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  1. Official statement from the World governing body on BBC website “In theory, 1mm offside is offside, but if a decision is taken that a player is not offside and the VAR is trying to identify through looking at five, six, seven, 10, 12 cameras whether or not it was offside, then the original decision should stand.” Our owners and board should prepare legal writ action against the EPL or the body administrators, its time to set a new precedent and rid football of the clear corruption. All the small clubs who have fallen victim to these crazy decisions should join forces and take legal action. Maybe this can be the beginning of the end of the corrupt EPL.
  2. Fully agree with this. Farke is to blame for the loss imo, it was obvious to all watching that Trybull was getting caught and playing backwards and Todds first half barnstormer was not working second half. The substitutions should of been made latest immediately after the equaliser. To leave it to the 85th minute is incompetent to say the least. Change the game Before you are chasing it. Come on Daniel be braver with your changes.....you get most other things right.
  3. Agreed with OP. A sublime performance from Emi, Wolves could only pull him down. Amasing strength, resilience and visionary passing. MoM by a country mile, special mention for Grant Hanley who was also really good considering first full game back.
  4. I was at his last game at Carrow Road and remember the continuous chant of “ Reeves in South out” ringing around the ground throughout the game and fans demonstrating afterwards by re-entering the ground over the old river end bank as we made our way out of the car park. It was a sad day, if memory serves me correctly he also scored a goal.
  5. That was one of the most abject and inept performances by a Norwich team in years, awful. We have been well and truly rumbled , we either need to change the game plan and set up or we are destined for a long, miserable season at the foot of the table
  6. It seems to me that we will struggle to survive in this league with only one set up and game plan. We will need to adopt a second game approach for away games and against the top 6 teams which is absorb pressure and nick the odd goal on the break. Whether Farke is able to develop the team and formations and actual implement it on the field to adapt to the opposition game plans will be the fine line between staying up or going straight back down. At the moment we only have one game plan which is keep ball possession and progress up the field in triangles and rely on Pukki to bang them in.
  7. Thanks Ric, a good summary as usual, agree with the MoM, once he gets moving no one can stop him, he just rips the teams apart. Offensively we look supreme in this league, defensively, 7 goals in 2 games at home is not acceptable and needs to get sorted urgently otherwise heads will drop and teams will know we are there for the taking.
  8. Speakers at the People’s Vote March for the Future in Parliament square will include: Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London Deborah Meaden – Star of BBC’s Dragon’s Den Anna Soubry – Conservative MP Dr Hannah Barnham-Brown – GP and BMA Council member Shakira Martin – President of the NUS Delia Smith – TV host and cookbook writer Caroline Lucas – Green Party MP Chuka Umunna – Labour MP Vince Cable MP – Leader of the Liberal Democrats Sarah Wollaston - Conservative MP Also speaking will be young people representing all four nations and regions of the UK, and more speakers yet to be announced.
  9. Just saw the video of the incident, he was trying to turn with the ball at his feet by the the touchline and seems he strained something in his upper left leg. He looked to be walking ok as he went off so I suspect he was wise and knew he shouldn’t play on in case he made it worse. He has had a hell of alot of game time recently so a week off might be a good thing.
  10. They are saying here that his left thigh is heavily strapped, seems a groin or hamstring strain
  11. Not sure yet, he walked off, seems it came off the ball so might just be a strain
  12. Unfortunately seems Teemu has gone off injured here in Finland tonight, the goal fest is over, hope not too serious
  13. Its an exciting time to be a City fan! Seeing these youngstes fitting so well into the team and making such a difference. Seems the balance of old pro’s and youngsters is being found again! Hopefully the money we made from Maddison and Murphy will keep the wolf from the door for atleast 1 more season.
  14. Heres a few: Parklife> Blur Heart of courage > two steps from hell All together now > The Farm Daydream believer > The Monkees Chariots of Fire > Vangelis (entrance music 1980s) Eye of the Tiger > Survivor Right here right now> fat boy slim Samba de Jeneiro > Bellini
  15. Pretty good summary and how I saw it.
  16. End of October and if not showing positive development and pushing for a top 6 spot then he should be sacked and replaced with an experienced championship manager
  17. If we are not showing a level of consistency for a top 6 position by end October then Farkexit comes first
  18. He should not be allowed near penalty taking, he is hopeless and should be dropped
  19. Husband, vrancic and watkins should be cleared off the wage bill immediately, they are utter dross,
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