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  1. One ticket available in the away terrace. Collection on the day. Please PM me your mobile if you would like it.
  2. Yes it''s fine to take kids to the Cherry Tree. Most of the pubs near the ground are friendly enough - I would probably just avoid the Peacock.
  3. Yes - I have 1 terrace ticket available. Let me know. I have PM''d you.
  4. As an alternative you could avoid the signed diversion off at Jn31 but continue on and exit at Jn26 going through St Ives, round Huntingdon on the A141 and back on the 14 at Jn23. I wouldn''t expect that to add too much time on.
  5. There is some very dodgy maths going on in this thread. 10,000 new seats at £1500 a seat = £15m £1500 per new seat pays for itself in 5 years These statements are complete nonsense. To add 10k or even 5k seats would mean knocking down an existing stand and rebuilding those seats as well - you can''t just magic them in. Knock down the City Stand and build a 12000 seater stand in it''s place is 12000 x 1500 + cost of knocking down existing stand +  at least a years lost revenue = well who knows but at least £20m for just 8k extra seats. That is already £2.5k per seat without considering interest payments! With interest over the time it would take to pay for it you are looking at closer to £4k a seat. Now my maths is dodgy as well but a tad more realistic than some of the posts on here.
  6. New STs may be over £500 at Leeds but renewal prices are £400 for the Family Area and £450 for the North Stand. Travelling on the train back from the Leeds game (at Norwich) it was amusing to listen to Leeds fan moan about their ST prices being so expensive compared to ours and then discovering that they were not that different. I think the key difference is the kids prices and it will be interesting to see how much they go up by over the next few years.
  7. One area that has not been discussed is ticket prices. Stadium expansion will be expensive so is only worth it if the club can get a good enough return on the investment. Yes that means ensuring that we can fill the seats but how much we get for each one is also key. We''ve seen a price rise for next season and I would expect we will see additional rises over the next few years as the club tests how demand will hold up with higher prices. The more you can charge per seat the more expansion makes sense. Would be get 35000+ in the Prem if ST prices started at £500 and casual tickets at £35?
  8. They do mark the back but my understanding is that they do this by writing the season on ie 09/10 hence you can register them again the following year (as long as they are still within the last 12 months). I have an email from the ticket office confirming that is it fine to do this which I will hold onto in case of any problems.
  9. What I hadn''t realised until I checked with the ticket office this week is that, as I now have 10 stubs from this season, I can register them now and still register them again at the start of next season. The restriction is only in place to stop the same stubs being registered twice in the same season. So rather than applying in Group 3 I can now apply in Group 2. Unfortunately I can''t make the Charlton game anyway but it will be useful if Bristol goes to ballot as well.
  10. Yes each ticket would be registered to a customer. If you apply at the moment by form you have to put all the customer numbers down if you are in a group. The same principle would apply. One away ticket per customer number in much the same way as (for the high demand games at least) as you can only buy one home ticket per super membership.
  11. I think that the current method of written applications seems outdated and very time consuming for the ticket office to process. Perhaps it is the best method they can manage with current systems but I think a review of this procedure could save the ticket office time and money and make life easier for customers as well. I think the ideal would be if the ticket office recorded on your customer record which away games you''ve attended (ie no need for stubs) and allocated based on highest number of away games first. So 10 games would have priority over 9 games and so on. After applications were in the club would announce how many games you''ve had to attend to get a ticket. If bank details are kept on file (after all the majority of season ticket holders pay by DD now anyway) then they could do away with written applications entirely. You would simply login online and enter the customer numbers you are applying for or phone up and do the same. Much easier than wading through 1000s of bits of paper and certainly much more secure when it comes to controlling access to bank details. With everything held on the computer systems and it would be straightforward to determine who to send the tickets out to. In my opinion this would be the fairest way and I don''t think it would require much of a system change for the ticket office to acheive it. However, even if it''s a relatively minor cost, with the state of our finances it probably won''t be happening anytime soon.
  12. on loan from Preston for rest of the season according to Leed''s forum... http://www.waccoe.com/index.php?showtopic=176085 Can''t find anything else online to back it up.
  13. 1,000 extra tickets went on sale yesterday. Did they sell out again already?
  14. That sounds like the sort of rumour Fry would start to avoid paying off Cooper''s contract.
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