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  1. Same old sh1te week in week out... going down with a whimper yet again. Sack the washed up cook lovies on the board, sack the German idiot that brings in tripe season after season. Walking home from Carrow Road sick to the back teeth of this c@ck.
  2. Glenn Roeder and Peter Grant are said to be interested if there is a vacancy.
  3. Useful to have some cash in the kitty - who is in for another 2nd rate German player? 100K should seal it.
  4. Farke is the weak link... goodbye. In all seriousness this season is going to be really tough, todays result aside, we can't repeat last season again or will be back in League One with the SCUM.
  5. Why don't we just merge with Ipswich and become East Anglia United? Their sh ite we are sh ite match made in heaven?
  6. A lot of Norwich "supporters" are set to "mug" by default, second best is always good enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again , no ambition, no investment... what do you expect with a cook at the helm and a German reserve team coach? Answer: Nothing, lil ol naarwich, nothing ever changes.
  7. Bet you and Herman can't wait for the Championship to start, then again, neither of you attend home games!
  8. Anyone fancy a game of Subbuteo? Norwich vs whoever? I've painted the new sponsor on the front of the players shirts "Poundland".
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