Colney I suppose ITFC is the next best option if they offer him a place? We''re both NCFC season ticket holders and know nothing else. Hell this is a tricky one!
  11. That''s a bit of a strange one? Thought Wiggins was brought here as the perfect cover for Adam Drury? Perhaps Rose is already up to match fitness & Wiggins needs games...just answered my own question perhaps!
  12. Paul Lambert''s mantra is to try and win every game. If I''m not mistaken, that''s the supposed objective for every team? The difference here is this guy really means it! Isn''t it great?
  13. Human psychology says if you aim for the minimum your focus is in the wrong place! (e.g. Delia saying 17th place in the Prem would be good - relegation followed - need I say more?). Aim high - that''s what Paul Lambert is doing. Look to win every game folks; 100 points and 100 goals is very much achievable this season!
  14. ''We should let this go now, its giving him the oxygen he craves''. Hear Hear! Can we just let this Cowling thing go? He has more ''Hot Buttons'' to press than most of us will ever have! - if we keep pressing them he wil keep coming to life. Like a demented toy, let''s leave him in a darkened cupboard until his batteries fade and those who currently play with him will eventually throw him out... Apologies for the clichés - I''m a tad excited about the prospect of going top of the league!
  15. I agree; a bottom 6 Prem job is unlikely to be tempting to PL. Eradicate the Championship clubs too because PL is likely to be one of those anyway in just 4 months time. That leaves 14 Prem teams + Celtic - and maybe one or two European clubs perhaps? No so bad then is it? Let''s hope the NCFC ''adulation'' (that PL has already recognised) really does mean something to this very talented manager!
  16. Law of averages says Norwich will slip up somewhere, but right now we have 3 personnel scoring for fun and topping the ratings. Providing we successfully retain all key players during this window we will gain automatic promotion. I believe we are better geared to do it than Leeds who clearly have an unsettled player amongst them. We have additional firepower too; McNamee, Johnson & McDonald. (not counting Cureton & McVeigh who are likely to be shipped out?). With Beckford the damage is done - he can''t simply erase his actions and pretend nothing happened can he? The balance of power is shifting to us in the ''Far East'' methinks?
  17. Well done Colufan - when all is said and done we''re all football fans; the highs & lows following our respective clubs lead to certain emotions that we all relate to! A gracious posting - good on you!
  18. I organise training and development programmes for a living; just before Xmas I was in the Midlands and ‘sitting in’ on one of our courses. I sat next to a 25 year old delegate called Joe who told me the reason he was working for a service company these days was because his Pro Football career (at Blackburn) was ended by a violent tackle during an Academy game against Liverpool. He told me “during that rather spicy game me and a Liverpool player had a few words & I do admit I provoked him a bit; a few minutes later he came for me with a high two-footed tackle that shattered my lower leg in two places & dislocated my ankle - which had to be pinned” (he showed me the scar). “It was a wicked tackle – the player got banned by the FA for 6 months”. I naturally asked; who was he? “You’ve probably never heard of him – he’s called Zak Whitbread and I think he plays for Millwall”… Now he’s joined Norwich I hope he’s learned his lesson – or should we expect a few red cards and a few more careers to be ended?
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