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  1. Barclay Kid

    Lawro your a prat....

    Our media team should also be ashamed!!! All of them predicting we would lose!! Well the boys have proved you and all the idiots on the BBC wrong.
  2. Barclay Kid

    Emilio Izaguirre Linked

    We can''t afford to lose a striker!! Would be a bad move in my opinion, if Teirney gets injured we have good enough cover for now. Wouldn''t want to risk losing vaughan unless a proven Striker comes in too.
  3. Barclay Kid

    Captain for Next Season

    It''s time for a change, only 1 person for Captain in my opinion - Russell Martin!
  4. With Tierney as our only other LB I don''t see Drury going anywhere.
  5. Barclay Kid

    Wilbraham & Whitbread released...

    Disapointed to see both these players go! Whitbred has been our best CB this year (other than Russ Martin). There was interest for him from Liverpool but alike to Villa I don''t see him going anywhere without a manager at the moment! Barnett would have been the preferred choice of CB to leave for me, but hopefully we can make a good signing to replace Whitbred. Good luck to them both!
  6. Barclay Kid

    Your 3 top summer transfer targets

    Plenty of other clubs have interest in Jarvis and I don''t see him coming here. Rhodes, if H''field get promoted will stay with them, if not I can see him going to one of the promoted Championship teams. So for me, it has to be - Naughton, Hoilett and Whittingham
  7. With Spurs signing Walker until 2017 it gives a bit more hope that a deal could be sorted for Naughton!!
  8. Barclay Kid

    ryan bennett that was unacceptable

    Didn''t he make a goal saving tackle after his mistake?  Pretty sure he made up for it.
  9. -11 now. Not good enough City. Yes we played well and put in a good performance, but the scoreline was disappointing. Should''ve done better!
  10. Barclay Kid

    Player of the Season voting open

    1. Ruddy - Normally I don''t agree with giving POTS to a goalie but this guy has proved me wrong! Yes we might not have as many clean sheets as we might have wanted but countless times Ruddy has kept us in the game and even kept us from losing. He has improved massively since signing for us and I honestly believe no one deserves it more than him. 2. & 3. From either Fox, Naughton or Whitbred. - I think all 3 of these players earn their place as top players for us this season. With Fox you realise when he doesn''t play just how much his presence is missed and he''s got a good kick on him for free kicks and corners. Top signing and a bit of an unsung hero. Naughton, has come in and played brilliantly, I really hope we manage to sign him. He''s been solid and a role model for our defence. Whitbred, just for his epic recovery from injury, it has been inspiring and alongside Naughton he forms part of a very solid defence.
  11. Barclay Kid

    Norwich v Chelsea Match Thread

    Ahhhh brilliant play by Pilks there!

    I''ve just seen him in Nandos twice before and apparently he raves about it on twitter or something too.
  12. Barclay Kid

    Norwich v Chelsea Match Thread

    Surman had some brilliant crosses and all of our team have put in a good amount of tackles! Holt was unlucky to go wide.

    Lets hope we can come out and push them, our defence definitely looking stronger than theirs!!
  13. Barclay Kid

    Norwich v Chelsea Match Thread

    Home fans are electric today!

    "We''d rather have Grant Holt" = Brilliant!!

  14. Barclay Kid

    Jay Rodriguez


    Us being inspiration, but would he sign for us?