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  1. Carra Rud

    Today's Match Thread

  2. Carra Rud

    Today's Match Thread

    Lee Lee Lee Power... sorry wrong era.
  3. Carra Rud

    Today's Match Thread

    Utd are a pretty poor side, but we are worse, simple as that. Easy win for them, nothing changes - sack the cook and her cronies!
  4. Fair result and a point - that'll do.
  5. Argos is a revelation!
  6. This is like some sort of mid table, nothing to play for, championship game in May.
  7. Nice one bring on Argos!
  8. You sir are duly awarded the Waveney Canary Memorial Trophy!
  9. Had high hopes for the lad but he is failing to shine in this league.
  10. Carra Rud

    Must go

    Sad but true, the cook has never invested in the right areas and Chase just bought land! The board are obviously content to just go up and down (or going nowhere for years) and happy with that - been like it for the last 30 years - no ambition, complacent and complicit in every downfall. Top 10 championship side everyday of the week, but too naive and poor for the big time.
  11. Carra Rud

    Match thread

    LOL thanks fellow Norseman!
  12. Carra Rud

    Match thread

    In all honesty, I want NCFC to do well, yeah I'm a critical a-hole, but come on, I'm sick to death of this boards lacklustre approach... up, down, up down, no point at all. Why don't the board just set an all time low target of say mid table league one and be done with it. Funnily enough, I genuinely thought we'd win today. B0llocks... we go again!
  13. Carra Rud

    Match thread

    Time for a beer or 10!
  14. Carra Rud

    Match thread

    33McGovern 5/10 2Aarons 6/10 24Amadou 5/10 4Godfrey 5/10 12Lewis 5/10 10Leitner 5/10 23McLean 6/10 17Buendía 4/10 18Stiepermann 3/10 14Cantwell 3/10 22Pukki 5/10