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  1. Cheers lads for all the suggestions especially the partridgeisms. My stops include rejection, disappointment and shattered dreams parkway In all seriousness be around for shed loads of beers in Liverpool Street area. Then off for mince pie noshing
  2. Hi all Managed to get a ticket for spurs away coming from Chelmsford where is everyone drinking before the game? Be good to be around city supporters I maybe going for some grub and drinks in Liverpool Street first. Be good to know where you all thinking for beers!
  3. Think their are about 5 of us Chelmsford Canaries and we are going to head for borough market area wheatsheaf or market porter for beers and a song or two....
  4. Yes off to millwall away 5 of us 4 travelling from essex....we usually drink in London Bridge and even bumped into millwall and had a beer in the same pub. Never any issue train to south bermondsey to the game and out after. No need to deviate from that. Bit of mouth and gestures in the past but nothing that should cause concerns..... bandit country lol
  5. All me and a few mates are travelling from essex to Sheffield utd away and we are staying up there the night for a good drink up. What pubs are all city supporters heading for to get a good pre match atmosphere Going? Also any suggestions on bars and clubs for the night welcome. Otbc Ian
  6. All, Going to aim to get to Aruba for Breakfast on the front right by Bournemouth Pier circa 11:00 ish then into Bournemouth for beers. Alex, thanks for the feedback on the ''lost Garden'' nightclub will skip that then. Cheers all might see some supporters there OTBC
  7. Hello all, Whilst my mate and I are keeping the days ''drinking'' activities unplanned we have planned a few places to go drinking in for the night.  Plan to arrive around 11am and head to a few Bournemouth city centre pubs and then venture by bus or cab to ground. Then we plan to go back to the Britannia Hotel now few drinks in hotel and head down to the pier first to a bar called Aruba.  Followed by Bars 1812 / Bar So, Sixty Million Postcards and then on to a club with a choice of about 4 from Cameo, Halo Bonsai and the Lost Garden. There seems to be a biggish pub called the Moon in the Square that will be worth a look.  As people have posted on here Boscombe (around where the ground is) pretty run down and not a great area with not many choices of pubs.  So day drinking in Bournemouth it is. I might see you about have ''Davvers'' no.13 on the back of my city shirt.....OTBC!!!! Ian Davenport (Chelmsford Canaries)
  8. Hello all im a member of the Chelmsford canaries im ian. my mate Simon was on pointless new years eve he is a Chelmsford canary member also. Cheers all roll on Bournemouth
  9. Yeah number 9 Bournemouth proper lively with clubs, bars and pubbs so looking forward to it. Ian
  10. Hello all.... My mate and I are off to Bournemouth for the game on the16th Jan and staying overnight to sample some of the nightlife. are there any other city supporters planning the same? Me and my mate grabbed a twin room for 25each in the Wessex Hotel which includes breakfast.... (lots of cheapish places on Booking.com) Be intrested to see if in a kebab house at 2am when singing norwich songs I will hear some support lol. cheers all ian
  11. All Hail King Wes!!! He is truely a Norwich City player that will live long in the memory. He is awsome, two fantastic assists yesterday, he was everywhere. If hazard had set two up like that we would never hear the of it. Well I don''t mind his NCFCs little gem, more of that Wes! You have had your doubters, prove em wrong! Ian
  12. Hello all, Let''s focus on all the positives from bad games we played well against palace but didn''t take chances. Decision s will go for and against us so let''s move on. We were awsome vSunderland and King Wes was superb, yeah MOTD had all the focus on Redmond''s finish but not of wes dinking the ball through. Great day, people slip far too quickly into depression, Wembley should not be a distant memory and our ambitions as a club remain the same. Let s get behind the boys and support em through win, lose or draw. With knowing Norwich supporters we would never create scenes like the Sunderland support yesterday! Empty seats! OTBC
  13. Hi mate yes, I will be wearing my Davvers 13 NCFC Shirt with a flag, and yes be great to see Chelmsford Station with Yellow and green and not at all like my morning commute of moody commuters lol. Come and say hi.... There are still tickets even knocking about on here arnt there? Also to the chap from Braintree I live in Great Leighs, shame you moved ;) Ian
  14. All, Just thought I would see who is getting the train on Monday, there is 4 of us getting the 9:58am from Chelmsford to Stratford then off to Baker Street for Beers, anyone from Chelmsford / Essex area heading up around this time? Regards   OTBC   Ian (Davvers13)
  15. All been confirmed in the post that was started the same time as mine, Wemble spokesmen said it will not affect the Playoff games thank god. Zee Germans are still trying to have the last laugh, dont panic, dont panic. See the amassed yellow and green army at Wembley!!   Ian
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