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  1. I''m in Rainham, usually go on train from Chelmsford to home games, but will be straight into Fenchurch Street then walk to Aldgate then Met line to Wembley
  2. Yeah great idea, lets sell Johnson and we can play Whitaker in midfield again. FFS some people must be on drugs, he has been our best midfielder and scored 7 goals.
  3. Thanks guys. Glad I managed to pick a winner and raise some money for a great cause.
  4. Hi guys Right I am going to do mine now as not sure I will be able to get on before I leave Essex for the short trip to Portman Road on Saturday, 1. Red Card 2. Goals +2.5 3. Norwich HT and FT 4. Grabban first goalscorer 5. Grabban first goalscorer and 3-1 Norwich win Hope they''re ok
  5. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Livermore £8m Snoddy £8m As a measure, Fer is worth double that![/quote] Based on what???
  6. After his performances last season are you that bothered, not cut out for a slog in the championship. Also came on for 10 minutes in the world cup and scored, that''s all, lets not make him out to be something he isn''t If the money is right adiós.
  7. No mate, Snodgrass won player of the season and he was pony too. Olson imo was the best of a bad bunch along with Ruddy.
  8. I think people seem to forget that Redmond was absolute toilet after September last season, couldn''t score couldn''t cross. Now he is suddenly the best player we have. Same with Fer he was utter crap too made Dickson Etuhu look like a box to box midfield dynamo. Hooper has form in the Championship and my opinion would be the one to keep. If we got in the region of £12-£15m for the other two then they can go.
  9. When I refreshed it at 9.00 this morning it came up with applications so I filled it then, but after re-reading the email it said on SALE for over 1250. Went back an refreshed it and all the options of seating came up to buy 2 mins later had done both tickets and paid. Still not got an email confirming it, but have a screen shot and the money has gone from my account.
  10. Tickets for me and my son purchased. Happy Days!!
  11. That''s how it should be done, some complex formula that has home games attended, away games attended x distance travelled x cost of tickets x cost of travel / inside leg measurement
  12. I like debates like this, no name calling or bravado or one-up-manship just people having differing opinions and respecting each others. That''s what a forum should be about.
  13. I agree with your point and disagree lol, if you were going to go to every away game or even 16 out of 19 you would get an away season ticket that would guarantee you a ticket. I think they give you 1000 for a season ticket holder as that works out at roughly 50 points per game (19 x 50 = 950 + 50 bonus points lol) That is how I see it working it''s points per game gone to home or away.
  14. Where do you draw the line though Morty, yeah I can see your point but as a season ticket holder you deserve some perks, as you say maybe you should get more points for being a non season ticket holder and away games say 75 or 100. It''s like saying that I should get more points because I I do a 250 mile round trip to every home game and did 7 away games, rather than someone who lives in the city and 5 miles to home games.
  15. I don''t live in Norfolk and I''m a season ticket holder and went to 7 away games last season. I think it''s totally fair giving season ticket holders more points to start with.
  16. That would make season ticket holder (1,000) plus 5 away games (50 each) which isn''t too bad for a prem season, I though it might be a bit higher too.
  17. Just got an email saying that tickets go on sale tomorrow for scummer game for people with 1250 or more away points. Me and my son have 1350 and 1300 so happy days.
  18. I''m the opposite. Born in Essex and a West Ham season ticket holder as a kid. West Ham are still my team, but always had a soft spot for Norwich. Moved to Norwich in 2000 to go UEA stayed for 8 years, both kids born in the city. in 2004 a friend at NNDC said we should get on the waiting list, which we did and got the last 4 games, first game was Man Utd at home 2-0 Now I will get abuse, but I love both clubs and want them both to succeed (draws when we play each other lol) people will say I''m not a real fan. but I now live back in Essex and me and my son come up for every home game and I spend thousands each year on supporting Norwich.
  19. Cheers Morty lol I''m not negative, I''m realistic and don''t just make throw away comments, if I like something I will say it. Just in last 2 seasons there hasn''t been much to be happy about. I was happy we sold Snodgrass for £8m, I like the home shirt, I have the home shirt. I also have the white hoody which I think looks amazing even tho it cost £50.
  20. Why red/maroon, don''t really like it tbh
  21. The last sentence in this article made me laugh. http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/ipswich_town_action_taken_to_stop_norwich_city_fans_buying_home_tickets_for_east_anglian_derby_at_portman_road_in_championship_1_3693195 "Supporters can purchase up to four tickets for the derby on their customer number" FOUR tickets per number!!! if it was at carrow road then non STH would be lucky to get one ticket. Tinpot club with tinpot fans
  22. I could have told Bruce that, not worth half the £8m fee
  23. Anything other than top 6 and promotion with the amount of money we get from parachute payments etc will be utter failure.
  24. I''m in Can someone PM the paypal details as living in essex would be easier
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